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Ett element som är viktigt i alla företag är nämligen finans. Här har vi sammanställt ett stort urval av böcker som alla har olika syften. Ekonomi och finans kan vara svårt att börja med, med alla dess olika termer. Det är därför vi har samlat många böcker som tittar på vad dessa är och som är förklarande för läsaren. Dessutom hittar du ekonomi- och finansböcker som innehåller goda råd om hur du gör en smart investering eller hur du gör en bra ekonomisk redovisning. Har du någonsin undrat vad likviditet och avkastning är? I så fall har vi många böcker för dig. Dyk in i urvalet idag och hitta din ekonomibok hos oss!
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  • av Andra Farhad & Frida Söderlund
    225 kr.

    VÄGEN TILL MILJONERNA BÖRJAR HÄR!Vill du börja spara i aktier och fonder, men vet inte var du ska börja? Då är Haja börsen för dig, det är en enkel och rolig guide där du lär dig allt du behöver (och lite till) för att påbörja din börsresa.

  • av Robert Frank, Ben Bernanke, Ori Heffetz & m.fl.
    845 kr.

  • av Jeanette Berggård
    545 kr.

    Företagsekonomi - från begrepp till beslut är ett läromedel för studier i grundläggande företagsekonomi. Boken är indelad i fyra block: Företag och samhälle, Marknad och organisation, Styrning och kalkylering samt Redovisning och ekonomisk analys. Genom indelningen får läsaren en helhetsblick över det företagsekonomiska området, även om boken är på en introducerande nivå. Till faktaboken hör en övningsbok med instuderingsfrågor, diskussionsunderlag, övningsuppgifter och facit med utförliga lösningar. I den åttonde upplagan har uppdateringar gjorts med både anpassad fakta om nya modeller och uppgifter för att beskriva hur den ökade digitaliseringen har medfört förändrade arbetssätt inom ekonomistyrning och marknadsföring. Företagsekonomi - från begrepp till beslut är avsedd för grundläggande kurser i företagsekonomi på eftergymnasial nivå. Boken kan användas i YH-utbildningar och på kurser vid universitet och på högskola, men även av utbildningsföretag och vid företagsintern utbildning.

  • - The Best of Indian Heritage
    569 kr.

  • av Jeanette Berggård
    539 kr.

  • av Joel Greenblatt
    199 kr.

    In The Little Book That Still Beats the Market, Joel Greenblatt expands the successful strategy from the original bestseller to show investors how to profit in any market.

  • - Why Economics Can't Explain the Modern World
    av Deirdre McCloskey
    229 - 525 kr.

    The big economic story of our times is not the Great Recession. It is how China and India began to embrace neoliberal ideas of economics and attributed a sense of dignity and liberty to the bourgeoisie they had denied for so long. This book discusses seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Europe to reconsider the birth of the Industrial Revolution.

  • - Your One-Stop Guide to Investing, Trading, and Profiting in Crypto with Technical Analysis.
    av Alan John
    235 kr.

  • - How the US, Iran and Saudi-Arabia Changed the Balance of Power in the Middle East
    av Andrew Scott Cooper
    92,62 - 169 kr.

    Oil Kings offers the first inside look at how an oil crisis was manipulated by Alan Greenspan, Donald Rumsfeld, and President Ford (hoping to secure his re-election), helping to precipitate the fall of the Shah of Iran in 1979. Andrew Scott Cooper reveals the fatal struggle between the "e;oil kings"e;, both Middle-Eastern and American, as they jockeyed for power, playing games that led directly to the rise of Iran's radical anti-American theocracy, which still exists today. An intrepid investigative reporter, Andrew Scott Cooper is the first to access newly declassified papers, and to interview key people who formulated US foreign poilicy in that period. Carefully connecting up the dots, he brilliantly reconstructs the history of that vexed decade when the modern world was changed forever.

  • av Ann C. Logue
    209 kr.

    In an ever-changing market, get the advantage of trading for yourself Day trading is undoubtedly the most exciting way to make your own money. Before you begin, you need three things: patience, nerves of steel, and a well-thumbed copy of Day Trading For Dummies.

  • - The Classic Text on Value Investing
    av Benjamin Graham
    105 - 259 kr.

    Offers the investing principles as the author originally laid them out - principles that continue to stand more than half a century since the book was first published. This book tells about making the right decisions to protect your investments and make them a success.

  • - Ten Reasons We're Wrong About The World - And Why Things Are Better Than You Think
    av Hans Rosling, Ola Rosling & Anna Rosling Rönnlund
    32,2 - 199 kr.

