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  • av Karin Henriksson
    78,24 - 110,-

    USA är ett mångsidigt land med rik historia. Det är ett land med ökade klassklyftor och hög konsumtion, men det är också landet som satte den första människan på månen och landet där Walt Disney introducerade världen för en tecknad mus. Här förklaras landets valrörelser och pengarnas roll i politiken, och vilken betydelse medierna har i samhället. Presidentens befogenheter förklaras, såväl som hur dessa hänger ihop med kongressen och Högsta domstolen. Det berättas om krigsmakt och kapitalism, och miljöpolitik och sjukvård, och om infrastruktur och fordonsbranschen."USA – så fungerar det" är en bok om USA - om allt från landets historia och jakten på den amerikanska drömmen, till det politiska system och traditioner som utgör supermakten idag.Karin Henriksson är en svensk journalist och författare. Hon är sedan 25 år tillbaka bosatt i USA som USA-korrespondent och har gett ut böcker om landet. 2012 tilldelades hon journalistpriset Guldkrattan.

  • av Tbc Author
    156 - 326,-

  • av Anne Applebaum

    All of us have in our minds a cartoon image of what an autocratic state looks like, with a bad man at the top. But in the 21st century, that cartoon bears little resemblance to reality. Nowadays, autocracies are run not by one bad guy, but by sophisticated networks composed of kleptocratic financial structures, security services and professional propagandists. The members of these networks are connected not only within a given country, but among many countries. The corrupt, state-controlled companies in one dictatorship do business with corrupt, state-controlled companies in another. The police in one country can arm, equip, and train the police in another. The propagandists share resources¿the troll farms that promote one dictator¿s propaganda can also be used to promote the propaganda of another¿and themes, pounding home the same messages about the weakness of democracy and the evil of America.Unlike military or political alliances from other times and places, this group doesn¿t operate like a bloc, but rather like an agglomeration of companies: Autocracy, Inc. Their relations are not based on values, but are rather transactional, which is why they operate so easily across ideological, geographical, and cultural lines. In truth, they are in full agreement about only one thing: Their dislike of us, the inhabitants of the democratic world, and their desire to see both our political systems and our values undermine. That shared understanding of the world¿where it comes from, why it lasts, how it works, how the democratic world has unwittingly helped to consolidate it, and how we can help bring it down¿is the subject of this book.

  • av Annie Jacobsen
    156 - 280,-

  • av Michael Connelly
    140 - 250,-

  • av Hannah Arendt

    'How could such a book speak so powerfully to our present moment? The short answer is that we, too, live in dark times' Washington PostHannah Arendt's chilling analysis of the conditions that led to the Nazi and Soviet totalitarian regimes is a warning from history about the fragility of freedom, exploring how propaganda, scapegoats, terror and political isolation all aided the slide towards total domination. 'A non-fiction bookend to Nineteen Eighty-Four' The New York Times'The political theorist who wrote about the Nazis and the 'banality of evil' has become a surprise bestseller' Guardian

  • av Heather Cox Richardson

    In Democracy Awakening, American historian Heather Cox Richardson examines how, over the decades, an elite minority have made war on American ideals. By weaponising language and promoting false history, they are leading Americans into authoritarianism and creating a disaffected population.Many books tell us what has happened over the last five years. In Democracy Awakening, Richardson wrangles America's meandering and confusing news feed into a coherent story to explain how America got to this perilous point, what we should pay attention to, and what the future of democracy holds.

  • av George Orwell
    80 - 136,-

    The international bestselling classic from the author of Nineteen Eighty-Four.

  • av Hannah Ritchie

    ** THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER ****A FINANCIAL TIMES, GUARDIAN, WAITROSE WEEKEND BEST SUMMER READ**'A book for anyone who finds it difficult to believe in a better future' THE TIMESFeeling anxious, powerless, or confused about the future of our planet? This book will transform how you see our biggest environmental problems -- and how we can solve them.A STYLIST BEST NON-FICTION 2024 * A GUARDIAN BIGGEST FICTION AND NON-FICTION FOR 2024 * A WATERSTONES 'BOOK YOU NEED TO READ IN 2024' * A GUARDIAN 'FIVE GREAT READS' We are bombarded by doomsday headlines that tell us the soil won't be able to support crops, fish will vanish from our oceans, that we should reconsider having children.But in this bold, radically hopeful book, data scientist Hannah Ritchie argues that if we zoom out, a very different picture emerges. The data shows we've made so much progress on these problems, and so fast, that we could be on track to achieve true sustainability for the first time in history.Packed with the latest research, practical guidance and enlightening graphics, this book will make you rethink almost everything you've been told about the environment, from the virtues of eating locally and living in the countryside, to the evils of overpopulation, plastic straws and palm oil. It will give you the tools to understand what works, what doesn't and what we urgently need to focus on so we can leave a sustainable planet for future generations.These problems are big. But they are solvable. We are not doomed. We can build a better future for everyone. Let's turn that opportunity into reality.'Practical and truly essential' MARGARET ATWOOD * 'Does for the environment what Hans Rosling did for health' BILL GATES * 'Invigorating, inspiring, often surprising' DAVID WALLACE-WELLS * 'I find it hard to express how much I love this book' RUTGER BREGMAN * 'An unmissable myth-busting book to save our planet - read it' TIM SPECTOR


    At a time when the world is searching for answers to extremism and polarization, The Centre Must Hold shows a more effective brand of politics.

  • - How Climate Change Panic Costs Us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails to Fix the Planet
    av Bjorn Lomborg
    210 - 246,-

    The New York Times-bestselling "skeptical environmentalist" argues that panic over climate change is causing more harm than good

  • av Judith Butler
    156 - 326,-

  • av George Orwell
    80 - 126,-

    The international bestselling classic from the author of Animal Farm.

