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  • - Smells Like Fish
    av Brad Gosse

    Mike Hunt's name is unusual. It sounds like something else. Clap along with these dope AF rhymes like: Mike Hunt Smells Like FishMike Hunt Gets So HairySometimes Mike Hunt BleedsIt Can Be Kinda ScaryMike Hunt Loves to Squirtand Gets Wet EasilyMike Hunt Once Got CrabsAnd Scratched EndlesslyMike Hunt Gets Ingrown HairsMike Hunt Collects ToysMike Hunt Has a Piercingand Gets Pounded Like the BoysSometimes Mike Hunt FartsWith Great Force and PowerMike Hunt Is the FreshestRight After a ShowerMike Hunt is fun for the whole family. Get Mike Hunt today

  • - The Rise and Fall of Funny Messaging
    av Bonnie Honeyman

    In "Humor Interrupted: The Rise and Fall of Funny Messaging," delve into the intriguing world of comedic communication and its surprising decline in popularity. With a keen eye for societal shifts and changing attitudes, this insightful book takes readers on a journey through the evolution of humor in the digital age. Once a beloved and widely embraced form of expression, funny messaging is now experiencing a seismic shift in public sentiment. From text messages filled with witty one-liners to viral online memes, what was once seen as lighthearted and entertaining is now being met with criticism and rejection. Through thought-provoking analysis and expert commentary, this book explores the reasons behind this shift, unraveling the complex tapestry of societal, cultural, and technological factors that have contributed to humor's fall from grace. Bursting with intriguing anecdotes, case studies, and interviews with experts, "Humor Interrupted" presents a comprehensive examination of the decline of funny messaging. Discover how the rise of political correctness, changing generational norms, and a greater emphasis on social awareness have played a role in the changing tide of humor. Explore the impact of cancel culture, the rise of sensitivities, and evolving expectations in our digital age. Gain a deeper understanding of why what was once considered hilarious is now deemed offensive or outdated. While shedding light on the current state of funny messaging, "Humor Interrupted" also hints at the potential future of comedic communication. Will humor find new ways to adapt and reinvent itself, or will society continue to reject funny messaging altogether? This thought-provoking examination challenges readers to question their own laughter and to consider the intricate dynamics of humor in an ever-changing world. "Humor Interrupted: The Rise and Fall of Funny Messaging" is an essential read for anyone fascinated by the power of humor, curious about the cultural shifts occurring in our society, or eager to understand the future of comedy in our digital age.

  • av Marco Zautzik

    La prima raccolta di poesie di Marco Zautzik, poesie dal 2009 al 2016.Alcune di esse furono pubblicate nei miei primi siti e blog.Alcune di esse furono pubblicate a livello editoriale in un altro tipo di contesto.Alcune frasi di esse furono portate sui palchi teatrali attraverso i miei monologhi, Altre sono state poi incorniciate, quando ho iniziato il mio percorso professionale nell'arte visiva, con i miei quadri di parole.Oggi eccole, finalmente raccolte, interamente.E' stato un percorso lungo e faticoso, quanto affascinante come il mio continuo lavoro con le parole.Parole qui incardinate e scardinate, composte scomposte e ricomposte, alla ricerca di linguaggi e stili espressivi nuovi.Un lavoro sperimentale, poesie sciolte, libere, di giocare e di volare verso i lidi ad esse più congeniali.Con il solito imperativo categorico di far sorrider e riflettere i lettori.E perchè no, magari, farli anche emozionare.

  • - and other tales of unexpected varmints
    av Christi Bender

    A collection of those fun stories you tell around a campfire or someone's front porch. Our subject? Snakes, mice, and bugs....and those stories of when we happened upon an unexpected one. All reasonability clean and written with a country accent.

  • - A Terrible Time Book

    We've all had embarrassing moments in our lives. We all remember the humiliation we felt when events beyond our control led us into embarrassment. This is the story of such a time for a young boy named Alan who discovers that growing up, and all that comes with it, isn't always easy and can sometimes be very hard.

