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Vårt rättssystem i Sverige består av många olika regler och lagar liksom i många andra länder. Det kan ibland vara svårt att hitta runt och förstå, vilket är anledningen till att böcker med goda uppslagsverk är väldigt bra att ha med sig. Du kommer att ha lättare att hålla dig uppdaterad om de många förändrade reglerna i det svenska rättssystemet. Om du själv har en yrkeskarriär inom juridik, planerar att läsa till jurist eller bara vill veta mer i ämnet så har vi perfekta böcker på området. Hitta ditt nästa uppslagsverk här.
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  • av Miki Agerberg
    81 - 110,-

    Ett av samhällets största problem är missbruk. Idag vet vi betydligt mer om hur ett urspårat missbruk påverkar en människas hjärna, men vad är det egentligen som leder fram till ett missbruk? Och finns det sätt att motverka att någon fastnar i träsk av droger och alkohol? I djupa intervjuer med missbrukare och forskare utformar vetenskapsjournalisten Miki Agerberg missbrukets dynamik – och vad för eventuella lösningar det finns för människor och anhöriga som tvingas leva med det dagligen. Miki Agerberg är vetenskapsjournalist och författare. Under senare år har han inriktat sig på medicin, hälsa och psykologi och skrivit uppmärksammade böcker om depression, missbruk och beroende samt fetma och övervikt. Han är även aktiv som föreläsare inom dessa ämnen.

  • av Nicole LePera

    Improve all of your relationships, starting with your relationship with yourself. Nicole LePera says the question she is asked most often is: how do I get someone else to do the work? And the answer is you can't. The only way you can change your relationships is to change yourself: becoming the love you seek from others.

  • av Peter Attia

    - THE INSTANT SUNDAY TIMES AND NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER, AND OVER 1 MILLION COPIES SOLD GLOBALLY -This is the ultimate manual for living better and longer.For all its successes, mainstream medicine has failed to make much progress against the diseases of ageing that kill most people: heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and type 2 diabetes. Too often, it intervenes with treatments too late, prolonging lifespan at the expense of quality of life. Dr Peter Attia, the world's top longevity expert who is featured on Chris Hemsworth's National Geographic documentary LIMITLESS, believes we must replace this outdated framework with a personalised, proactive strategy for longevity.This isn't 'biohacking,' it's science: a well-founded strategic approach to extending lifespan while improving our physical, cognitive and emotional health, making each decade better than the one before. With Outlive's practical advice and roadmap, you can plot a different path for your life, one that lets you outlive your genes to make each decade better than the one before.In the Daily Mail's 'TOP READS OF 2023: Books that will help you feel better for longer''One of the most important books you'll ever read.' - Steven D. Levitt, New York Times bestselling author of Freakonomics'Highlighters at the ready. This is jam packed with things you will wish you had known before. I devoured the audiobook and instantly bought a hard copy to keep on my desk' - Dr Julie Smith, bestselling author of Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before

  • av Gabor Maté

    'It all starts with waking up... to what our bodies are expressing and our minds are suppressing'Western countries invest billions in healthcare, yet mental illness and chronic diseases are on a seemingly unstoppable rise. Nearly 70% of Americans are now on prescription drugs. So what is 'normal' when it comes to health?Over four decades of clinical experience, renowned physician and addiction expert Dr Gabor Maté has seen how health systems neglect the role that trauma exerts on our bodies and our minds. Medicine often fails to treat the whole person, ignoring how today's culture stresses our bodies, burdens our immune systems and undermines emotional balance.Now, in his most ambitious and urgent book yet, Dr Maté connects the dots between our personal suffering and the pressures of modern-day living - with disease as a natural reflection of a life spent growing further and further apart from our true selves. But, with deep compassion, he also shows us a pathway to health and healing.Filled with stories of people in the grip of illness or in the triumphant wake of recovery, this life-affirming book, co-written with his son Daniel, proves true health is possible - if we are willing to reconnect with each other and our authentic selves.

  • av Laura Nowlin

    "Finn has always loved Autumn. She is a constant in his life, except it's in the role of friend, not girlfriend. Finn wants her to see him as more, wants to prove HE should be the man by her side--even if that means heartache for the people they are each dating. It would be worth the pain to be with right person. Finn knows he and Autumn are fated to be together. But sometimes fate can be cruel to those in love"--Provided by publisher.

