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Under vårt urval inom kreativitet hittar du ett brett utbud av färdigheter du kan börja lära dig. Vi har mycket läsmaterial kring det kreativa bakom virkning, stickning, målarböcker, julpynt och hur du kan leva det enkla livet fullt ut. Det handlar om att ge dig verktygen för att utveckla dig själv, och du hittar självklart mycket om hur du kan börja teckna. Det finns också roliga böcker om hur man virkar snabbmatsliknande mat, eller Harry Potter-böcker med instruktioner om hur man virkar fantastiska föremål eller något helt annat från Harry Potter-universumet. Se vårt urval här.
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  • - Techniques, Patterns and Projects to Learn How to Braid
    av Dorothy Wood
    105 - 145 kr.

    The renowned jewelry crafter teaches readers how to make beautiful creations using the traditional Japanese braiding technique of Kumihimo. Kumihimo is the centuries-old Japanese artform of creating elegant braids using intricate and beautiful patterns and designs. These braids are then fashioned into all kinds of objects, such as bracelets, necklaces and more. This illustrated guide features step-by-step diagrams and photographs to help you create your own Kumihimo jewelry projects at home. Written by expert jewelry crafter Dorothy Wood, The Beginner's Guide to Kumihimo covers a range of techniques including flat braids, square braids, honeycomb braids, hollow braids, spiral braids, and braiding with beads. Readers will learn to use different cords and wire, as well as finishing techniques. This volume also features templates to make your own Kumihimo disk and plate, plus a handful of contemporary projects for jewelry and accessories so you can put your newfound braiding skills to use right away.

  • - A Comprehensive Approach to Mastering the Medium
    av Tom Hoffmann
    305 kr.

    Features artwork with a range of subjects and styles. This title offers more thoughtful, fresh and original approach to watercolour.

  • av David Mitchell & Kyong Lee
    169 kr.

  • - 16 Modern Scrap Projects * Sort, Store, and Use Every Last Bit of Your Treasured Fabrics
    av Cheryl Arkison & Amanda Jean Nyberg
    175 kr.

    Are scrap piles wreaking havoc in your sewing space? Not sure what to do with all those tiny bits of gorgeous prints you hate to part with? Modern quilters Amanda and Cheryl share a passion for scraps-they're here to help you get creative and sew new life into every last little piece. Your Sunday mornings just got a whole lot cozier!

  • av David Thomas
    175 kr.

    'This is quite the best book on portrait painting, in any medium, that I've seen for a very long time, perhaps ever.' Artbookreview.netInvest your portraiture with character and ease with this complete guide to drawing and painting portraits in watercolour, pencil and charcoal, which includes five step-by-step projects and numerous practical techniques.

  • - SVETLANA Christmas Angel. Activity book for girls ages 4-8
    av Valentina Varol
    115 kr.

  • - Activity Book for girls ages 4-8
    av Valentina Varol
    115 kr.

  • - Minecraft-themed Fuse Bead Patterns
    av Beadcraft Books
    139 kr.

  • - More than 50 tips and techniques for learning the art of manga and anime
    av Jeannie Lee & Samantha Whitten
    119 kr.

  • - 12 Miniature Containers Built with Beads
    av Julia S Pretl
    198 kr.

  • - More than 200 drawing techniques, tips and lessons
    av Walter Foster Creative Team
    175 kr.

  • - Heirloom Cars & Trucks in Wood
    av Roger Schroeder
    169 kr.

    Making Toys is a complete guide to making wooden toys and trucks. Learn from skilled woodworkers Sam Martin and Roger Schroeder

  • - 30 Drawing Lessons from the Creator of Akiko
    209 kr.

    There's more to manga than big, shiny eyes and funky hair. In these action-packed pages, graphic novelist Mark Crilley shows you step-by-step how to achieve an authentic manga style-from drawing faces and figures to laying out awesome, high-drama spreads.

  • - Materials, Techniques and Expressions
    av Peter Lane
    475 kr.

    A practical approach to all aspects of making porcelain pots and sculpture. The book includes information on clays, making processes (throwing, handbuilding and slipcasting), decorating and glazes. The photographs throughout make it a visual reference book as well as a useful guide.

  • - Raku, Pit and Barrel, Wood Firing, and More
    av Lindsay Oesterritter
    295 kr.

    Mastering Kilns and Firing is an all-in-one resource for potters looking to go beyond the electric kiln.

  • - The official Harry Potter crochet pattern book
    av Lee Sartori
    209 - 229 kr.

    Immerse yourself in the Wizarding World with Harry Potter Crochet Wizardry, featuring over 25 exclusive projects to get your crochet needles stuck into and a range from beginner to more experienced, crochet your own keepsakes from the expansive Potterverse. This book also includes behind-the-scenes treasures, such as film stills and fun facts.

  • - A Guide to Making Beautiful and Lifelike Botanicals
    av Tiffanie Turner
    209 kr.

    An inspiring and practical guide to crafting the most realistic and artful crepe paper flowers for arrangements, decor, art, wearables and more, from a San Francisco-based botanical paper artist. Paper flowers continue to be a popular trend in the art and craft space.

  • - A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity
    av Julia Cameron
    205 - 275 kr.

  • av Chronicle Books
    115 kr.

    642 drawing prompts with just as much clever, creative fun as the original bestselling 642 Things to Draw, but in miniature!

  • - The Complete Step-by-step Manual
    av DK
    118,35 - 259 kr.

  • av Sony Picture Consumer Product
    225 kr.

  • av Warner Brothers
    119 kr.

    With almost one hundred pages of artwork featuring beloved characters, settings, and memorable scenes from the film franchise, this book is a must-have for fans of the series and those who appreciate the creative design of the films.

  • av Linda Bloomfield
    275 kr.

  • - A Colouring Book and Floral Adventure
    av Johanna Basford
    169 kr.

    An abundance of fascinating florals awaits in the gorgeous new colouring book from Johanna Basford. Join 'colourist queen' Johanna Basford on a floral adventure around the world and beyond, into the realms of fantasy and imagination.

  • - A Guide for the Realist Painter
    av James Gurney
    185 kr.

    A researched study on art's most fundamental themes, Colour and Light bridges the gap between abstract theory and practical knowledge.

  • - Gather All 20 Original Amigurumi Characters
    av Yan Schenkel
    175 kr.

  • - Sketch and Paint Your Way Through the Creative Year
    av Lorna Scobie
    169 kr.

    An inspiring daily journal designed to help nurture your creativity and develop a love of drawing and art

  • av Erin Benzakein
    225 kr.

    Organised by season and featuring common easy-to-grow varietals, the book also includes 12 stunning DIY arrangement projects.

  • - Extreme Colouring Challenges to Complete
    av Joanna Webster
    149 kr.

    Colour Quest is a colour-by-number book unlike anything you've ever seen before. Use colouring pens or pencils to colour numbered shapes and uncover stunning and intricate artwork hidden on the page.

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