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Här hittar du en översikt över vårt stora boksortiment inom företagande och lärande. Vi erbjuder ett hav av viktiga affärs- och läroböcker samt mängder av studentlitteratur som kan vara relevanta för att öka din kunskap. Du hittar lärorika böcker om allt från finans och ekonomi till kommunikation, ledarskap och strategi. Du hittar också spännande böcker om vetenskap, data och IT, och om du till exempel vill utbilda dig till advokat har vi även böcker om lagar och rätt som kan komma till pass till din utbildning. Men om du nu istället har drömt om att starta ett eget företag erbjuder vi också böcker om företagande, entreprenörskap och innovation. Utöka dina kunskaper och kompetenser på arbetsmarknaden med hjälp av vår facklitteratur och bli en del av en spännande lärmiljö här hos oss.
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  • - The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets
    av Nassim Nicholas Taleb

    'One of the smartest books of all time' Fortune'The hottest thinker in the world' Sunday TimesEveryone wants to succeed in life. But what causes some of us to be more successful than others? Is it really down to skill and strategy - or something altogether more unpredictable?This book is the bestselling sensation that will change the way you think about business and the world. It is all about luck: more precisely, how we perceive luck in our personal and professional experiences. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the markets - we hear an entrepreneur has 'vision' or a trader is 'talented', but all too often their performance is down to chance rather than skill. It is only because we fail to understand probability that we continue to believe events are non-random, finding reasons where none exist.'An iconoclastic tour de force ... nothing escapes his Exocets' Evening Standard 'Brilliant' John Kay 'Excellent and thought-provoking ... an entertaining book' Financial Times 'Wall Street's principal dissident' Malcolm Gladwell

  • av Michael Lewis

    `Extraordinary¿ The Observer`A stupefyingly pleasurable book to read¿ New Yorker`Lewis¿s storytelling is as good as ever¿ The EconomistFrom the #1 bestselling author of The Big Short and Flash Boys, the high-octane story of the enigmatic figure at the heart of one of the 21st century's most spectacular financial collapses'I asked him how much it would take for him to sell FTX and go do something other than make money. He thought the question over. "One hundred and fifty billion dollars," he finally said-though he added that he had use for "infinity dollars"...'Sam Bankman-Fried wasn't just rich. Before he turned thirty he'd become the world's youngest billionaire, making a record fortune in the crypto frenzy. CEOs, celebrities and world leaders vied for his time. At one point he considered paying off the entire national debt of the Bahamas so he could take his business there.Then it all fell apart.Who was this Gatsby of the crypto world, a rumpled guy in cargo shorts, whose eyes twitched across TV interviews as he played video games on the side, who even his million-dollar investors still found a mystery? What gave him such an extraordinary ability to make money - and how did his empire collapse so spectacularly?Michael Lewis was there when it happened, having got to know Bankman-Fried during his epic rise. In Going Infinite he tells us a story like no other, taking us through the mind-bending trajectory of a character who never liked the rules and was allowed to live by his own. Both psychological portrait of a preternaturally gifted 'thinking machine', and wild financial roller-coaster ride, this is a twenty-first-century epic of high-frequency trading and even higher stakes, of crypto mania and insane amounts of money, of hubris and downfall. No one could tell it better.

  • - From Stakeholder Trade-offs to Transformation
    av Sarah Kaplan

    CEOs now realize that their companies must be social as well as commercial actors, but stakeholder pressures often create trade-offs with demands to deliver financial performance to shareholders. Kaplan lays out a roadmap for organizational leaders who have hit the limits of the supposed win-win of shared value to explore how companies can cope with real trade-offs.

  • - The Rise of Pointless Work, and What We Can Do About It
    av David Graeber

    David Graeber is a Professor of Anthropology at the London School of Economics. His many books include The Utopia of Rules, The Democracy Project and the bestselling Debt: The First 5,000 Years. A frequent guest on the BBC, he writes for, among others, the Guardian, Strike!, the Baffler and New Left Review. He lives in London.

