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Hos oss hittar du den bästa inspirationen för allt inom mat och dryck. Här hittar du ett stort urval av sund mat, kokböcker, hälsokost, böcker om bröd och kakor, och om du är intresserad av antingen cigarrer eller sprit har vi något för även dig. Utforska såväl svensk som utländsk matkonst eller dyk ner i böcker om populära mattrender. Du finner olika matböcker med enkla maträtter, billiga maträtter och nyttiga maträtter. Det finns en hel uppsjö av böcker där du hittar smarriga middagstips och mycket annat om dryck och mat.
Oavsett om du är nybörjare, amatör eller professionell sätter det inga gränser för att utmana dina matkunskaper. Hoppa in och bli del av matuniversumet och lär dig servera goda maträtter till dig själv, din familj eller dina vänner.
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  • av Nick DiGiovanni

    "Building on a foundation of staple recipes such as basic pasta dough and homemade butter, Nick shares a mouthwatering selection of his favorite recipes. Feast on New England favorites like Browned Butter Lobster Rolls and Garlic Butter Steak Tips, enjoy decadent pasta dishes like Smoky Mezcal Rigatoni and Sungold Spaghetti, and recreate fan favorites like his Viral Pasta Chips and Dino Nuggets. And of course, Nick had to include some 'collab' recipes from his famous friends like Andrew Zimmern, Robert Irvine, Joanne Chang, Lynja, and more. Knife Drop also includes Nick's expert advice on equipment, ingredients, and techniques, so home cooks of any ability level can pick up some new skills. Explore a library of QR codes linking to video tutorials showcasing key cooking techniques, from holding a chef's knife and making a piping bag to pronouncing 'gnocchi' the correct way"--

  • av Taylor O’Halloran

  • - A Venetian Cookbook (Of Sorts)
    av Russell Norman

    Venetian dishes from London's most buzzing restaurant

  • av Nancy Singleton Hachisu

    The definitive, home cooking recipe collection from one of the most respected and beloved culinary cultures

  • av Carleigh Bodrug

    "PlantYou laid the foundation for eating a healthy and simple whole foods, plant based diet. PlantYou Scrappy Cooking takes this one step further. As people are looking more and more to reducing meat consumption as a way to curb environmental impact, the need for easy, delicious recipes only grows. Add to that equation Carleigh Bodrug's emphasis on reducing food waste, and you have the recipe for a delicious and ridiculously easy way to make tater tots from broccoli stalks, turn banana peels into plant based bacon, and use every bit of your food for amazing meals. With sections on how to stop wasting food (and money), outfitting your kitchen, as well as "Got This? Make That!" pantry sweeps and Kitchen Raid recipes (where you can cross-reference just about any vegetable, grain or bean going bad in your fridge or pantry and find a recipe to use it in), Scrappy Cooking is a go-to for anyone who wants to eat the diet that's healthiest for you, your wallet, the animals, and the planet. Includes recipes for: The Whole Darn Squash (Pasta), Skillet Lasagna, One Pan Orzo Casserole, Vodka Penne With Broccolini, Cauliflower Wedges With Roasted Red Pepper Sauce, Chickpea Pot Pie, Orange Peel Chickn', Use Up Your Cabbage Dumplings, Loaded Tortilla Bowls, Sheet Pan Tacos With Carrot Top Chimichurri, Lord of the Fries, Rebel "Ribs", Veggie Masala Burgers, Palak "Paneer", Vegan Meaty Hand Pies, We-Got-the-Beet Chips, Pickle-Mania Chips, The Knead for Flatbread, It's a (Flax) Wrap, Cornmeal Biscuits, Bang Bang Broccoli-cious Steaks...and more!"--

