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Vårt rättssystem i Sverige består av många olika regler och lagar liksom i många andra länder. Det kan ibland vara svårt att hitta runt och förstå, vilket är anledningen till att böcker med goda uppslagsverk är väldigt bra att ha med sig. Du kommer att ha lättare att hålla dig uppdaterad om de många förändrade reglerna i det svenska rättssystemet. Om du själv har en yrkeskarriär inom juridik, planerar att läsa till jurist eller bara vill veta mer i ämnet så har vi perfekta böcker på området. Hitta ditt nästa uppslagsverk här.
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  • av Miki Agerberg
    80,01 - 110,-

    Ett av samhällets största problem är missbruk. Idag vet vi betydligt mer om hur ett urspårat missbruk påverkar en människas hjärna, men vad är det egentligen som leder fram till ett missbruk? Och finns det sätt att motverka att någon fastnar i träsk av droger och alkohol? I djupa intervjuer med missbrukare och forskare utformar vetenskapsjournalisten Miki Agerberg missbrukets dynamik – och vad för eventuella lösningar det finns för människor och anhöriga som tvingas leva med det dagligen. Miki Agerberg är vetenskapsjournalist och författare. Under senare år har han inriktat sig på medicin, hälsa och psykologi och skrivit uppmärksammade böcker om depression, missbruk och beroende samt fetma och övervikt. Han är även aktiv som föreläsare inom dessa ämnen.

  • av Michael Connelly

  • av Nicole Lepera

    Improve all of your relationships, starting with your relationship with yourself. Nicole LePera says the question she is asked most often is: how do I get someone else to do the work? And the answer is you can't. The only way you can change your relationships is to change yourself: becoming the love you seek from others.

  • av Gabrielle Zevin

  • av Amber Smith


  • av Gabor Maté

    'It all starts with waking up... to what our bodies are expressing and our minds are suppressing'Western countries invest billions in healthcare, yet mental illness and chronic diseases are on a seemingly unstoppable rise. Nearly 70% of Americans are now on prescription drugs. So what is 'normal' when it comes to health?Over four decades of clinical experience, renowned physician and addiction expert Dr Gabor Maté has seen how health systems neglect the role that trauma exerts on our bodies and our minds. Medicine often fails to treat the whole person, ignoring how today's culture stresses our bodies, burdens our immune systems and undermines emotional balance.Now, in his most ambitious and urgent book yet, Dr Maté connects the dots between our personal suffering and the pressures of modern-day living - with disease as a natural reflection of a life spent growing further and further apart from our true selves. But, with deep compassion, he also shows us a pathway to health and healing.Filled with stories of people in the grip of illness or in the triumphant wake of recovery, this life-affirming book, co-written with his son Daniel, proves true health is possible - if we are willing to reconnect with each other and our authentic selves.

  • av Zadie Smith
    136 - 196,-

  • av Travis Baldree
    136 - 200,-

  • av Dolly Alderton

    Living out of a suitcase, waiting for his career as a stand-up comedian to finally take off, Andy struggles to process the life-ruining end of his relationship with the only woman he's ever truly loved. Trying to solve the unsolvable mystery of his broken relationship, he has a lot to learn - not least his ex-girlfriend's side of the story.

  • av James Norbury

    An old cat considers himself as wise as can be, until he hears of a solitary ancient pine far away, under the boughs of which infinite insight can be found. So begins his journey to seek out this tree, along the way he meets a range of animals with their own stories to tell, each offering a piece of zen wisdom. Beautiful illutrated throughout.

  • av Kat Dunn

  • av Ashley Herring Blake

    Everyone around Iris Kelly is in love. And she's happy for all of them, truly. Iris doesn't want any of that - dating, love, romance. Everyone wants to see her settled down, but she's perfectly happy with her commitment-free hook-ups. There's only one problem - Iris is a romance author facing an imminent deadline and she's completely out of ideas. Perfectly happy to ignore her problems as per usual, Iris goes to a bar in Portland and meets a sexy stranger - and a night of dancing and making out turns into the worst one-night stand Iris has had in her life. To get her mind off everything, Iris auditions for a local play only to come face-to-face with Stevie, her disastrous hook-up. When Stevie desperately asks Iris to play along as her girlfriend, Iris is shocked but goes along with it in a bid to get her creative juices flowing. As the two women play the part of a happy couple, they turn into a constant state of hot-and-bothered and soon it just comes down to who will make the real first move . . . Praise for Ashley Herring Blake . . . 'A hot, frothy romcom with a relatable heart beating at its centre' Talia Hibbert 'A truly exquisite romance' Rachel Lynn Solomon