  • av Matthew Sides

    We all get asked a lot of questions in life.What did you have for breakfast?Can you help me find my cat?Sir, do you mind stepping out of the car (though that one might have been a demand more than a question)?Through all of the questions, I have been asked a few great ones that lead to important stories and moments that have led me to where I am in life.Did you really try to catch a turkey?What is the greatest piece of advice you were ever given?Did you have a conversation with NASA (my personal favorite)?Join me as I answer a few of these questions and lead you through my journey of creativity.

  • - 100 Hilarious Adult 'Would You Rather?' Questions
    av Luke Rimmer

    Do you have what it takes to make tough decisions? Do you enjoy a good mental challenge? If so, "The Adult 'Would You Rather?' Challenge" is the book for you.This collection of thought-provoking scenarios will test your decision-making skills and challenge you to think deeply about what you value most in life. Each question is designed to be challenging, with no easy answers.With topics ranging from morality to career choices, relationships to personal beliefs, this book will push you to examine your own values and priorities. The questions are designed for adults, with content that is both intellectually stimulating and entertaining.This book is perfect for game nights with friends, or as a solo activity for those who enjoy a mental challenge. "The Adult 'Would You Rather?' Challenge" is the ultimate book for those who want to stretch their decision-making muscles and have fun while doing it.

  • av Benjamin G Rader
    276 - 1 366,-

    "Ozarkers are not alone in prizing vignettes--nearly everyone likes stories laced with an unexpected and droll sense of humor. A master of this genre was one of Benjamin Rader's great uncles, Jeremiah Benjamin Rader, for whom the author may have been named. As diminutive as his wife was large, it was said that "Jerry" found his own stories so funny that he too often interrupted them by falling into fits of uncontrollable laughter. One such fit cost him dearly; in 1940, a porkchop that he was eating for supper lodged in his windpipe, choking him to death. In addition to serving the day-to-day entertainment needs of Ozarkers, the vignettes in this book, like the one above, offer insight into the Ozarks region, where the author was born in 1935 and lived until 1959. As with archeological sites when unearthed, these stories potentially reveal vivid, if incomplete, details of a culture that are otherwise obscured or unavailable in other sources. These stories challenge the notions that the Ozarks are a homogenous, starkly distinctive region. In some instances, they even reveal qualities of life that are characteristic of rural societies everywhere"--

  • - A Collection of New Essays
    av David R Thorne

    A hilarious collection of new essays by the the New York Times bestselling author of, The Internet is a Playground, and I'll Go Home Then; It's Warm and Has Chairs.

  • - Working At The Zstore
    av Matt Sides

    Have you ever worked at a place, maybe it was your first job or your craziest job, where even if it was not a fun workplace environment, there were still people around you that made the job worthwhile? Do you have more stories that came out of your time there than you can remember? If you are lucky in life, you have had one of those types of jobs or maybe you are in one right now. HOW WAS I NOT FIRED is a compilation of the stories that happened at the Zstore, Funimation's online retail storefront. Starting in a small feed store and moving to larger warehouses, these are the funny stories of what happened inside the walls of the Zstore.

  • av Scott Teel

    What makes a fairy tale Irregular? Hansel & Gretel's parents refusing to allow the kids to be adopted by fairies because they disapprove of the fairy lifestyle. Rumplestiltskin teaching a young woman to keep her promises. A prince for Rapunzel who never mastered rope climbing in gym class. Tom Thumb's mother refusing to allow him to date the one girl his size because she's Protestant. Not fairy tales for children - although frequently childish - Irregular Fairy Tales are much more fun than a trip to the ball, and less expensive too, when you consider how much interest Fairy Godmothers are charging these days. The Ithaca Times says... "The conversations between characters in these stories sometimes recall the deadpan absurdities of Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks (in 'The 2,000-Year-Old Man' and all of their movies.)" ... "Teel is at his best when he integrates sound, alabeit only tangentially relevant, logic into these tales in a breezy, off-hand style." ... "In 'Hansel and Gretel' (and several other stories) (Teel) wraps up his story in fashion that is...the opposite of the traditional ending, which can be gratifying to those who find cheerfully clever children to be really obnoxious." --The Ithaca Times