  • av Donella Meadows

  • av Daron Acemoglu & Simon Johnson
    270 - 326,-

  • av Simon Sinek

  • - Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life
    av Nassim Nicholas Taleb

  • av Sandrine Dixson-Decleve

    The economic operating system keeps crashing. It's time to upgrade to a new one.Five decades ago, The Limits to Growth shocked the world by showing that population and industrial growth were pushing humanity towards a cliff. Today the world recognizes that we are now at the cliff edge: Earth has crossed multiple planetary boundaries while widespread inequality is causing deep instabilities in societies. There seems to be no way out.Earth For All is both an antidote to despair and a road map to a better future. Using powerful state-of-the-art computer modeling to explore policies likely to deliver the most good for the majority of people, a leading group of scientists and economists from around the world present five extraordinary turnarounds to achieve prosperity for all within planetary limits in a single generation. Coverage includes:Results of new global modeling that indicates falling well-being and rising social tensions heighten risk of regional societal collapsesTwo alternative scenarios - Too-Little-Too-Late vs The Giant Leap - and what they mean for our collective futureFive system-shifting steps that can upend poverty and inequality, lift up marginalized people, and transform our food and energy systems by 2050A clear pathway to reboot our global economic system so it works for all people and the planet.Written in an open, accessible, and inspirational style using clear language and high impact visuals, Earth For All is a profound vision for uncertain times and a map to a better future.This survival guide for humanity is required reading for everyone concerned about living well on a fragile planet.

  • av Oliver Burkeman

  • - How the West Became Psychologically Peculiar and Particularly Prosperous
    av Joseph Henrich

  • - The Impact of the Highly Improbable
    av Nassim Nicholas Taleb

    What have the invention of the wheel, Pompeii, the Wall Street Crash, Harry Potter and the internet got in common? Why are all forecasters con-artists? What can Catherine the Great's lovers tell us about probability? Why should you never run for a train or read a newspaper? This book is all about Black Swans: the random events that underlie our lives, from bestsellers to world disasters. Their impact is huge; they're impossible to predict; yet after they happen we always try to rationalize them. A rallying cry to ignore the 'experts', The Black Swan shows us how to stop trying to predict everything - and take advantage of uncertainty.

  • - How to Excel at Math and Science (Even If You Flunked Algebra)
    av Barbara (Barbara Oakley) Oakley

  • - How Climate Change Panic Costs Us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails to Fix the Planet
    av Bjorn Lomborg

    The New York Times-bestselling "skeptical environmentalist" argues that panic over climate change is causing more harm than good

  • av Erik Angner

    Brought to you by Penguin. Economics has the power to make the world a better, happier and safer place: this book shows you howOur world is in a mess. The challenges of climate change, inequality, hunger and a global pandemic mean our way of life seems more imperilled and society more divided than ever; but economics can help!From parenting to organ donation, housing to anti-social behaviour, economics provides the tools we need to fix the biggest issues of today. Far from being a means to predict the stock market or enrich the elite, economics provides a lens through which we can better understand how things work, design clever solutions and create the conditions in which we can all flourish.With a healthy dose of optimism, and packed with stories of economics in everyday situations, Erik Angner demonstrates the methods he and his fellow economists use to help improve our lives and the society in which we live. He shows us that economics can be a powerful force for good, awakening the possibility of a happier, more just and more sustainable world.(c) Erik Angner 2023 (P) Penguin Audio 2023

  • av Malcolm Gladwell

  • - The Future of Artificial Intelligence and the Role You Need to Play
    av Mo Gawdat

    Scary Smart explains tech and why we need to pay attention to it. From Mo Gawdat, international bestselling author of Solve for Happy.

  • - Integrating Technological, Market and Organizational Change
    av Joe Tidd & John R. Bessant

    Managing Innovation is an established, bestselling text for MBA, MSc and advanced undergraduate courses on innovation management, management of technology, new product development and entrepreneurship. It is also widely used by managers in both the services and manufacturing sectors.

  • - How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life
    av Nir Eyal

  • av Chris Cooper
    770 - 2 186,-

    An up-to-date and internationally focused textbook that looks at the tourism industry in the twenty-first century. Essential reading for students of Tourism.

  • av Amy Edmondson

    We used to think of failure as a problem, to be avoided at all costs. Now, we're told that failure is desirable - that we must fail fast, fail often. The trouble is, both approaches fail to distinguish the good failures from the bad. As a result, we miss the opportunity to fail well.Harvard Professor Amy Edmondson has spent four decades arguing that productive failure hold the key to lasting success. The world's leading expert on psychological safety, her research has shown that the most successful environments are those in which we can fail effectively - without our mistakes being held against us. Now, Edmondson offers a revolutionary framework to get these failures right. She outlines the three archetypes of failure - simple, complex, and intelligent - before revealing how to minimise the consequences of the bad failures and maximise the potential of the good.Filled with vivid stories from business, pop culture and history, this revolutionary book is a rallying cry for us all to embrace our human fallibility and so learn to thrive. You will never look at failure the same way again.