  • av Volodymyr Zelensky
    126 - 136,-

  • av Peter Attia

    - THE INSTANT SUNDAY TIMES AND NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER, AND OVER 1 MILLION COPIES SOLD GLOBALLY -This is the ultimate manual for living better and longer.For all its successes, mainstream medicine has failed to make much progress against the diseases of ageing that kill most people: heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and type 2 diabetes. Too often, it intervenes with treatments too late, prolonging lifespan at the expense of quality of life. Dr Peter Attia, the world's top longevity expert who is featured on Chris Hemsworth's National Geographic documentary LIMITLESS, believes we must replace this outdated framework with a personalised, proactive strategy for longevity.This isn't 'biohacking,' it's science: a well-founded strategic approach to extending lifespan while improving our physical, cognitive and emotional health, making each decade better than the one before. With Outlive's practical advice and roadmap, you can plot a different path for your life, one that lets you outlive your genes to make each decade better than the one before.'One of the most important books you'll ever read.' - Steven D. Levitt, New York Times bestselling author of Freakonomics'Highlighters at the ready. This is jam packed with things you will wish you had known before. I devoured the audiobook and instantly bought a hard copy to keep on my desk' - Dr Julie Smith, bestselling author of Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before

  • av Jenny Han

    Now an Original Series on Prime Video! Summer love abounds in the New York Times bestselling The Summer I Turned Pretty series, now available in a paperback boxed set—and an original series now streaming on Prime Video!Belly has always lived for the summertime, because summer means all her favorite things: swimming, the beach, and the Fisher boys, Conrad and Jeremiah. For as long as she can remember, she’s shared her summers with the brothers at Cousins Beach. And for as long as she can remember, she’s been in love with Conrad. Then one summer it seems like he might have feelings for her too—but so does Jeremiah. As the summer seasons pass, Belly has to choose between two brothers who love her…and she’ll have to break one of their hearts. This paperback collection of the complete series includes The Summer I Turned Pretty, It’s Not Summer Without You, and We’ll Always Have Summer.

  • av Nigel (Professor of EU Law Foster

    A considered balance of depth, detail, context, and critique, EU Law Directions offers the most student-friendly guide to the subject; empowering students to evaluate the law, understand its practical application, and approach assessments with confidence.

  • av Charlie Mackesy

    The companion book to the BAFTA and Oscar winning animated short film.A journey, in search of home...This beautifully made hardback celebrates the work of over 100 animators across two years of production - with Charlie's distinctive illustrations brought to life in full colour with hand-drawn traditional animation and accompanying hand-written script."I made a film with some friends about a boy, a mole, a fox and a horse - their journey together and the boy's search for home. I hope this book gives you courage and makes you feel loved." Love Charlie x

  • av Karen M. McManus

    The explosive third and final instalment in the ONE OF US series. Time for a new game, Bayview. When a member of the Bayview Crew disappears, it's clear this 'game' is serious. And now that someone unexpected has returned to Bayview, things could start getting deadly. Simon was right about secrets-they all come out, eventually...

  • av Alan Rickman

    Through his never-before-seen diaries - a twenty-five-year passion project - Alan Rickman invites readers backstage and into his life. He takes us behind the scenes on films and plays ranging from Sense & Sensibility, the Harry Potter series, Private Lives and many more. Detailing the extraordinary and the ordinary, he writes in a way that is anecdotal, indiscreet, witty, gossipy and utterly candid.

  • av Lisa Jewell

    Celebrating their birthdays, podcaster Alix meets Josie. Days later, they bump into each other again. Josie wants to be a subject for Alix's podcast series. She agrees. Josie's life appears to be strange and unsettling, so Alix keeps digging. Slowly, she realises Josie's hidden dark secrets as she inveigles her way into Alix's life and home.