  • - Volume I
    av Bryan Healey

    Come with me and explore my crazy brain, discovering my wild attempts at going back in time, cloning dinosaurs, starting private militaries, purchasing mountains, flying to Mars, making movies, selling videogames, and playing professional baseball. You'll laugh, you'll cry, but mostly you won't care about any of it. But read it anyway, because you'll hurt my feelings if you don't!

  • - Year 2
    av Benjamin Wallace

    The world looks different a year after the dead rose from their graves. Survivors live in walled enclaves while the zombies roam freely in the wasteland. John, Chris and Erik have made their home in the enclave of Haven and earn their keep in town by scavenging for supplies outside the walls. These excursions bring them face-to-face with grubby urchins, deadly warlords and hordes of the undead. But not all threats lie beyond the walls. The dads are beginning to wonder if they can trust the people in charge. Things aren't looking good and the longer the end of the world drags on, the more danger they're sure to find themselves in.

  • - The Most Extensive Book for Funny Jokes on Any Topic
    av Vasil Vyagov

    The Black Book of JokesDo you enjoy hilarious jokes, comedy, and humor?This book contains a massive collection of anecdotes on any topic, including some of the funniest uncensored dirty jokes for adults and dark humor jokes. Who is this book for?This excellent book is in the right hands if you like reading funny jokes, telling funny jokes, or if you want to make a present for someone who loves humor and enjoys reading funny books. In addition, this will be an excellent choice if you want to make someone around you happier. Laughter is the best medicine... Why this book?We can guarantee that you will enjoy one of the best collections of awesome jokes on any topic you can think about.Here you can read some of the best Office, Black Humor, Sex, and Marriage humor, along with the funniest jokes about Animals, Blondes, Policemen, Doctors, Preachers, Teachers, Kids, Women, Men, Clowns, Gays, Doctors, Old People, White People, Black people, Green People, Yellow People, Aliens, Prisoners, Singers, Artists, Musicians, Bankers, Lawyers, Engineers, Plumbers, Secretaries, Lovers, Circus, Life and everything else.

  • - A Humorous History 0f American Football
    av Rick Braithwaite

    From high school games to trick plays, and Gatorade showers to the origins of the wave, they're all in this hilarious collection. Best of all, the history of the game, the slingshot goalposts, and end zone celebrations are all explained and gang tackled. It's a fun read for every player, coach and fan of the American pastime that we can only watch on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Sigh. The second book in the Sports Humor by Rick Braithwaite Series, Football Folderol features interesting and entertaining takes on the game that was uniquely created by Walter Camp, based loosely upon the game of rugby. His innovations are explained with humor and insight, providing a thoroughly enjoyable reading and learning experience. Braithwaite had dedicated Football Folderol to his grandson, who started playing when he was just eight years old, and is now on the college team that has won more National Championships than any other school. To find out which one, you'll have to read the book. As Mike Pereira, the Fox Sports Analyst, says, "I don't know how many times I laughed and then said, 'Wow. I didn't know that.' " Previous books by Braithwaite include Golf Gumbo: A Mishmash of Golf Facts and Fun, and The Dictionary of Soccer.

