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Hos oss hittar du mängder av skönlitterära böcker där bara fantasin sätter gränserna. Skönlitteratur är historier som tar dig med på en fiktiv resa berättad av en författare och kan innehålla allt från dikter, drama och humor, till de mer klassiska skönlitterära verken, och mycket mer.
Vi leder in dig i ett magiskt universum av skönlitteratur med ett stort urval i genren, så oavsett vad du vill läsa kan du definitivt bli inspirerad här. Om du istället är ute efter de mest populära och bästa böckerna kan du också hitta våra tio i topp skönlitterära böcker här på sidan.
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  • av Hannah Grace
    140 - 266,-

    A TikTok sensation! Sparks fly when a competitive figure skater and hockey team captain are forced to share a rink. Anastasia Allen has worked her entire life for a shot at Team USA. It looks like everything is going according to plan when she gets a full scholarship to the University of California, Maple Hills and lands a place on their competitive figure skating team. Nothing will stand in her way, not even the captain of the hockey team, Nate Hawkins. Nate's focus as team captain is on keeping his team on the ice. Which is tricky when a facilities mishap means they are forced to share a rink with the figure skating team-including Anastasia, who clearly can't stand him. But when Anastasia's skating partner faces an uncertain future, she may have to look to Nate to take her shot. Sparks fly, but Anastasia isn't worried... because she could never like a hockey player, right?

  • av Ana Huang

    Discover the addictive world of the Twisted series from TikTok sensation, Ana Huang! Read Twisted Love now for a brother's best friend romance.He has a heart of ice . . . but for her, he'd burn the world.Alex Volkov is a devil blessed with the face of an angel and cursed with a past he can't escape.Driven by a tragedy that has haunted him for most of his life, his ruthless pursuits for success and vengeance leave little room for matters of the heart.But when he's forced to look after his best friend's sister, he starts to feel something in his chest:A crack.A melt.A fire that could end his world as he knew it.***Ava Chen is a free spirit trapped by nightmares of a childhood she can't remember.But despite her broken past, she's never stopped seeing the beauty in the world . . . including the heart beneath the icy exterior of a man she shouldn't want.Her brother's best friend.Her neighbour.Her saviour and her downfall.Theirs is a love that was never supposed to happen - but when it does, it unleashes secrets that could destroy them both . . . and everything they hold dear.Twisted Love is a brother's best friend/opposites attract romance with a hint of suspense. It's book one in the Twisted series but can be read as a standalone.WARNING: This book contains a jealous/possessive antihero, explicit sexual content and profanity. Recommended for 18+.

  • av Ana Huang

    She's his opposite in every way . . . and the greatest temptation he's ever known.Reserved, controlled, and proper to a fault, Kai Young has neither the time nor inclination for chaos - and Isabella, with her purple hair and inappropriate jokes, is chaos personified.With a crucial CEO vote looming and a media empire at stake, the billionaire heir can't afford the distraction she brings.Isabella is everything he shouldn't want, but with every look and every touch, he's tempted to break all his rules . . . and claim her as his own.***Bold, impulsive, and full of life, Isabella Valencia has never met a party she doesn't like or a man she couldn't charm . . . except for Kai Young.It shouldn't matter. He's not her type - the man translates classics into Latin for fun, and his membership at the exclusive club where she bartends means he's strictly off limits.But she can't deny that, beneath his cool exterior, is a man who could make her melt with just a touch.No matter how hard they try, they can't resist giving into their forbidden desires.Even if it costs them everything.

  • av Mia Sheridan

    This instant iNew York Times/i, iUSA Today/i,i /iand iWall Street Journal/i bestseller is now available for the first time in print with new content.

  • av Colleen Hoover

    Beloved No.1 New York Timesbestselling author Colleen Hoover returns with an unforgettable love story between a writer and his unexpected muse.

  • av Emily McIntire

    From BookTok sensation Emily McIntire comes a dark and delicious fractured fairy tale reimagining of Peter Pan.He wants revenge, but he wants her more...James has always had one agenda: destroy his enemy, Peter Michaels. When Peter's twenty-year-old daughter Wendy shows up in James's bar, he sees his way in. Seduce the girl and use her for his revenge. It's the perfect plan, until things in James's organization begin to crumble. Suddenly, he has to find the traitor in his midst, and his plan for revenge gets murkier as James starts to see Wendy as more than just a pawn in his game.Wendy has been cloistered away most of her life by her wealthy cold father, but a spontaneous night out with friends turns into an intense and addictive love affair with the dark and brooding James. As much as she knows James is dangerous, Wendy can't seem to shake her desire for him. But as their relationship grows more heated and she learns more about the world he moves in, she finds herself unsure if she's falling for the man known as James or the monster known as Hook.