    'A hopeful book about the potential for human progress when we work off facts rather than our inherent biases.' BARACK OBAMATimely, short and essential, FACTFULNESS reveals the power of facts in a post-truth world, by late international sensation Hans Rosling ('a true inspiration' - Bill Gates) and his long-term collaborators Ola and Anna.

  • - Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist
    av Kate Raworth
    119 kr.

    In Doughnut Economics, Oxford academic Kate Raworth identifies seven critical ways in which mainstream economics has led us astray, and sets out a roadmap for bringing humanity into a sweet spot that meets the needs of all within the means of the planet.

  • - How To Use What You Already Know To Make Money In The Market
    av Peter Lynch
    185 kr.

    In his timeless classic, America's number one money manager and bestselling author, reveals the philosophy behind his spectacular record 'think like an amateur'.

  • - The Time-Tested Strategy for Successful Investing
    av Burton G. (Princeton University) Malkiel
    195 - 269 kr.

    The best investment guide money can buy, with more than 1.5 million copies sold, now fuly revised and updated.

  • - The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming
    av Paul Hawken
    139,89 - 209 kr.

    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERFor the first time ever, an international coalition of leading researchers, scientists and policymakers has come together to offer a set of realistic and bold solutions to climate change. All of the techniques described here - some well-known, some you may have never heard of - are economically viable, and communities throughout the world are already enacting them. From revolutionizing how we produce and consume food to educating girls in lower-income countries, these are all solutions which, if deployed collectively on a global scale over the next thirty years, could not just slow the earth's warming, but reach drawdown: the point when greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere peak and begin todecline. So what are we waiting for?

  • - Twelve Classic Tales from the World of Wall Street: The New York Times bestseller Bill Gates calls 'the best business book I've ever read'
    av John Brooks
    10,66 - 155 kr.

    'The best business book I've ever read.' Bill Gates, Wall Street Journal'The Michael Lewis of his day.' New York TimesWhat do the $350 million Ford Motor Company disaster known as the Edsel, the fast and incredible rise of Xerox, and the unbelievable scandals at General Electric and Texas Gulf Sulphur have in common? Each is an example of how an iconic company was defined by a particular moment of fame or notoriety. These notable and fascinating accounts are as relevant today to understanding the intricacies of corporate life as they were when the events happened.Stories about Wall Street are infused with drama and adventure and reveal the machinations and volatile nature of the world of finance. John Brooks's insightful reportage is so full of personality and critical detail that whether he is looking at the astounding market crash of 1962, the collapse of a well-known brokerage firm, or the bold attempt by American bankers to save the British pound, one gets the sense that history really does repeat itself.This business classic written by longtime New Yorker contributor John Brooks is an insightful and engaging look into corporate and financial life in America.

  • - Things that Gain from Disorder
    av Nassim Nicholas Taleb
    102,2 - 149 kr.

    Nassim Nicholas Taleb, the bestselling author of The Black Swan and one of the foremost thinkers of our time, reveals how to thrive in an uncertain world. Just as human bones get stronger when subjected to stress and tension, many things in life benefit from stress, disorder, volatility, and turmoil. What Taleb has identified and calls antifragile are things that not only gain from chaos but need it in order to survive and flourish.In The Black Swan, Taleb showed us that highly improbable and unpredictable events underlie almost everything about our world. Here Taleb stands uncer tainty on its head, making it desirable, even necessary. The antifragile is beyond the resilient or robust. The resil ient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better and better.What's more, the antifragile is immune to prediction errors and protected from adverse events. Why is the city-state better than the nation-state, why is debt bad for you, and why is what we call "e;efficient"e; not efficient at all? Why do government responses and social policies protect the strong and hurt the weak? Why should you write your resignation letter before starting on the job? How did the sinking of the Titanic save lives? The book spans innovation by trial and error, life decisions, politics, urban planning, war, personal finance, economic systems and medicine, drawing on modern street wisdom and ancient sources.Antifragile is a blueprint for living in a Black Swan world.Erudite, witty, and iconoclastic, Taleb's message is revolutionary: the antifragile, and only the antifragile, will make it.Nassim Nicholas Taleb has devoted his life to problems of uncertainty, probability, and knowledge and has led three careers around this focus, as a businessman-trader, a philosophical essayist, and an academic researcher. Although he now spends most of his time working in intense seclusion in his study, in the manner of independent scholars, he is currently Distinguished Professor of Risk Engineering at New York University's Polytechnic Institute. His main subject matter is "e;decision making under opacity,"e; that is, a map and a protocol on how we should live in a world we don't understand.His books Fooled by Randomness and The Black Swan have been published in thirty-three languages.Taleb believes that prizes, honorary degrees, awards, and ceremonialism debase knowledge by turning it into a spectator sport.