  • av Vic Ferrari

    Who said Catholic high school was going to be easy?In the early eighties, the Catholic archdiocese of New York boasted an armada of parochial schools across the New York City area. Struggling blue-collar families made tremendous sacrifices to provide a Catholic high school education for their children. In theory, smaller classrooms run by religious educators were a safer bet than the New York City Board of Education.But were they?Shorter hair, longer skirts, and corporal punishment meted out by biblical badasses made Catholic teens think twice about stepping out of line. Cutting school or a well-timed fart from the back of the classroom was often met with a good old-fashioned kick in the ass or a humiliating crack on the jaw.Author Vic Ferrari shares his colorful stories from his high school years growing up in the rough-and-tumble borough of the Bronx.Did you know that confessing one sin too many can lead to a foot chase through an empty church? How selling raffle tickets at a mob social club could earn you a trip to the emergency room? Why returning to the scene of a crime is never a good idea? How shopping for school clothes can lead to your first sexual encounter? Learn why a delusional lunatic with erectile dysfunction attempted to blow up a gas station and more.Vic Ferrari, author of NYPD: Law & Disorder, Grand Theft Auto, The NYPD's Flying Circus, NYPD: Through the Looking Glass, and Dickheads & Debauchery, is a retired New York City police detective and probably the funniest person you've never heard about. With no formal training or Harvard degree, Vic has managed to carve out a niche in the literary world.When he's not shamelessly promoting his books, Vic is a frequent guest on the nationally syndicated radio show Sterling on Sunday.

  • - The Horrors of Online Dating
    av Nancy Nikita Tami Evening

    This book follows two woman as they troll a dating site in search of "the one". Their experiences will leave you both horrified, and howling with laughter. It's sex and the city without the nice shoes. If you've ever been on a dating site, are thinking about joining one, or want to have a few laughs at the authors expense this book is for you. It's all true, raunchy, insane and hilarious.

  • - Quotes and poems that found me.
    av Michele Castagnetti

  • - A Hilarious Handbook for New (and Bad!) Drivers
    av Wreck- It- Winston

    This side-splittingly funny and indispensable guide takes you on an uproarious journey through the ins and outs of driving. With relatable anecdotes and witty commentary, this book is your co-pilot to help you conquer your fears, avoid common mistakes, and tackle the road with confidence.Author and self-proclaimed "World's Worst Driver" Wreck-it-Winston shares hilarious experiences behind the wheel, from epic parallel parking fails to unforgettable encounters with road-rage warriors. With a witty and light-hearted approach, you will learn invaluable lessons in road safety, vehicle maintenance, and how to remain cool under pressure.Inside this entertaining handbook, you'll discover: Comical insights into the secret lives of driving instructorsHysterical tips for navigating rush hour traffic and road tripsHumorous advice on dealing with backseat drivers and overeager passengersUnforgettable stories of near-misses, automotive blunders, and epic driving failsPractical guidance on car maintenance and emergency preparednessWhether you're a new driver or a seasoned pro with a penchant for bumper cars, the "New Driver's Guide: A Hilarious Handbook for New (and Bad!) Drivers" is your ticket to enjoying the road with a smile on your face. Get ready to rev up your engine and unleash your inner speed demon (safely, of course) as you cruise through this laugh-out-loud guide to becoming the best driver you can be.

  • - And other conversation topics
    av Barry Wise

    Do you need quirky questions to start great conversations when you're on a date, or having a family discussion? Do you ever wonder about things like if animals can be psychotic, or if some ants are lazier than others, or why can't we use our own poop for fertilizer instead of horse manure? Or what about wondering if too much water, or coffee, or chocolate can actually kill you? This book contains 42 wacky questions covering science, trivia, pop culture, and health/wellness, with answers provided with a good dose of humour (humor, if you're American). It's a great jumping-off point for different and unconventional topics to talk about. Plus, I like the idea of making money if you buy the book, instead of trying to find the answers by yourself on the internet. Not as easy as it looks, so enjoy the book, and have some wonderful conversations!

  • av Avery Thoreau

    A quirky advice book that is simple to follow. If you are looking for a profound soul changing expierence....This is for sure not it.