  • av Joshua Weissman

    Fresh off of his #1 New York Times bestseller, Joshua Weissman: An Unapologetic Cookbook, Joshua Weissman is back with a bold and exciting new cookbook that will take your cooking to an entirely different level!Everyone knows flavor is important, right? But what's that secret sauce that turns eating into an unforgettable experience? It's the secret sauce that nobody seems to talk about enough—it's not flavor, it's texture! When flavor meets textures like creamy, chewy, or crunchy, the eating experience evolves into something entirely new and utterly fantastic. Flavor is one thing, but texture is what really makes the experience complete.In Joshua Weissman: Texture Over Taste, Joshua Weissman introduces you to the elements of flavor, then uses stories and fun visualizations to dive deeper and teach you about the six fundamental textures that create some of the greatest food experiences you'll ever enjoy. Joshua then explores each texture through over 75 spectacular recipes. In the "Crunchy" chapter, you'll learn how to make recipes like the most amazing fried chicken you've ever tasted, french fries (of course), and arancini. "Chewy" is where you'll discover recipes like his personal never-been-shared recipe for New York bagels, jjolmyeon (spicy chewy noodles), and brown sugar boba tea. "Aerated" features a cheese foam, challah bourbon french toast casserole, and a lighter-than-air glazed donut. "Creamy" is where you'll indulge in one-pound-of-butter mashed potatoes, perfectly baked mac and cheese, and decadent tres leches. In "Fluid" you'll dive into juicy birria tacos, diner-style milkshakes, and matzo ball soup. Finally, "Fatty" features a 72-hour short rib with coffee caramel, hamachi crudo, and a Texas toast smashburger. Each chapter opens with an irreverent introduction to the featured texture that explains how it impacts flavor, written from the unique perspective that only Joshua can provide.With Joshua Weissman, there is no compromising; he'll challenge you to think about cooking and food in an entirely different way. You'll experience cooking exactly as it's supposed to be—fun and maybe even a little dangerous!

  • av Hugh Johnson

    The world's best-selling annual wine guide.Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book is the essential reference book for everyone who buys wine - in shops, restaurants, or on the internet. Now in its 47th year of publication, it has no rival as the comprehensive, up-to-the-minute annual guide.It provides clear succinct facts and commentary on the wines, growers and wine regions of the whole world. It reveals which vintages to buy, which to drink and which to cellar, which growers to look for and why. Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine 2024 gives clear information on grape varieties, local specialities and how to match food with wines that will bring out the best in both.This latest edition of Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine 2024 includes a colour supplement on Chardonnay, the world's most obliging grape, discussing everything from history and taste to texture, fashion and the role oak.

  • av B. Dylan Hollis

    BAKING YESTERYEAR is a decade-by-decade cookbook that highlights the best baking recipes from the 20th century. 101 expertly curated recipes will take you on a delicious journey through the past. The author B. Dylan Hollis is a vintage baking specialist and top content creator on TikTok and Youtube with over 10 million followers.

  • - Better Home Cooking Through Science
    av J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

    A grand tour of the science of cooking explored through popular dishes.

  • av David Zilber

    The world's most influential chef redefines the possibilities of a restaurant cookbook by sharing new techniques for fermentation--the "secret sauce" behind every dish at Noma, the world's leading restaurant, and one of the most important food topics today--and offering revolutionary knowledge and original recipes for home cooks and professional c

  • av Sanji

    Living the life of a pirate requires hearty meals! The master chef Sanji reveals the recipes that power the Straw Hat crew!

  • av Robert Tuesley Anderson

  • av Julius Roberts

    'A heart-warming and uplifting book. The recipes are utterly gorgeous.' NIGEL SLATERCook and eat your way to the good life with simple, seasonal recipes.First-generation farmer and chef Julius Roberts shares honest tales of farming life and easy, thoughtful dishes to reconnect us to nature and the seasons.Making the most of simple ingredients, this is food to comfort and inspire. A few good things on a plate, assembled with joy and ease. Beginning in winter, recipes include:- an elegant, fuss-free dinner of roast pumpkin, mozzarella, hazelnuts and sage, and a hearty sausage stew- in spring baked fish with herbs and asparagus, chicken roasted over lemon, fennel and potatoes, and a lamb stew with pearl barley - summer brings courgette pasta, a ratatouille galette, and a steamed apricot sponge- finally autumn arrives with smoked haddock and leek rarebit and pan-fried trout with mash and spinach sauce.Passionate about seasonality, Julius shows us how to make the most of produce, from crisp, crunchy apples in autumn, pink rhubarb in winter, asparagus in spring and the first summer strawberries.Julius Roberts' The Farm Table is unfussy home cooking at its very best.

