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Här hittar du ett brett urval av böcker om sport. I våra sportböcker kan du fascineras av berättelser från de största idrottarna och deras spektakulära prestationer inom just deras sport. Du kan också läsa rapporter från de allra mest spännande sportevenemangen. Slutligen kan du hitta utmärkta sportböcker som hjälper dig att komma igång med den sport som passar dig och som ger dig inspiration till hur du kan införliva fler sporter i ditt vardagsliv. Oavsett vilken typ av sport du är intresserad av så hittar du dina nya sportböcker hos oss.
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  • av Thomas Tynander
    68,57 - 120,-

    Pelle Lindbergh visste redan som liten vad han ville göra som vuxen. Den stora drömmen var att bli ishockeyproffs i NHL - och att vara målvakt i Philadelphia Flyers. År 1985, vid 26 års ålder, tilldelas han som förste europé den prestigefyllda Vezina Trophy. Han är nu NHL:s bäste målvakt och har precis tagit Philadelphia till final i Stanley Cup. Den 10 november samma år kraschar Pelles röda Porsche in i en betongmur i Somerdale, New Jersey. Det är här den stora drömmen tar slut. I denna nyutgåva av Thomas Tynanders biografi skildras ishockeystjärnan Pelle Lindberghs liv med hjälp av hundratals intervjuer från båda sidor av Atlanten. Vi får en inblick i såväl uppväxten i Stockholm, som proffslivet i USA, och dessutom framkommer nya uppgifter om olyckan som satte stopp för allt. I december 2016, mer än 30 år efter den stora tragedin, hyllas Pelle inför fullsatta läktare i Philadelphia. Han är en av svensk ishockeys absolut största - och hans tröjnummer har ännu inte tilldelats någon ny spelare i Philadelphia Flyers.Thomas Tynander är en svensk journalist och författare. Hans hyllade verk skildrar nutidshistoriska händelser och människoöden på ett gripande sätt.

  • av Michael Connelly

  • av Amber Smith


  • av Mo Xiang

    Limited Edition (one printing only!) of the NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER! The blockbuster danmei/Boys' Love novels from China that inspired the animated series!In this final book (Volume 8), read the conclusion to this epic historical fantasy about a prince and the mysterious man by his side, in English for the very first time. Also includes bonus stories!White No-Face's mask is off, and the final conflict has begun. Deep in the ancient caverns and lava flows of Mount Tonglu, Xie Lian must face the one whose hatred has plagued him for centuries—but this time, he won't have to do it alone. His beloved, Hua Cheng, has spent his long existence amassing the power to protect him, and now with their feelings for each other out in the open, they have all the more reason to fight for survival.In this thrilling conclusion to Heaven Official's Blessing, can Xie Lian and Hua Cheng triumph against an all-powerful foe?Also included in this final volume are five bonus tales of romance, celebration, and adventure.This limited Special Edition contains the Standard Edition, but with bonus merchandise shrinkwrapped to the book: a set of eight postcards, a double-sided bookmark, two folded mini posters, a sticker sheet, a lined notebook, and a papercraft standee. Don't miss the new art from guest artists included in this special merch!

  • av Roberto Firmino
    186 - 276,-

  • av Mo Xiang

    The Kiln is open, and White No-Face is back to his full power. The past eight hundred years have not blunted his hatred nor his obsession with Xie Lian--he aims to break Xie Lian down to nothing, even if all of humanity and the heavens themselves are collateral damage. This time, however, Xie Lian will not face him alone. Together with Hua Cheng--powerful ghost king, stalwart protector, and devoted love--can Xie Lian finally reveal the face behind the mask and put an end to the nightmare forever?

  • av Alice Oseman

    *Now an acclaimed live-action Netflix series!* Boy meets boy. Boys become friends. Boys fall in love. The bestselling LGBTQ+ graphic novel about life, love, and everything that happens in between: this is the fifth volume of the HEARTSTOPPER series. 'Absolutely delightful. Sweet, romantic, kind. Beautifully paced. I loved this book.' RAINBOW ROWELL, author of Carry OnBy Alice Oseman, winner of the YA Book Prize, Heartstopper is about love, friendship, loyalty and mental illness. It encompasses all the small stories of Nick and Charlie's lives that together make up something larger, which speaks to all of us.'The queer graphic novel we wished we had at high school.' Gay TimesThis is the fifth volume of Heartstopper, which is now an acclaimed live-action Netflix series.