  • - 366 Meditations on Power, Seduction, Mastery, Strategy and Human Nature
    av Robert Greene
    160 - 206,-

  • av Agri Ismaïl

    Rafiq Hardi Kermanj, founder of the Communist Party of Kurdistan, is forced to flee Tehran for London with his family.In London, they suffer the shame of penury and migration layered on Kurdish statelessness.The lives of Rafiq's three children becoming increasingly dependent on their relationship to money:Siver, the only daughter, escapes into an unhappy marriage in Baghdad before fleeing to raise her daughter as a single mother in Dubai.Mohammed, the eldest, stays in London to climb the unforgiving ladder of the financial sector.Laika, the youngest, retreats into a contactless digital life, designing the trading algorithms that will ultimately prove his downfall in a condo near Wall Street.Sharp, topical, and powerful, Hyper is a story about what remains of our humanity in a world increasingly dominated by the flows of capital.Perfect for fans of Zadie Smith, Moshin Hamid, and Jennifer Egan.'Delicious, harrowing, gutting, hilarious, and deeply necessary, Hyper is a masterpiece.' Porochista Khakpour, author of Brown Album

  • av Michael Connelly
    140 - 220,-

  • av Alexandra Christo

  • av Ali Abdaal

    The Instant New York Times Bestseller'The master of productivity.' Steven Bartlett, creator of Diary of a CEO'The book we've all been waiting for.' Dr Julie Smith, author of Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?'Will guide you to accomplish more than you ever dreamed of.' Jay Shetty, author of Think Like a Monk and 8 Rules of LoveThe secret to productivity isn't discipline. It's joy.We think that productivity is all about hard work. That the road to success is lined with endless frustration and toil. But what if there's another way?Dr Ali Abdaal - the world's most-followed productivity expert - has uncovered an easier, happier path to success. Drawing on decades of psychological research, he has found that the secret to productivity and success isn't grind - it's feeling good. If you can make your work feel good, then productivity takes care of itself.In this revolutionary book, Ali reveals how the science of feel-good productivity can transform your life. He introduces the three hidden 'energisers' that underpin enjoyable productivity, the three 'blockers' we must overcome to beat procrastination, and the three 'sustainers' that prevent burnout and help us achieve lasting fulfilment. He recounts the inspiring stories of founders, Olympians, and Nobel-winning scientists who embody the principles of Feel-Good Productivity. And he introduces the simple, actionable changes that you can use to achieve more and live better, starting today.Armed with Ali's insights, you won't just accomplish more. You'll feel happier and more fulfilled along the way.'A much-needed antidote to hustle culture' Mark Manson, author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck'An eye-opening and important new book' Cal Newport, author of Deep Work and Digital Minimalism

  • av Amber Smith


  • av Jessica McCabe

    "The creator of the YouTube channel How to ADHD shares the insights and strategies that help her thrive in this accessible and shame-free guide to working with, understanding, and celebrating the ADHD brain"--

  • av Caroline Taggart
    120 - 140,-

  • av Oprah Winfrey

    - THE INSTANT #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER -You can get happier. And getting there will be the adventure of a lifetime.In Build the Life You Want, Harvard Professor Arthur C. Brooks and Oprah Winfrey invite you to begin a journey toward greater happiness, no matter how challenging your circumstances. Combining their decades of experience studying happiness from every angle, they show you how to improve your life right now - instead of waiting for the outside world to change. You will learn how to:- Manage your emotions so they no longer control your outlook and behaviour- Turn life's inevitable difficulties and challenges into opportunities for growth- Strengthen your family ties by managing your expectations and building trust- Create and preserve deep and lasting friendships at any age- Develop an approach to work that fits your life and brings satisfaction- Find your inner peace with a spiritual practiceBuild the Life You Want introduces you to the cutting-edge science that can change your life, in understandable terms and with actionable strategies. Along the way, Arthur and Oprah share hard-earned wisdom from their own lives and careers. In every page, your happiness skills will grow, and you will learn amazing information you can't wait to share with others. Build the Life You Want is your blueprint for a better life.

  • av Jenny Han

    Now an Original Series on Prime Video! Summer love abounds in the New York Times bestselling The Summer I Turned Pretty series, now available in a paperback boxed set—and an original series now streaming on Prime Video!Belly has always lived for the summertime, because summer means all her favorite things: swimming, the beach, and the Fisher boys, Conrad and Jeremiah. For as long as she can remember, she’s shared her summers with the brothers at Cousins Beach. And for as long as she can remember, she’s been in love with Conrad. Then one summer it seems like he might have feelings for her too—but so does Jeremiah. As the summer seasons pass, Belly has to choose between two brothers who love her…and she’ll have to break one of their hearts. This paperback collection of the complete series includes The Summer I Turned Pretty, It’s Not Summer Without You, and We’ll Always Have Summer.