  • - An A-Z of two hundred classic and contemporary cocktail recipes, with anecdotes for the curious and tips and techniques for the adventurous
    av Pyramid

    An A-Z collection of classic and contemporary cocktails.

  • av Josh Scherer

    "From the larger-than-life team behind the internet's most-watched daily show, Good Mythical Morning, and culinary spinoff, Mythical kitchen, a one-of-a-kind cookbook with 100 recipes for living a Mythical, and delicious life."--Provided by publisher.

  • av Max Miller

    Begin your very own food journey through the centuries and around the world with the first cookbook from the beloved YouTube channel Tasting History with Max Miller

  • av Emily English

    The debut cookbook from Emily English, with over 80 easy-to-make, delicious and nutritious recipes.When we think of nutrition and 'eating well' so many of us jump to the words 'diet', 'unenjoyable' and 'sacrifice'. Sometimes we can see healthy eating as something we should do rather than something you want to do. This book aims to change that. To alter your perception of eating well and shift away from an all or nothing approach.With recipes including...Fluffy Ricotta Lemon PancakesHot Honey Halloumi Avocado ToastMango And Crunchy Chickpea Salad, With Jalapeno Dressing.Chicken And Spicy Guacamole Lunch Time TacosGarlic Crumbed Salmon With Courgettes And YoghurtCreamy Parmesan Chickpeas With Pickled ChilliesGreek Yoghurt Roasted Strawberry Eton MessFood, to me, means joy. It's a celebration, a memory, a moment. It's not about counting calories; it's about making every meal COUNT. Let every bite you take not only nourish your body but feed your soul with the simple delight of SO GOOD. Let's bring the joy back to nutrition, back to our lives, back to our plates, and never forget that food, at its core, is joy.

  • av Hugh Johnson

    A major new edition of this landmark wine book that has sold 4.7 million copies worldwide.

  • av Dr Georgia Ede

    We are in the midst of a global mental health crisis:·One in eight adults in the UK receive mental health treatment·The prevalence of Alzheimer's disease is expected to triple by 2050.·Depression is now the number one cause of disability in the world.·The COVID-19 pandemic has quadrupled reports of anxiety and depression.Medications may ease suffering for some, but in Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind , Dr. Georgie Ede argues that the most powerful way to change brain chemistry is with food, because what we eat is where our brain's chemicals come from. For years, we've been told the way to protect our brains is through superfoods and supplements - we top our oatmeal with blueberries, choose plant-based patties over hamburgers, and wash down handfuls of supplements with green smoothies. But the science says: not only do these strategies failpeople, but they can also work against them. The truth about brain food is that meat is not dangerous, vegan diets are not healthier, and antioxidants will not help you.In this provocative, ground-breaking book, Dr. Ede explains why everything we think we know about eating for neurological psychological well-being is wrong. Most of the food we're told is "healthy" is based in studies that take an "outside-in" approach, making associations between healthy people and what they eat. In her book, Dr. Ede takes an inside-out stance, drawing on a range of disciplines from biochemistry, neuroscience, and botany to explain why a ketogenic diet combined with "kinder, gentler plant foods" is the best way tonourish, protect, and energize the brain.

  • - Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking
    av Samin Nosrat

    Now a Netflix series! New York Times Bestseller and Winner of the 2018 James Beard Award for Best General Cookbook and multiple IACP Cookbook Awards Named one of the Best Books of 2017 by: NPR, BuzzFeed, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Rachel Ray Every Day, San Francisco Chronicle, Vice Munchies,, Glamour, Eater, Newsday, Minneapolis Star Tribune, The Seattle Times, Tampa Bay Times, Tasting Table, Modern Farmer, Publishers Weekly, and more. A visionary new master class in cooking that distills decades of professional experience into just four simple elements, from the woman declared ';America's next great cooking teacher' by Alice Waters.In the tradition of The Joy of Cooking and How to Cook Everything comes Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, an ambitious new approach to cooking by a major new culinary voice. Chef and writer Samin Nosrat has taught everyone from professional chefs to middle school kids to author Michael Pollan to cook using her revolutionary, yet simple, philosophy. Master the use of just four elementsSalt, which enhances flavor; Fat, which delivers flavor and generates texture; Acid, which balances flavor; and Heat, which ultimately determines the texture of foodand anything you cook will be delicious. By explaining the hows and whys of good cooking, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat will teach and inspire a new generation of cooks how to confidently make better decisions in the kitchen and cook delicious meals with any ingredients, anywhere, at any time. Echoing Samins own journey from culinary novice to award-winning chef, Salt, Fat Acid, Heat immediately bridges the gap between home and professional kitchens. With charming narrative, illustrated walkthroughs, and a lighthearted approach to kitchen science, Samin demystifies the four elements of good cooking for everyone. Refer to the canon of 100 essential recipesand dozens of variationsto put the lessons into practice and make bright, balanced vinaigrettes, perfectly caramelized roast vegetables, tender braised meats, and light, flaky pastry doughs. Featuring 150 illustrations and infographics that reveal an atlas to the world of flavor by renowned illustrator Wendy MacNaughton, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat will be your compass in the kitchen. Destined to be a classic, it just might be the last cookbook youll ever need. With a foreword by Michael Pollan.

  • - Classic & Modern Vegan Japanese Recipes to Cook at Home
    av Tim Anderson

    Simple vegan Japanese recipes to make at home

  • av Yotam Ottolenghi

  • av Nicola Lamb

    'Every page is a masterclass in better baking' ¿ Nigel Slater'Simply extraordinary recipes' ¿ Helen GohNicola Lamb is the go-to person for all your baking questions and cravings. In this essential new baking bible, SIFT: The Elements of Great Baking, she takes the fear out of failure and will inspire you with a stunning collection of over 100 delicious bakes.In the first half of the book, Nicola breaks down the science of key elements and techniques with infectious enthusiasm and beautiful illustrations. Explore every how and why of baking and move forward with complete confidence ¿ you'll never again wonder why your custard has curdled, that sponge didn't rise or why your panna cotta didn't set.Nicola's recipes are divided into the time it takes to make a bake, ranging from gooey cookies and airy cakes that you can whip up in an afternoon to fabulous showstoppers you can devote a weekend to. These include:Bake in an afternoon: Roasted Strawberry Victoria Sponge, Miso Walnut Double-Thick Chocolate-Chip Cookies and Bread-and-Butter Pudding with Caramel MandarinsBake in a day: Salted Vanilla and Pistachio Layer Cake, Fancy Rhubarb Tart and Olive Oil Brie-oche with Roasted GrapesBake in a weekend: Mocha Passionfruit Opera Cake, Pain au Chocolat and Tiramichoux

  • av Russell Norman

    'Brutto is actually bellissimo. A perfect cookbook for lovers of true Tuscan food.Simply brilliant.'- STANLEY TUCCIBrutto ma buono - ugly but good. This is the food of Florence - rigorously simple, few ingredients, exceptionally good.Anchovy with cold butter and sourdoughPenne with tomato and vodkaSausages with braised lentils and mustardRoasted squash with borlotti bean and salsa verdeCountry-style bread and tomato salad3-ingredient meringue hazelnut cookiesThe food of Florence rests on humble ingredients - not many - brought together in the rough-and-ready style of everyday cooking with flavour at its heart.This stunning brand-new cookbook offers outstanding recipes from Russell Norman's acclaimed new restaurant, Trattoria Brutto, alongside an ode to one of Italy's most beloved cities, Florence, and specifically the bohemian district of Santo Spirito.Including Russell's captivating stories and insider advice, Brutto is a proudly fuss-free recipe book to use every day, wherever you are, and an joyous tribute to Italy's greatest rustic cuisine.