  • av George Monbiot

    The Sunday Times bestseller *Shortlisted for the Wainwright Prize*A New Statesman and Spectator Book of the Year'This book calls for nothing less than a revolution in the future of food' Kate RaworthFrom the bestselling author of Feral, a breathtaking first glimpse of a new future for food and for humanityFarming is the world's greatest cause of environmental destruction - and the one we are least prepared to talk about. We criticise urban sprawl, but farming sprawls across thirty times as much land. We have ploughed, fenced and grazed great tracts of the planet, felling forests, killing wildlife, and poisoning rivers and oceans to feed ourselves. Yet millions still go hungry.Now the food system itself is beginning to falter. But, as George Monbiot shows us in this brilliant, bracingly original new book, we can resolve the biggest of our dilemmas and feed the world without devouring the planet.Regenesis is a breathtaking vision of a new future for food and for humanity. Drawing on astonishing advances in soil ecology, Monbiot reveals how our changing understanding of the world beneath our feet could allow us to grow more food with less farming. He meets the people who are unlocking these methods, from the fruit and vegetable grower revolutionising our understanding of fertility; through breeders of perennial grains, liberating the land from ploughs and poisons; to the scientists pioneering new ways to grow protein and fat. Together, they show how the tiniest life forms could help us make peace with the planet, restore its living systems, and replace the age of extinction with an age of regenesis.

  • - How to Build Habit-Forming Products
    av Nir Eyal

    Nir Eyal reveals how successful companies create products people can't put down - and shows how you can do it too.INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER WITH OVER 200,000 COPIES SOLD WORLDWIDE Based on years of research, consulting, and practical experience, Hooked:* Shows how to create user habits that stick* Includes practical insights and riveting examples, from the iPhone to Twitter, Pinterest and the Bible App* Explains how products influence our behaviour'A must-read for everyone who cares about driving customer engagement' Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup'The most high bandwidth, high octane, and valuable presentation I have ever seen on this subject' Rory Sutherland, vice chairman, Ogilvy & Mather

  • - How Business Can Save the World
    av Rebecca Henderson

  • av Naomi Oreskes & Erik M. Conway

  • av Ryan Holiday

    Fortune favours the bold. All great leaders of history have known this, and were successful because of the risks they dared to take. But today so many of us are paralysed by fear. Drawing on ancient Stoic wisdom and examples across history and around the world, Ryan Holiday shows why courage is so important, and how to cultivate it in our own lives. Courage is not simply physical bravery but also doing the right thing and standing up for what you believe; it's creativity, generosity and perseverance. And it is the only way to live an extraordinary, fulfilled and effective life. Everything in life begins with courage. This book will equip you with the bravery to begin.

  • av Kate Crawford

    The hidden costs of artificial intelligence, from natural resources and labor to privacy and freedom

  • av Peter Turchin
    146 - 316,-

  • - How Degrowth Will Save the World
    av Jason Hickel

  • av Scott Patterson

    For fans of The Black Swan and written by a veteran Wall Street Journal reporter, this is a fascinating deep dive into the world of billion-dollar traders and high-stakes crisis predictors who strive to turn extreme events into financial windfalls.There¿s no doubt that our world has gotten more extreme. Pandemics, climate change, superpower rivalries, technological disruption, political radicalisation, religious fundamentalism ¿ all threaten chaos that put trillions in assets at risk. But around the world, across a wide variety of disciplines, would-be super-forecasters are trying to take the guesswork out of what formerly seemed like random chance. Some put their faith in `black swans¿ ¿ unpredictable, catastrophic events that can¿t be foreseen but send exotic financial instruments screaming in high-profit directions ¿ while others cling to the hope that paying close attention to the data will foreclose any true surprises from happening. Most famous among the former group of big-bet traders are those who run the Universa fund, helmed by manager Mark Spitznagel and built on the strategy of one of its chief investors, Black Swan author Nicholas Taleb. On days of extreme upheaval, Universa has made as much as $1 billion.In researching Chaos Kings, author Scott Patterson not only gained exclusive access to Universa strategists, but he also combed Wall Street to find market players with similar models. Additionally, he met with savvy seers in a variety of fields, from earthquake prediction to counterterrorism to climatology, to see if it¿s actually possible to bet on disaster ¿ and win. Riveting, relevant, and revelatory, this is a must-read for anyone curious about how some of today¿s investors alchemise catastrophe into profit.