  • - böswillig & gemein
    av Dennis Lenz

    Dieses Witzebuch beinhaltet über 600 fiese, gemeine, ungerechte, sehr harte und geschmacklose Witze und eignet sich daher nur für Freunde des tief schwarzen Humors. Jedem Frühbucher, Einhorn-Fan sowie Warmduscher, der diese Art von Humor nicht mag oder verträgt, raten wir dringend von diesem Buch ab.Warnung! Dieses Witzebuch ist nicht für Kinder geeignet!Pressestimmen"Für Erwachsene mit einem Hang zum Schwarzen Humor ein Buch, was einem die Tränen in die Augen spült", Jade-Weser-Zeitung

  • - A funny adult coloring book
    av Anna Nadler

    Welcome to this hilarious, funny, silly, kinky, dirty, flirty, off-color, punny, cute and astute adult coloring book! You will love this book because it guarantees you hours of laughs and coloring fun! This book is themed with original animal art. Punny scenes, pop culture references, risque puns and more!Some special features are: - The pages are one sided, so you can cut out the colored pictures for framing or gifts.- Each page has a gray backing, to address any bleed through issues.- Each page comes autographed by the artist.- All of the art is hand drawn and filled with original ideas.This coloring book makes a great gift for your friend, coworker, wife, husband, mom; something fun to do for a party, or just to make someone laugh and relax while coloring this fun book!Get yours today!

  • - Dissertazioni, epistole e letteratume deviante di livello abbastanza intelligente.
    av Paolo Baltaro

    Nella prima parte, sono diversi brevi racconti legati da un apparente senso dell'assurdo, protagonista Arnaldo Plastica, alter ego dell' autore, mentre la seconda parte espone a corollario la teoria filosofica sulla quale tali racconti basano la propria ragione d'essere (il modello teorico-multidimensionale), conferendo all'opera una prevalente quanto inattesa valenza didascalica. Il lettore nel trattato un valido strumento per un nuovo approccio al pensiero complesso.

  • - The best ironic gift ever
    av Zelkova Standard

    Zelkova Standard produces high-end books and aims to give a real value and establish a new standard, with each book created by a unique artist who is free to improvise thus ensuring the originality. This Sarcastic Jokes Coloring Book for Adults, as the name suggests, contains 100 sarcastic (ironic) jokes with improvised illustrations by a Ukrainian artist Alla Kolos that should be colored. This book is the best ironic gift ever.

  • - Fire Island through the eyes of its worst drag queen
    av Bethany Bryan

    In his second collection of humorous essays, comedian, Greg Scarnici recounts some of his shocking and scandalous experiences over twenty-five seasons on New York's Fire Island. From tea dances in Fire Island Pines to drag competitions in Cherry Grove, Scarnici paints a picture of what a typical summer on the island of misfit boys is like. Highlights include being crowned the Worst Drag Queen in Cherry Grove, getting innocently lured to a "sex dungeon" that was actually a 3X4 garden shed, and riding the ferry as his alter ego, Levonia, every Fourth of July with two hundred other drag queens during the annual Invasion of The Pines.Along the way, Scarnici weaves in some of the history of Cherry Grove, and introduces some of its most colorful characters. Find out what it's like to slap on a synthetic wig on a ninety-degree afternoon, hook up in the notorious Meat Rack, and party on the beach until the sun rises during the annual Pines Party. "Greg Scarnici is not only on Fire Island, he's on fire! His breathless tales of drag queens subverting and carrying on in the Pines and the Grove are as revealing and informative as Speedos on a flaccid penis." -Michael Musto, NewNowNext"Greg has given me the greatest gift - hearing his stories is like getting to eavesdrop and spy on my favorite misfit boys until I'm clutching my pearls and gasping."- Cecily Strong, Saturday Night Live"I'm still not sure if I should be flattered or sue over the story of mine Greg shares, but since the rest of his Fire Island tales are painted in equally hilarious and scandalous shades, I'm just gonna keep my attorney on retainer in case this becomes a movie." - Sherry Vine, Drag DivaGreg Scarnici's other books include his debut collection of humorous essays, "I Hope My Mother Doesn't Read This", his parody of Madonna's SEX book entitled, "SEX IN DRAG", and his upcoming parody of a vintage gay porn magazine, "Hot Rods".