  • av Gabrielle Zevin

  • av Amber Smith


  • av Emily Nagoski

  • av Nazneen Ahmed Pathak

    A spellbinding, epic and heart-racing magical adventure from an exquisite new storytelling talent.'Ahmed Pathak is a wonderful new voice; the book took her years to write, and it shows in the depth and care of each beat of the story' - Katherine Rundell'A wonderful writer who paints a thoroughly convincing heroine' - The Daily TelegraphIndia, 1855. The British rule, and all across the country, Indian magic is being stamped out.More terrifying still, people born with magic are being snatched from their homes. Rumour is that they are being taken across the sea - to England - by the all-powerful, sinister Company.When Chompa's home is attacked and her mother viciously kidnapped, Chompa - born with powerful and dangerous magic that she has always been forbidden from using - must travel to the smoky, bustling streets of East London in search of her. But Chompa will discover far more treachery in London than she had bargained for - and will learn that every act of her rare magic comes with a price . . .'Cracking pace, fabulous magic system, characters, relationships . . . The whole package' - Louie Stowell'An unexpected gem of a story . . . A stellar setting, a gut-punch of a twist, and an unforgettable heroine. This has all the hallmarks of classic children's storytelling' - Nizrana Farook'Phenomenal' - Sophie Anderson'Dazzling from start to finish' - Abi Elphinstone'A gripping and spellbinding fantasy woven together with threads of magic, secrets and colonial history . . . An incredible cast of characters and a truly multicultural Victorian London that we don't see often enough' - Rashmi Sirdeshpande'A wonderfully vibrant debut . . . A vivid magical adventure' - Jasbinder Bilan

  • - Gift Edition
    av Sarah Knight
    136 - 210,-

    The word-of-mouth international bestseller about giving less f**ks and living your best life in the process

  • av Hans Blix
    396 - 1 230,-

  • av Zadie Smith
    140 - 196,-

  • av Emma Smith
    146 - 276,-

    'A fascinating journey into our relationship with the physical book...I lost count of the times I exclaimed with delight when I read a nugget of information I hadn't encountered before' Val McDermid, The TimesMost of what we say about books is really about the words inside them: the rosy nostalgic glow for childhood reading, the lifetime companionship of a much-loved novel. But books are things as well as words, objects in our lives as well as worlds in our heads. And just as we crack their spines, loosen their leaves and write in their margins, so they disrupt and disorder us in turn. All books are, as Stephen King put it, 'a uniquely portable magic'. Here, Emma Smith shows us why.Portable Magic unfurls an exciting and iconoclastic new story of the book in human hands, exploring when, why and how it acquired its particular hold over us. Gathering together a millennium's worth of pivotal encounters with volumes big and small, Smith reveals that, as much as their contents, it is books' physical form - their 'bookhood' - that lends them their distinctive and sometimes dangerous magic. From the Diamond Sutra to Jilly Cooper's Riders, to a book made of wrapped slices of cheese, this composite artisanal object has, for centuries, embodied and extended relationships between readers, nations, ideologies and cultures, in significant and unpredictable ways. Exploring the unexpected and unseen consequences of our love affair with books, Portable Magic hails the rise of the mass-market paperback, and dismantles the myth that print began with Gutenberg; it reveals how our reading habits have been shaped by American soldiers, and proposes new definitions of a 'classic'-and even of the book itself. Ultimately, it illuminates the ways in which our relationship with the written word is more reciprocal - and more turbulent - than we tend to imagine.

  • av Volodymyr Zelensky
    120 - 140,-

  • av Alain De Botton

    The essential guide to mental health from the bestselling author of THE SCHOOL OF LIFE. De Botton follows the arc from mental crisis and collapse to convalescence and recovery. Written with kindness, knowledge and sympathy, it is both a practical guide and a source of consolation and companionship in what might be our most anguished moments.

  • av Joya Goffney

    The highly anticipated third book from Joya Goffney, author of the hit YA romcom Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry

  • av George Orwell
    70 - 120,-

    The international bestselling classic from the author of Animal Farm.

  • av J. R. R. Tolkien
    136 - 916,-

  • av John Green

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