På består vårt sortiment av kunskap och lärande både för dig som har tankar på att studera och för dig som är ute på arbetsmarknaden. Våra böcker är skrivna av kloka människor som antingen kan bygga på den kunskap du redan har eller ge dig ny kunskap beskriven från en annan vinkel. Vi har nästan all studentlitteratur så att du kan alltid följa med under föreläsningarna på din utbildning. Till exempel, om du studerar på Stockholm Business School eller Handelshögskolan och har ett särskilt business case kan vi hjälpa dig med alla möjliga slags teorier och modeller. Eller så arbetar du kanske med ett nystartat företag och behöver beskriva dess affärsmodell. Då kan du här få en bred kunskap och en guide som hjälper dig på rätt väg. Här kan boken “Business Model Generation” av Alexander Osterwalder vara spännande att ta en titt på, eftersom den är användbar för både små och stora företag. Här kan du också lära dig mer om hållbart företagande och vad det är.

Vi erbjuder som alltid fysiska böcker samt ljudböcker och e-böcker. Så om du till exempel vill ha e-lärande, så har vi också en massa böcker för dig som vill ha lärande som förmedlas på nätet. Detta är både billigare, och om du till exempel är student, ger det dig enkel åtkomst till alla dina böcker, eftersom du ofta har din PC, surfplatta eller smartphone med dig i på din studieplats. En av de många fördelarna detta kan ge dig är att du kan komma åt din bok exakt var och när det passar dig, så länge du har tillgång till ett internet.


Lärmiljö och mål

Om du vill bidra till en bra lärmiljö, oavsett om det är på arbetsplatsen eller i studierna, kan det första steget vara att bjuda in med dina egna yrkeskompetenser. En bättre arbetsmiljö skapas på grundval av olika kunskaper och idéer eftersom det ofta skapar bättre resultat.

Andra lärandemål som alltid är relevanta är att lära sig nya språk. Det är viktigt att lära sig främmande språk eftersom vi får allt färre språk i världen. Genom att lära sig andra språk kan du kommunicera med allt fler människor och bättre förstå andras kulturer. Det är både roligt att lära sig nya språk, och samtidigt har det blivit mycket lättare tack vare internet och den nya tekniken. Engelska är det mest utbredda språket i världen och det finns vart du än vänder dig. Det existerar både i den verkliga världen och är samtidigt språket som vi använder mest på internet.
Så om du vill kommunicera med andra och fler människor än tidigare, eller bara har ett intresse för andra språk, kan du hitta många böcker här som innehåller verktyg som hjälper dig. Här på har vi många grammatikböcker som är särskilt viktiga om du vill bli bättre på att kommunicera skriftligt på ett främmande språk.



Inlärningsstilar har varit ett stort fokus de senaste åren. Inlärningsstilar är ett uttryck för hur den enskilda eleven lär sig bäst i en given situation och inom ett visst ämne. Vi har alla våra speciella inlärningskrafter och metoder som är viktiga vid inlärning av något nytt och svårt material. Det är viktigt för alla att ständigt fortsätta att lära sig, och vi måste lära oss att lära eftersom vi hela tiden måste anpassa oss efter situationer och påbörja nya uppgifter. Det är därför viktigt att veta hur man lär sig bäst och vilka inlärningspreferenser man har, och här är inlärningsstilar nyckeln till den kunskapen.
Om du vill ta reda på exakt din inlärningsstil och hur du lär dig bäst, erbjuder vi många böcker med fokus på detta. Vi har även böcker om hur inlärningen påverkar av både inre och yttre faktorer. Läs till exempel en av våra mest populära böcker inom detta område; ”Vad varje pedagog bör veta” av Anna Tebelius Bodin, som är ledande inom utvecklingen av forskning inom hur hjärnan fungerar i kommunikationen mellan den som lär ut och den som lär. Den berör hur minne, hormoner och motivation påverkar vår inlärning och om psykologin bakom hur vi lär.

Om du vill utöka dina kunskaper eller bara lära dig något helt nytt, oavsett om det är relevant för studierna eller på arbetsplatsen, så hittar du allt hos oss.

Gör som tusentals andra bokälskare

Prenumerera på vårt nyhetsbrev för att få fantastiska erbjudanden och inspiration för din nästa läsning.