  • - A lesson on how to find love when everyone is awful
    av Jordan West

    In this lesson on how to find love when everyone is awful, Jordan West sets out to prove a simple theory: while the ultimate goal for a man is to find that low-level lunatic he can learn to live with, the ultimate goal for a woman is to find that one special asshole that doesn't make her any crazier than she already is. West carefully and comically weeds through the wake of her disastrous romantic past, juxtaposing it against all of our favorite famous couples that have exhibited crazy/asshole behavior. From Sid and Nancy, to the Ken and Barbie Killers, Jordan even drops in to take a stab at the Trumps in this ruthless relationship satire.Maybe you're single and tired of scraping along the bottom of the dating pool only to wind up in a repetitive relationship that leaves you worse off than you were to begin with. Or maybe you're currently in the passenger seat of a relationship that's slowly driving you to the madhouse. All Men are Assholes (...And All Women are Crazy) serves as the ideal guide to help you figure out where you land on the crazy/asshole scale and how to navigate through the herd of ineligible suitors to find that one perfect mate who is just as awful as you are.

  • - A Highly Offensive Adult Coloring Book
    av E C Robillard

    Offend Me: A Highly Offensive Adult Coloring Book is not your typical coloring book. It's not for the faint of heart or those easily offended. If you're looking for a coloring book that will push the boundaries and challenge your sense of humor, this is the book for you. Inside, you'll find a collection of illustrations that are meant to shock and offend. With profanity-laced quotes and repeating patterns, this coloring book is designed to make you laugh and gasp in equal measure. But don't worry, there's a method to the madness. Studies have shown that coloring can be a relaxing and therapeutic activity, and what better way to blow off some steam than by coloring in some offensive illustrations? So, grab your markers or colored pencils and get ready to let loose with Offend Me: A Highly Offensive Adult Coloring Book. Whether you're feeling angry, frustrated, or just need a good laugh, this book has something for everyone. Just be warned, this book is not for the easily offended or those with delicate sensibilities.

  • - A Compendium of Side-Splitting Pickleball Punch lines!
    av Gregory de la Cruz

    Get ready for a hilariously good time in "111 Pickleball Jokes!" This book will serve up a volley of laughter that's sure to score points with both beginners and seasoned players of this addictive, ever-growing sport. Inside, you'll find an arsenal of puns, one-liners, and wisecracks that will have you laughing harder than a pickleball player who missed an easy dink. Discover jokes that take a wacky swing at pickleball lingo, the universal struggle of getting out of the kitchen, and even the infamous mid-game disagreements over score counting. Curious about what a dill pickle says to the ball? Want to know why pickleball players make terrible bakers? Or perhaps you're just itching to know why pickleball courts are always so clean? Dive into this book and find answers drenched in humor. Whether you're a pickleball whiz, a recreational player, or someone who thought this was a cookbook about pickles, "111 Pickleball Jokes" is sure to serve you a delicious platter of laughter. It's game, set, match for boredom when you've got this treasury of fun by your side! So, strap on your sneakers, grab a paddle, and prepare for a smashingly good time. You're about to discover that pickleball isn't just a sport that's fun to play; it's also a blast to laugh about! Be warned, though: Side-splitting humor may affect your game, leading to uncontrollable laughter on the court!Makes a Great Gift

  • - The Customer Is Always Wrong, Bitch!
    av Sidney S Prasad

    For decades telemarketers around the globe have been sworn at in every language on the planet. If one were to dabber in a telemarketer's world by reading the exact same script 5000 times, getting hung up on a billion times the average man would go insane. Imagine the tables were turned and telemarketer's got their day of reckoning. Their revenge has no ethical, moral or legal limit because pay back is a BITCH!

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