  • av Ali Hazelwood

    Mallory Greenleaf is done with chess. Yes, it was her reason to live from ages 6 to 14. No, she'd rather not talk about what changed that. With her grandmaster dad out of the picture, a chronically-ill mom, two younger sisters, and an auto-mechanic job that pays the ever-accumulating bills, she has no time for games. And yet, when her best friend Easton guilts her into pinch-hitting for a charity chess tournament, Mallory cannot refuse. In the name of a decade-long friendship, Mallory sucks it up, agrees to play one last time, and... inadvertently defeats the current world champion. Oops.Holden Sawyer is only 20, but he's been dominating the world of chess for years. Hailed as one of the best players in history, he's handsome, the heir to a chess dynasty, and a household name who once dated a Kardashian. (Kind of. Technically, it was a Jenner.) His loss to a nobody like Mallory is inexplicable, and leads to a tiny problem: Holden has a... reputation. As a not-exactly-good-tempered loser. Terrified of how Holden might take her win, Mallory does the one thing she can think of: she runs away, determined to never think of what happened again. Phew!But as her victory grabs the attention of grandmasters everywhere, Mallory realises that she might be done with chess, but it's in no way done with her. Besides, a rematch against Holden might not be a bad thing. She's been thinking about him a lot lately...

  • av H D Carlton

    The conclusion to the Cat and Mouse Duet is here...The DiamondDeath walks alongside me,But the reaper is no match for me.I'm trapped in a world full of monsters dressed as men, and those who aren't as they seem.They won't keep me forever.I no longer recognize the person I've become,And I'm fighting to find my way back to the beast who hunts me in the night.¿Warning: This is the second and final installment to the Duet. You must read Haunting Adeline first.They call me a diamond,But they've only created an angel of death.The HunterI was born a predator,With ruthlessness ingrained in my bones.When what's mine is stolen from me in the night,Like a diamond hidden within a fortress,I find that I can no longer contain the beast.Blood will paint the ground as I tear apart this world to find her.And bring her back to where she belongs.No one will escape my wrath,Especially not those who have betrayed me.

  • av N.H. Kleinbaum

  • av Sally Rooney
    130 - 266,-

    It's a deeply political novel, just as it's also a novel about love and about how difficult it is to speak and how difficult it is to change.

  • av Mo Xiang

    Limited Edition (one printing only!) of the NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER! The blockbuster danmei/Boys' Love novels from China that inspired the animated series!In this final book (Volume 8), read the conclusion to this epic historical fantasy about a prince and the mysterious man by his side, in English for the very first time. Also includes bonus stories!White No-Face's mask is off, and the final conflict has begun. Deep in the ancient caverns and lava flows of Mount Tonglu, Xie Lian must face the one whose hatred has plagued him for centuries—but this time, he won't have to do it alone. His beloved, Hua Cheng, has spent his long existence amassing the power to protect him, and now with their feelings for each other out in the open, they have all the more reason to fight for survival.In this thrilling conclusion to Heaven Official's Blessing, can Xie Lian and Hua Cheng triumph against an all-powerful foe?Also included in this final volume are five bonus tales of romance, celebration, and adventure.This limited Special Edition contains the Standard Edition, but with bonus merchandise shrinkwrapped to the book: a set of eight postcards, a double-sided bookmark, two folded mini posters, a sticker sheet, a lined notebook, and a papercraft standee. Don't miss the new art from guest artists included in this special merch!

  • av Stephen Chbosky

    A powerful and perceptive coming-of-age story, in the tradition of The Catcher in the Rye, from a talented young filmmaker, screenwriter and novelist.

  • av Elsie Silver

    The start of a small-town contemporary romance series by TikTok sensation Elsie Silver.

  • av Sarah J. Maas

  • av Heather Fawcett

  • - The dystopian classic reimagined with cover art by Shepard Fairey
    av George Orwell

    Winston Smith works for the Ministry of Truth in London, chief city of Airstrip One. Big Brother stares out from every poster, the Thought Police uncover every act of betrayal. When Winston finds love with Julia, he discovers that life does not have to be dull and deadening, and awakens to new possibilities.