  • av Niccolo Machiavelli
    126 - 196,-

    Throughout history, some books have changed the world. They have transformed the way we see ourselves - and each other. They have inspired debate, dissent, war and revolution. They have enlightened, outraged, provoked and comforted. They have enriched lives - and destroyed them. Now Penguin brings you the works of the great thinkers, pioneers, radicals and visionaries whose ideas shook civilization, and helped make us who we are.

  • - Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion
    av Jonathan Haidt

    In The Righteous Mind, psychologist Jonathan Haidt answers some of the most compelling questions about human relationships:Why can it sometimes feel as though half the population is living in a different moral universe? Why do ideas such as 'fairness' and 'freedom' mean such different things to different people? Why is it so hard to see things from another viewpoint? Why do we come to blows over politics and religion?Jonathan Haidt reveals that we often find it hard to get along because our minds are hardwired to be moralistic, judgemental and self-righteous. He explores how morality evolved to enable us to form communities, and how moral values are not just about justice and equality - for some people authority, sanctity or loyalty matter more. Morality binds and blinds, but, using his own research, Haidt proves it is possible to liberate ourselves from the disputes that divide good people.'A landmark contribution to humanity's understanding of itself' The New York Times'A truly seminal book' David Goodhart, Prospect'A tour de force - brave, brilliant, and eloquent. It will challenge the way you think about liberals and conservatives, atheism and religion, good and evil' Paul Bloom, author of How Pleasure Works 'Compelling . . . a fluid combination of erudition and entertainment' Ian Birrell, Observer'Lucid and thought-provoking ... deserves to be widely read' Jenni Russell, Sunday Times

  • av Rory Stewart
    150 - 296,-

  • av David Graeber

    'A characteristically radical re-reading of history that places the social and political experiments of pirates at the heart of the European Enlightenment. A brilliant companion volume to the best-selling Dawn of Everything' Amitav GhoshThe Enlightenment did not begin in Europe. Its true origins lie thousands of miles away on the island of Madagascar, in the late seventeenth century, when it was home to several thousand pirates. This was the Golden Age of Piracy, a period of violent buccaneering and rollicking legends - but it was also, argues anthropologist David Graeber, a brief window of radical democracy, as the pirate settlers attempted to apply the egalitarian principles of their ships to a new society on land.For Graeber, Madagascar's lost pirate utopia represents some of the first stirrings of Enlightenment political thought. In this jewel of a book, he offers a way to 'decolonize the Enlightenment', demonstrating how this mixed community experimented with an alternative vision of human freedom, far from that being formulated in the salons and coffee houses of Europe. Its actors were Malagasy women, merchants and traders, philosopher kings and escaped slaves, exploring ideas that were ultimately to be put into practice by Western revolutionary regimes a century later.Pirate Enlightenment playfully dismantles the central myths of the Enlightenment. In their place comes a story about the magic, sea battles, purloined princesses, manhunts, make-believe kingdoms, fraudulent ambassadors, spies, jewel thieves, poisoners and devil worship that lie at the origins of modern freedom.

  • av Peter Turchin

  • av Adolf Hitler

    Contains a new introduction of D.C.Watt, Professor of International History at the University of London, which analyses Hitler's background, gives the origins and history for the book, and ends with a critical assessment both of Hitler's incoherent ideas and his ruthless understanding of political power.

  • av Michael Nehls

    Global war on the human brain.

  • av Hannah Ritchie
    156 - 286,-

  • av Hugh Wilford
    246 - 326,-

  • av Barack Obama
    436 - 560,-

  • - The Official 1939 Edition
    av Adolf Hitler
    336 - 430,-

  • av Barack Obama

    THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERTwo long-time friends share an intimate and urgent conversation about life, music and their enduring love of America, with all its challenges and contradictions, in this stunningly-produced expansion of their ground-breaking Higher Ground podcast, featuring more than 350 photographs, exclusive bonus content, and never-before-seen archival material.Renegades: Born in the USA is a candid, revealing, and entertaining dialogue between President Barack Obama and legendary musician Bruce Springsteen that explores everything from their origin stories and career-defining moments to their country's polarized politics and the growing distance between the American Dream and the American reality. Filled with full-colour photographs and rare archival material, it is a compelling and beautifully illustrated portrait of two outsiders-one Black and one white-looking for a way to connect their unconventional searches for meaning, identity, and community with the American story itself. It includes: Original introductions by President Obama and Bruce Springsteen Exclusive new material from the Renegades podcast recording sessions Obama's never-before-seen annotated speeches, including his "e;Remarks at the 50th Anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery Marches Springsteen's handwritten lyrics for songs spanning his 50-year-long career Rare and exclusive photographs from the authors' personal archives Historical photographs and documents that provide rich visual context for their conversation. In a recording studio stocked with dozens of guitars, and on at least one Corvette ride, Obama and Springsteen discuss marriage and fatherhood, race and masculinity, the lure of the open road and the call back to home. They also compare notes on their favourite protest songs, the most inspiring American heroes of all time, and more. Along the way, they reveal their passion for-and the occasional toll of-telling a bigger, truer story about America throughout their careers, and explore how their fractured country might begin to find its way back toward unity.

  • av Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
    196 - 326,-

  • av Michelle Obama
    176 - 340,-

  • av Rob Sears
    176 - 196,-

  • - A Hopeful History
    av Rutger Bregman

  • - How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man
    av MARY L. & Ph.D. Trump

    The extraordinary inside story from Donald Trump's only niece of the factors that helped make the US president into the world's most dangerous man

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