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Vi befinner oss i en värld full av religion i olika varianter, var och en med sin egen unika berättelse. Det är episka berättelser som vi läser än idag och tar till som vägledning till hur vi lever våra liv. Det finns många olika religioner och oavsett om du är religiös eller inte är historierna de innehåller otroligt spännande. De besitter också en enorm visdom som går tillbaka till antiken, men som också återfinns i nyare religioner som har uppkommit med tiden. Vi människor behöver alla något att tro på, det ger oss styrka oavsett om det är religion eller något annat. Hitta din bok om religion hos oss ​​idag och ge dig ut på en resa - oavsett våra hållningar är dessa böcker rika på innehåll med fantastiska berättelser och goda livsguider.
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  • av Helena-Magdalena Ivekrans-Nätt

    Välkommen till en helt ny värld! En värld där dina drömmar blir verklighet. Vad är attraktionslagen? Hur fungerar den? Och hur kan man använda den för att nå sina mål? I "Lev din dröm" berättar författaren Helena-Magdalena Ivekrans-Nätt allt du behöver veta om attraktionslagen, en naturlag som kan förändra ditt liv, och tankens kraft. Med en gedigen bakgrund inom såväl psykologi som personlig utveckling har hon satt samman en guide för hur du kan komma igång med ditt nya, bättre liv och uppfylla dina drömmar.Helena-Magdalena Ivekrans-Nätt (1968-) är en svensk författare, socionom, inspiratör, framgångscoach, intuitiv terapeut och astrolog. Hon debuterade som författare med boken "Lev din dröm" 2014 och har sedan dess skrivit ytterligare en bok, "Lev din kraft" 2016.

  • av Salman Rushdie

    From internationally renowned writer and Booker Prize winner Salman Rushdie, a searing, deeply personal account of enduring - and surviving - an attempt on his life thirty years after the fatwa that was ordered against him Speaking out for the first time, and in unforgettable detail, about the traumatic events of August 12, 2022, Salman Rushdie answers violence with art, and reminds us of the power of words to make sense of the unthinkable. Knife is a gripping, intimate, and ultimately life-affirming meditation on life, loss, love, art - and finding the strength to stand up again.

  • av Walter Russell

    The Universal One" is a book written by Walter Russell that explains his new Cosmology. It is a must-read for anyone interested in Russell science and philosophy. The book reveals the possibility of transmutation of the elements and unites spiritual cause and scientifically observable effect in a seamless whole. Russell later revised some of the content of the book in "The Secret of Light" and "A New Concept of the Universe". The book is a century or more ahead of its time and is now appealing to many people who are examining the nature of science and consciousness. The universe is a multiplicity of changing effects of but one unchanging cause. All things are universal, and nothing is of itself alone. When man knows this in measurable exactness, then he will have no limitations within those which are universal.The Universal One is Walter Russell's first expression of his new Cosmology explaining the Mind-centered electric universe. Though he would revise his theory somewhat over the years, this is the first and basic description of his new Cosmology. Lavishing illustrated, it sets out his views on God, the Universe, matter and Man's place in the world as he searches for a path to god. In this historic volume, Walter Russell first reveals the possibility of transmutation of the elements. This illustrated treatise is Russell's scientific explanation of God's ways and processes in the construction of the Universe and provides a guide for illuminating Man's proper way of living during the long journey to the Light of God.

  • av Paul Seabright

    A novel economic interpretation of how religions have become so powerful in the modern world Religion in the twenty-first century is alive and well across the world, despite its apparent decline in North America and parts of Europe. Vigorous competition between and within religious movements has led to their accumulating great power and wealth. Religions in many traditions have honed their competitive strategies over thousands of years. Today, they are big business; like businesses, they must recruit, raise funds, disburse budgets, manage facilities, organize transportation, motivate employees, and get their message out. In The Divine Economy, economist Paul Seabright argues that religious movements are a special kind of business: they are platforms, bringing together communities of members who seek many different things from one other--spiritual fulfilment, friendship and marriage networks, even business opportunities. Their function as platforms, he contends, is what has allowed religions to consolidate and wield power. This power can be used for good, especially when religious movements provide their members with insurance against the shocks of modern life, and a sense of worth in their communities. It can also be used for harm: political leaders often instrumentalize religious movements for authoritarian ends. Religious leaders can exploit the trust of members to inflict sexual, emotional, financial or physical abuse, or to provoke violence against outsiders. Writing in a non-partisan spirit, Seabright uses insights from economics to show how religion and secular society can work together in a world where some people will feel no need for religion, but many will continue to respond with enthusiasm to religion's call.