  • av Osamu Dazai

    The Flowers of Buffoonery opens in a seaside sanatorium where Yozo Oba-the narrator of No Longer Human at a younger age-is being kept after a failed suicide attempt. While he is convalescing, his friends and family visit him, and other patients and nurses drift in and out of his room. Against this dispiriting backdrop, everyone tries to maintain a light-hearted, even clownish atmosphere: playing cards, smoking cigarettes, vying for attention, cracking jokes and trying to make each other laugh.While No Longer Human delves into the darkest corners of human consciousness, The Flowers of Buffoonery pokes fun at these same emotions: the follies and hardships of youth, of love and of self-hatred and depression. A glimpse into the lives of a group of outsiders in pre-war Japan, The Flowers of Buffoonery is a darkly humorous and fresh addition to Osamu Dazai's masterful and intoxicating oeuvre.

  • av K. L. Walther

    To help pull off an epic end-of-year-prank before boarding school graduation, model student Lily Hopper must work closely with her ex-boyfriend, for whom she still has feelings, especially when they are caught red-handed and must face the consequences together.

  • av Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen) Henriksen & Anders (Associate Professor

    International Law presents a student-focused approach to the subject, providing ideal coverage for foundational courses at European law schools. Clearly written with non-native English-speaking students in mind, a range of learning features highlight the areas of debate and encourage students to engage critically with key disputes.

  • av Katja Hoyer

    AN INSTANT SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLERBEST BOOKS OF 2023: THE TIMES * SUNDAY TIMES * FINANCIAL TIMES * INDEPENDENT * DAILY TELEGRAPHY * NEW STATESMAN'Utterly brilliant . . . Authoritative, lively and profoundly human, it is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand post-World War II Europe' Julia Boyd'One of the best young historians writing in English today. . . Well-researched, well-written and profoundly insightful, Beyond the Wall explodes many of the lazy Western cliches about East Germany' Andrew RobertsIn 1990, a country disappeared. When the iron curtain fell, East Germany simply ceased to be. For over forty years, from the ruin of the Second World War to the cusp of a new millennium, the GDR presented a radically different German identity to anything that had come before, and anything that exists today. Socialist solidarity, secret police, central planning, barbed wire: this was a Germany forged on the fault lines of ideology and geopolitics.In Beyond the Wall, acclaimed historian Katja Hoyer offers a kaleidoscopic new vision of this vanished country. Beginning with the bitter experience of German Marxists exiled by Hitler, she traces the arc of the state they would go on to create, first under the watchful eye of Stalin, and then in an increasingly distinctive German fashion. From the building of the Berlin Wall in 1961, to the relative prosperity of the 1970s, and on to the creaking foundations of socialism in the mid-1980s, Hoyer argues that amid oppression and frequent hardship, East Germany was yet home to a rich political, social and cultural landscape, a place far more dynamic than the Cold War caricature often painted in the West.Powerfully told, and drawing on a vast array of never-before-seen interviews, letters and records, this is the definitive history of the other Germany, the one beyond the Wall.LONGLISTED FOR THE BAILLIE GIFFORD PRIZE

  • av Julia Armfield

    A haunting and moving debut novel about love, loss and grief about what life there is the deep ocean and what happens when we go looking for it.

  • av J. R. R. Tolkien

    The comprehensive collection of letters spanning the adult life of one of the world¿s greatest storytellers, now revised and expanded to include more than 150 previously unseen letters, with revealing new insights into The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion.

  • av Hans Blix
    386 - 1 190,-

  • av Jenny Han

    Book 2 in the bestselling The Summer I Turned Pretty series - now a major new TV show on Amazon Prime! From the author of To All The Boys I've Loved Before (now a smash-hit Netflix movie), perfect for fans of The Kissing Booth, Rainbow Rowell and Holly Bourne.When something is perfect, you hope it never ends.Belly's long hot summers at the Fisher boys' beach house are over.Conrad, the only boy she's ever loved, has left for college, taking her heart with him.And Jeremiah, his younger brother, is still Belly's best friend - but maybe friendship isn't enough for him anymore.But when Jeremiah calls and says that Conrad has disappeared, all roads seem to lead back to the summer house.Will Belly spend another summer chasing after Conrad, or will she finally let him go?

  • - 366 Meditations on Power, Seduction, Mastery, Strategy and Human Nature
    av Robert Greene
    146 - 200,-

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