  • av Lauren Asher

    **THE TOP 50 AMAZON BESTSELLER**RowanI'm in the business of creating fairy tales.Theme parks. Production companies. Five-star hotels.Everything could be all mine if I renovated Dreamland.My initial idea of hiring Zahra was good in theory, but then I kissed her.Things spiraled out of control once I texted her using an alias.By the time I realized where I went wrong, it was too late.People like me don't get happy endings.Not when we're destined to ruin them.ZahraAfter submitting a drunk proposal criticizing Dreamland's most expensive ride, I should have been fired.Instead, Rowan Kane offered me a dream job.The catch? I had to work for the most difficult boss I'd ever met.Rowan was rude and completely off-limits, but my heart didn't care.At least not until I discovered his secret.It was time to teach the billionaire that money couldn't fix everything.Especially not us.The Fine Print is the first book in a series of spicy standalone novels featuring three billionaire brothers.

  • av Madeline Miller
    129,99 - 260,-

    A breathtakingly original rendering of the Trojan War - a devastating love story and a tale of gods and kings, immortal fame and the human heart

  • av Tatsuya Endo

    An action-packed comedy about a fake family that includes a spy, an assassin and a telepath!

  • av Ana Huang

    A brand-new steamy billionaire romance from the bestselling author of the Twisted seriesFull synopsis TBD.

  • av Ana Huang

    Discover the addictive world of the Twisted series from TikTok sensation, Ana Huang!Read Twisted Games now for a steamy, angsty forbidden romance.She can never be his . . . but he's taking her anyway.Stoic, broody and arrogant, elite bodyguard Rhys Larsen has two rules: protect his clients at all costs and do not become emotionally involved. Ever.He has never once been tempted to break those rules . . . until her.Bridget von Ascheberg. A princess with a stubborn streak that matches his own and a hidden fire that reduces his rules to ash. She's nothing he expected and everything he never knew he needed.Day by day, inch by inch, she breaks down his defences until he's faced with a truth he can no longer deny: he swore an oath to protect her, but all he wants is to ruin her. Take her.Because she's his.His princess.His forbidden fruit.His every depraved fantasy.***Regal, strong-willed and bound by the chains of duty, Princess Bridget dreams of the freedom to live and love as she chooses.But when her brother abdicates, she's suddenly faced with the prospect of a loveless, politically expedient marriage and a throne she never wanted.And as she navigates the intricacies - and treacheries - of her new role, she must also hide her desire for a man she can't have.Her bodyguard.Her protector.Her ultimate ruin.Unexpected and forbidden, theirs is a love that could destroy a kingdom . . . and doom them both.Twisted Games is a contemporary royal bodyguard romance. It's book two of the Twisted series but can be read as a standalone.Warning: This book contains a possessive alpha hero, explicit sexual content and profanity.

  • av Bret Easton Ellis
    146 - 256,-

  • av Stephanie Garber

    For as long as she can remember, Evangeline Fox has believed in happily ever after. Until she learns that the love of her life is about to marry another, and her dreams are shattered.Desperate to stop the wedding, and heal her wounded heart, Evangeline strikes a deal with the charismatic, but wicked, Prince of Hearts. In exchange for his help, he asks for three kisses, to be given at the time and place of his choosing.But after Evangeline's first promised kiss, she learns that bargaining with an immortal is a dangerous game - and that the Prince of Hearts wants far more from her than she pledged. He has plans for Evangeline, plans that will either end in the greatest happily ever after, or the most exquisite tragedy...

  • av Stephanie Garber

  • av Rebecca Yarros
    136 - 400,-

  • av J. K. Rowling

    An irresistible new edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone created with ultra-talented designers MinaLima, the design magicians behind the gorgeous visual graphic style of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films. J.K. Rowling's complete and unabridged text is accompanied by MinaLima's handsome colour illustrations on nearly every page, superb design, and eight exclusive interactive paper-engineered elements - including Harry's Hogwarts letter, the magical entrance to Diagon Alley, a sumptuous feast in the Great Hall of Hogwarts and more.Designed and illustrated by the iconic house of MinaLima - best known for establishing the graphic design of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films - this is the perfect gift for Harry Potter fans and a beautiful addition to any collector's bookshelf, enticing readers of all ages to discover the Harry Potter novels all over again.