  • - Imaginative Listening To Pastoral Experience
    av Bob Whorton

    Arising from the work of a pastoral team in a hospice, this book is an invitation to reflect on what happens in our innermost being when we listen to another person in need. The lived experience of a hospice chaplain, dialogues with different parts of the self and an imaginative approach to the Bible are at the heart of the writing.

  • av Paramahansa Yogananda
    170 - 886,-

  • av Hartmut (Friedrich-Schiller-Universit?t Jena Rosa
    150 - 446,-

  • av Aliyah Umm Raiyaan

    What seems impossible can become possible through düaIn The Power of Düa, Sunday Times bestselling author and revert, Aliyah Umm Raiyaan takes you on a journey that shows how faith and practising düa (a personal supplication) can transform your life.Featuring inspirational real-life stories from those who have experienced miraculous results from living with düa, this book is a comforting guide to revive and develop a close relationship with Al Mujeeb ¿ The One Who Responds. Through life¿s challenges and struggles, with tools from the Qur¿an and Sunnah, you will learn how to:Sincerely prepare your heart before düaAsk of Allah from a place of certainty, during düaMove forward in faithful trust after He respondsYou will learn how to prepare your heart and then ask of Allah from a place of sincerity and certainty. This book provides tools to navigate the response to your düa, developing a close and trusting relationship with The Most High.Deeply moving and uplifting, The Power of Düa is for anyone looking to reflect, reshape their dialogue with the Divine and walk in complete faith ¿ embracing the perfect plans Allah has for each and every one of us.

  • - An Unexpected Spiritual Journey
    av Cheryl Bridges Johns

    A wise spiritual guide helps women navigate menopause and embrace the remarkable physical, psychological, and spiritual transformation that occurs in this stage of life.

  • av Walter Russell

    The author challenges the conventional wisdom that light is just another physical entity. He outlines a new role of light in the formation of the three main components of the universe - God, still light; the dual light waves emanated from God and the material world both organic and inorganic which is made of light bent into various spiral forms. Reading this book "is an important step toward understanding both the intellectual and spiritual balances that exist in the universe."

  • - France and the Santiago Pilgrimage
    av Edwin Mullins

    Follows the four roads through France on the pilgrimage to Santiago, which Christian pilgrims have been following since the twelfth century

  • - A Handbook of Magic Spells and Potions
    av Anastasia Greywolf

    Witchcraft is a complete guide to the magical arts of witchcraft, including insight into magic, spells, potions, and much more.

  • av Marilynne Robinson

    For generations, the Book of Genesis has been treated by scholars as a collection of documents by various hands expressing different factional interests, with borrowings from other ancient literatures that mark the text as derivative. In other words, academic interpretation of Genesis has centred on the question of its basic coherency, just as fundamentalist interpretation has centred on the question of the appropriateness of reading it as literally true.Both of these approaches preclude an appreciation of its greatness as literature, its rich articulation and exploration of themes that resonate through the whole of Scripture. Marilynne Robinson's new book is a powerful consideration of the profound meanings and promise of God's enduring covenant with man. Her magisterial book radiates gratitude for the constancy and benevolence of God's abiding faith in Creation.

  • av Imam Al Bukhari

  • av Anton La Vey

    A founder of the Church of Satan explains its philosophies of indulgence and freedom, and discusses Satanic rituals.

  • av Nicholas Spencer

    Science and religion have always been at each other’s throats, right?Most things you ‘know’ about science and religion are myths or half-truths that grew up in the last years of the nineteenth century and remain widespread today. The true history of science and religion is a human one. It’s about the role of religion in inspiring, and strangling, science before the scientific revolution. It’s about the sincere but eccentric faith and the quiet, creeping doubts of the most brilliant scientists in history – Galileo, Newton, Faraday, Darwin, Maxwell, Einstein. Above all it’s about the question of what it means to be human and who gets to say – a question that is more urgent in the twenty-first century than ever before. From eighth-century Baghdad to the frontiers of AI today, via medieval Europe, nineteenth-century India and Soviet Russia, Magisteria sheds new light on this complex historical landscape. Rejecting the thesis that science and religion are inevitably at war, Nicholas Spencer illuminates a compelling and troubled relationship that has definitively shaped human history.

  • - Irun to Santiago along Spain's Northern Coast
    av David Landis, Anna Dintaman & Matthew Harms

    This Village to Village Map Guide to the Camino del Norte is a lightweight minimalist guidebook to walking the Way of Saint James from Irun to Santiago de Compostela on the Camino del Norte.

  • - The Richard and Judy bookclub pick and Sunday Times Bestseller
    av Alex Michaelides

    With film rights snapped up by an Oscar winning Hollywood production company, rights sold in a world record 43 territories, and rave blurbs from David Baldacci, Lee Child and A.J. Finn, The Silent Patient promises to be the debut thriller of 2019.

  • - Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason
    av Sam Harris

    Beautifully written, accessible and provocative, THE END OF FAITH is an impassioned plea for reason in a world divided by faith.

  • av S Hukr

  • - Gender and Sexuality in Biblical Interpretation
    av Dale B. Martin

    Probing into numerous questions about gender and sexuality, Dale Martin delves into the biblical texts anew and unearths surprising findings. Avoiding preconceptions about ancient sexuality, he explores the ethics of desire and marriage and pays careful attention to the original meanings of words, especially those used as evidence of Paul's...

  • - Awakening the Love that Heals Fear and Shame
    av Tara Brach
    250 - 280,-

    'Radical Acceptance offers us an invitation to embrace ourselves with all our pain, fear and anxieties, and to step lightly yet firmly on the path of understanding and compassion. Please enjoy this nourishing and healing book.' Thich Nhat HanhIn the West, most of us have suffered the fear of not being 'good enough', feeling insecure about our appearance, our sexuality, our intelligence, our spiritual progress or - often most importantly - being worthy of love. When these feelings of insufficiency or self-aversion are strong, we fear abandonment and rejection. Many people have already found the Buddhist perspective on our emotional life to be extremely valuable - and this book will be a major practical contribution to the subject.

  • - The myths of the Ancient Greek heroes retold
    av Stephen Fry
    156 - 330,-

  • - Sexuality, Spirituality, and the Bible
    av David M. (Professor of Old Testament/Hebrew Bible Carr

    Historically, the Bible has been used to drive a wedge between the spirit and the body. In this provocative book, David Carr argues that it canΓÇöand shouldΓÇödo just the opposite. Sexuality and spirituality, Carr contends, are intricately interwoven: when one is improverished, the other is warped. As a result, the journey toward God and the life-long engagement with our own sexual embodiment are inseparable. Humans, the Bible tells us, both male and female, werecreated in God''s image, and erosΓÇöa fundamental longing for connection that finds abstract good in the pleasure we derive from the stimulation of the sensesΓÇöis a central component of that image. The Bible, particularly the Hebrew Bible, affirms erotic passion, both eros between humans and eros betweenGod and humans. In a sweeping examination of the sexual rules of the Bible, Carr asserts that Biblical "family values" are a far cry from anything promoted as such in contemporary politics. He concludes that passionate loveΓÇöour preoccupaton therewith and pursuit thereofΓÇöis the primary human vocation, that eros is in fact the flavoring of life.

  • av Linn Marie Tonstad
    340 - 576,-

  • - Ancient Words to Rewire Our Brains and Heal Our Hearts
    av Gregg Braden

  • - A Spiritual Journey into the Heart of Islam
    av A Helwa
    300 - 410,-

  • - Learn to Recognize the Voice of the Spirit
    av Benny Hinn

    In this repackaged edition of his classic bestseller, Benny Hinn shares the story of his personal encounter with the Holy Spirit and the dramatic change it made in his life, as well as how it has touched the lives of others around the world.

  • - An Anthology of Discourses from the Pali Canon
    av Bhikkhu Bodhi

    Designed to provide a framework for modern readers, "In the Buddha's Words" is an anthology of the Buddha's works that has been specifically compiled by a celebrated scholar and translator. For easy reference, the book is arrayed in ten thematic sections with introductions, notes, and essays to help beginners and experts alike draw greater meaning from the Buddha's words.

  • - Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion
    av Jonathan Haidt

    In The Righteous Mind, psychologist Jonathan Haidt answers some of the most compelling questions about human relationships:Why can it sometimes feel as though half the population is living in a different moral universe? Why do ideas such as 'fairness' and 'freedom' mean such different things to different people? Why is it so hard to see things from another viewpoint? Why do we come to blows over politics and religion?Jonathan Haidt reveals that we often find it hard to get along because our minds are hardwired to be moralistic, judgemental and self-righteous. He explores how morality evolved to enable us to form communities, and how moral values are not just about justice and equality - for some people authority, sanctity or loyalty matter more. Morality binds and blinds, but, using his own research, Haidt proves it is possible to liberate ourselves from the disputes that divide good people.'A landmark contribution to humanity's understanding of itself' The New York Times'A truly seminal book' David Goodhart, Prospect'A tour de force - brave, brilliant, and eloquent. It will challenge the way you think about liberals and conservatives, atheism and religion, good and evil' Paul Bloom, author of How Pleasure Works 'Compelling . . . a fluid combination of erudition and entertainment' Ian Birrell, Observer'Lucid and thought-provoking ... deserves to be widely read' Jenni Russell, Sunday Times

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