  • - Warren Buffett and the Business of Life
    av Alice Schroeder
    185 kr.

    THE NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER Shortlisted for the Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Prize 2008

  • - How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy
    av Cathy O'Neil
    119 kr.

  • av Thomas Piketty
    368 kr.

    Thomas Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century showed that capitalism, left to itself, generates deepening inequality. In this audacious follow-up, he challenges us to revolutionize how we think about ideology and history, exposing the ideas that have sustained inequality since premodern times and outlining a fairer economic system.

  • - A Hopeful History
    av Rutger Bregman
    119 kr.

  • - An Introduction for Future Knowledge Workers
    av Andreas Beck Holm
    335 - 539 kr.

    Philosophy of Science tager afsæt i de studerendes fremtid som vidensarbejdere.Bogen kombinerer en grundig gennemgang af videnskabsteoretiske positioner og problemstillinger med en perspektivering til vidensarbejdernes udfordringer i virksomheder og organisationer og til, hvordan de studerende selv kan arbejde med teorierne. Stoffet præsenteres tilgængeligt og overskueligt, bl.a. gennem opsummerende kapitler, fremhævning af nøglebegreber, samt arbejds- og refleksionsspørgsmål. Bogens findes også i en dansk paralleludgave.

  • av Stephen Mitford Goodson
    269 - 319 kr.

  • - Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life
    av Nassim Nicholas Taleb
    102,2 - 119 kr.

  • - The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets
    av Nassim Nicholas Taleb
    102,2 - 119 kr.

    'One of the smartest books of all time' Fortune'The hottest thinker in the world' Sunday TimesEveryone wants to succeed in life. But what causes some of us to be more successful than others? Is it really down to skill and strategy - or something altogether more unpredictable?This book is the bestselling sensation that will change the way you think about business and the world. It is all about luck: more precisely, how we perceive luck in our personal and professional experiences. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the markets - we hear an entrepreneur has 'vision' or a trader is 'talented', but all too often their performance is down to chance rather than skill. It is only because we fail to understand probability that we continue to believe events are non-random, finding reasons where none exist.'An iconoclastic tour de force ... nothing escapes his Exocets' Evening Standard 'Brilliant' John Kay 'Excellent and thought-provoking ... an entertaining book' Financial Times 'Wall Street's principal dissident' Malcolm Gladwell

  • - The Rise of Pointless Work, and What We Can Do About It
    av David Graeber
    135 kr.

  • - The International Bestseller
    av Carlo M. Cipolla
    75,28 - 105 kr.

    Cipolla, the late, noted professor of economic history at the University of California, Berkeley, created a vitally important economic model that would allow us to detect, know and neutralise this threat: The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity.

  • - The International Bestseller: What History Reveals About Our Future
    av Daniel Ziblatt & Steven Levitsky
    11,85 - 119 kr.

    Two Harvard professors explain the dangerous world we face todayDemocracies can die with a coup d' tat - or they can die slowly. This happens most deceptively when in piecemeal fashion, with the election of an authoritarian leader, the abuse of governmental power and the complete repression of opposition. All three steps are being taken around the world - not least with the election of Donald Trump - and we must all understand how we can stop them.In How Democracies Die, Harvard professors Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt draw insightful lessons from across history - from the rule of General Augusto Pinochet in Chile to the quiet undermining of Turkey's constitutional system by President Recip Erdogan - to shine a light on regime breakdown across the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Notably they point to the dangers of an authoritarian leader faced with a major crisis. Based on years of research, they present a deep understanding of how and why democracies die; an alarming analysis of how democracy is being subverted today in the US and beyond; and a guide for maintaining and repairing a threatened democracy, for governments, political parties and individuals. History doesn't repeat itself. But we can protect our democracy by learning its lessons, before it's too late.

  • - The Simple Strategy for Successful Investing in Only 15 Minutes a Week
    av Phil Town
    119 kr.

    Who's going to provide for your future? There's a crisis looming in pensions. Investing in property is time-consuming and risky. This work sets out the five key numbers that really count when you're buying stocks and shares; and explains how to use new Internet tools to simplify research.

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