  • av Freida McFadden

    The most gripping thriller of the year, The Housemaid is an international digital bestseller about the shockingly dark heart of a seemingly perfect family . . .

  • av Rebecca Yarros
    140 - 386,-

  • av Ana Huang

    A brand new steamy billionaire romance from the bestselling author of the Twisted series! -She's the wife he never wanted ... and the weakness he never saw coming. Ruthless. Meticulous. Arrogant. Dante Russo thrives on control, both personally and professionally. The billionaire CEO never planned to marry - until the threat of blackmail forces him into an engagement with a woman he barely knows: Vivian Lau, jewellery heiress and daughter of his newest enemy. It doesn't matter how beautiful or charming she is. He'll do everything in his power to destroy the evidence and their betrothal. There's only one problem: now that he has her ... he can't bring himself to let her go. - Elegant. Ambitious. Well-mannered. Vivian Lau is the perfect daughter and her family's ticket into the highest echelons of high society. Marrying a blue-blooded Russo means opening doors that would otherwise remain closed to her new-money family. While the rude, elusive Dante isn't her idea of a dream partner, she agrees to their arranged marriage out of duty. Craving his touch was never part of the plan. Neither was the worst thing she could possibly do: fall in love with her future husband.

  • av Lucinda Riley

    The second book in the Seven Sisters series by number one internationally bestselling author Lucinda Riley.


Vad är skönlitteratur? Detta är en vanlig fråga eftersom genren täcker många undergenrer. Skönlitteratur kan delas in i tre huvudgenrer; epik, lyrik och dramatik, som dessutom ytterligare kan delas in i många olika undergenrer. Dessa inkluderar romaner, noveller, sagor, dikter, poesi och mer därtill.

Genren är en litteraturform där endast fantasin sätter gränser för författarens fiktiva texter. Skönlitteratur är därför oftast byggd på fiktion, i motsats till facklitteratur som är verklig och beskriver fakta.

Genren kan vara mycket underhållande för läsaren, där författarens uttryck, form och stil är en del av den fiktiva upplevelsen på samma sätt som själva innehållet. Skönlitteratur innehåller ofta indirekta budskap för både unga och vuxna läsare, som de kan utveckla själva - i motsats till facklitteratur, som ofta innehåller tydliga budskap snarare än implicita budskap som ses i denna genre.

Förutom att det är spännande att läsa skönlitteratur, menar många att det ökar läsarens förmåga att förstå andras tankar och känslor. Dessutom har genren skapat möjligheter för många reflektioner. Läsaren har alltså, efter att ha läst en skönlitterär bok, fått möjlighet att diskutera sin erfarenhet med andra som också har läst boken. Här skapas flera olika perspektiv som hjälper läsarens reflexivitet.

Skönlitterära böcker

Böcker om skönlitteratur är på många sätt helt fantastiska och vi älskar dem på alla sätt. När fantasin har sitt lediga utrymme kan böckerna inte undgå att bli magiska. Vi har nästan alla bekantat oss med genren, utan att ens vara medvetna om den. Men om du är i tvivel om du har stött på en skönlitterär bok tidigare och vill uppleva en av de många skönlitterära berättelserna, är du inte många klick från att få den önskan uppfylld här. 

På går vi naturligtvis inte på kompromiss med språket. Om du vill läsa skönlitteratur på engelska eller på ett annat främmande språk har vi sett till att täcka detta behov. Så vad du än föredrar att läsa inom denna genre och på ett visst språk, så kan du definitivt hitta inspiration på sidan här.

Vi lyssnar alltid på våra kunder och om du har specifika önskemål försöker vi alltid följa dem på bästa sätt. Vi har ett hav av femstjärniga böcker, där du också kan läsa de många bokrecensionerna om skönlitteratur.

Om du efter att ha läst detta fortfarande är i tvivel om vad skönlitteratur är, så rekommenderar vi helt enkelt att du försöker läsa en bok från vårt stora urval. Vi är alla nöjda med just denna genre, eftersom den innehåller mycket mer än bara text.

Ha en god läsupplevelse med diktsamlingen "Ett byliv" av Louise Glück - författaren som belönades med nobelpriset i litteratur 2020.

Gör som tusentals andra bokälskare

Prenumerera på vårt nyhetsbrev för att få fantastiska erbjudanden och inspiration för din nästa läsning.