  • av Chad Robertson

    This is a bread baker's handbook, with more than 50 recipes and over 200 step-by-step photographs, instructing how to make master baker Chad Robertson's legendary bread at home.

  • av Mimi Thorisson

  • av Katarina Cermelj

  • av Niki Segnit

    'Niki Segnit is definitely the reigning champion of matching ingredients' - YOTAM OTTOLENGHI'Will inspire a new generation of home cooks, chefs and writers alike' - RUKMINI IYER_______________The hugely anticipated follow-up to Niki Segnit's landmark global bestseller The Flavour ThesaurusIn More Flavours, Niki Segnit applies her ground-breaking approach to explore 92 mostly plant-based flavours, from Kale to Cashew, Pomegranate to Pistachio. There are over 800 witty and erudite entries combining recipes, tasting notes and stories to bring each ingredient to life.Together with Niki Segnit's first book, The Flavour Thesaurus, this is a modern classic of food writing and as much a bedside read as an indispensable kitchen resource._______________'This gorgeous, erudite, learned book puts you in a state of permanent hunger' - ZOE WILLIAMS'A must-have for food writers and chefs everywhere' - GEORGINA HAYDEN

  • - 100 Glorious Recipes Celebrating the Best of Italian Ingredients
    av Theo Randall

    Beautiful new cookbook from world-renowned chef Theo Randall, showcasing Italian deli ingredients

Populära mattrender har ett enormt utbud av böcker om mat och dryck, och här hittar du också inspiration om de nya mattrenderna som har kommit för att stanna. En av de många nya trenderna kring matidéer är Sous vide, vilket i korthet innebär att maten tillagas på en låg och exakt temperatur under en längre period. Det är ett billigt och enkelt sätt som du nu kan laga mat på, och då får du till och med en god upplevelse varje gång, eftersom ingredienserna nu smakar ännu mer av sig själva. Dessutom får du viss kontroll, eftersom du kan styra alla processer i matlagningen utan att behöva övervaka maten hela tiden.
Härdningsprocessen är enkel när du börjar med att vakuumförpacka dina ingredienser i en påse för att sedan lägga ner dem i ett varmvattenbad. Du låter det vara här tills det är klart, och om du gör kött eller något annat och vill att det ska stekas efter kan du bara göra det på en panna efteråt. Om du vill leta efter matinspiration om denna nya trend, så hittar du här vår populära matbok "Sous Vide at Home" av Lisa Q. Fetterman, som är en av de största och mest ambitiösa böckerna i ämnet. Här hittar du recept, tekniker, tips och trix för både nybörjare och erfarna matintresserade i köket.

Dessutom är trenden kring att minska matsvinn och utnyttja sina råvaror fortfarande ett stort tema, som verkligen blomstrade under 2018. Det var året då människor verkligen började minska matsvinnet och fokusera på ämnet, som förhoppningsvis kommer att bli en permanent del av vårt medvetande.
Matavfall kostar pengar, skadar miljön och får sociala konsekvenser. Majoriteten av matavfallet kommer från hushåll, eftersom konsumenter ofta köper för mycket mat. Det finns alltså ett behov av både välvilja och en insats i hela livsmedelskedjorna, där du som konsument kan göra en extra insats.

Så om du är för att minska matsvinnet och fokusera på dina matkostnader och miljön, så rekommenderar vi boken "Rädda maten!" av Paul Svensson och Christofer Ekman. Boken av detta slag syftar till att motivera och inspirera singel- och små hushåll att göra hälsosam och billig mat samt undvika matsvinn. Så om du vill se vilka möjligheter det finns att använda alla råvaror du köper, så kan den här boken hjälpa dig på rätt väg.

På hittar du alltså ett stort utbud inom mat och dryck. Oavsett om det är inspiration till vardagsmat eller läckra rätter för dina gäster hittar du allt här. Du hittar också ett hav av inspirationsböcker för läckra nya vinupplevelser och alla möjliga läckra recept inför bakningen.

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Prenumerera på vårt nyhetsbrev för att få fantastiska erbjudanden och inspiration för din nästa läsning.