  • av Jessa Hastings
    119,99 - 176,-

  • av Michael Greger
    220 - 296,-

  • av Johanna Basford

    From bestselling author Johanna Basford - a new pocket-sized colouring book of mini masterpieces.We don't always have a whole afternoon or even an hour to dedicate to our creative practice. Small Victories is the perfect book for when you want to pick up a pencil and complete a colouring page in a single sitting. Choose from pages of multiple individual drawings and select a few to colour, or little vignettes and smaller motifs that are easier to complete in one creative moment - all featuring Johanna Basford's trademark whimsical illustrations.From tiny toadstools, dinky cakes to celestial and floral miniscapes, this book guarantees more of those feel-good vibes you get from finishing a creative project.

  • av Rick Riordan
    190 - 216,-

    The original hero. A brand-new adventure.Percy Jackson has saved the world multiple times - battling monsters, Titans, even giants - but these days the modern-day son of Poseidon is hoping for a regular final year at school.Too bad the Greek gods have other plans, and three new quests for Percy to complete.First up: the cupbearer of the gods, Ganymede, is missing his golden chalice. Not only is this embarrassing (why do the gods keep losing their magical items?), it's also potentially disastrous. One sip from the cup will turn any mortal into a powerful god. And the old gods do not take kindly to newbies.Can Percy and his friends Annabeth and Grover find the chalice before it falls into the wrong hands? And even if they do, will they be able to resist its awesome power. . .?Readers new to the Percy Jackson universe and long-time fans will love this epic adventure - full of legendary heroes, mythical creatures, ancient Greek gods and enduring friendship - from the global bestseller Rick Riordan.

  • av TJ Klune

    Ox Matheson was twelve when his father taught him a lesson: Ox wasn't worth anything and people would never understand him. Then he left.Ox was sixteen when the energetic Bennett family moved in next door, harbouring a secret that would change him forever. For the family are shapeshifters, who can transform into wolves at will. Drawn to their magic, loyalty and enduring friendships, Ox feels a gulf between this extraordinary new world and the quiet life he's known. He also finds an ally in Joe, the youngest Bennett boy. Joe is charming and handsome, but haunted by scars he cannot heal.Ox was twenty-three when murder came to town, and tore a hole in his heart. Violence flared, tragedy split the pack and Joe left town, leaving Ox behind. Three years later, the boy is back. Except now he's a man - and Ox can no longer ignore the song that howls between them.Wolfsong is the first book in the Green Creek series by bestselling author TJ Klune. Continue the journey with Ravensong.Praise for TJ Klune:'Like being wrapped up in a big gay blanket' - V. E. Schwab'A whimsical, warm-hearted fantasy'- The Guardian'A radiant treat' - Locus Magazine

  • av Yanis Varoufakis
    146 - 196,-

  • av Mo Xiang Tong Xiu

    "Last ghost standing, first love blossoms ... Ghosts are converging on the cursed Mount Tonglu for a massive battle royale, the sole survivor of which may become a Ghost King, a being of unimaginable power. Xie Lian is sent to secretly infiltrate and try to prevent this--by destroying any ghosts strong enough to stand a chance. His heavenly powers are weakened near the cursed mountain, but he has one trump card on his side--Hua Cheng, who has survived Mount Tonglu before. As they struggle against murderous ghosts and the mountain's strange defenses, Hua Cheng's knowledge of the area may prove invaluable. But can they even begin to unravel the cursed peak's secrets?"--

  • av Robert M Sapolsky

    Free will is the foundation of western society, dictating our notions of fairness and justice, punishment and reward, and our very identity as individuals. But as world-renowned scientist Robert Sapolsky shows, there is not a shred of evidence to suggest that free will exists. What would happen if we accepted that free will is a powerful illusion?

  • - The hidden tribe, the ultra-runners, and the greatest race the world has never seen
    av Christopher Mcdougall
    130 - 160,-

    Focuses on the Tarahumara, a mysterious tribe of Mexican Indians, who live quietly in canyons and are reputed to be the best distance runners in the world. This title tells their story while asking what the secrets are to being an incredible runner.

  • av Mo Xiang Tong Xiu

    "The Reverend of Empty Words, a monster that feeds off the fears of the fortunate, is hunting Xie Lian's friend, the Wind Master Shi Qingxuan. Knowing that his abysmal luck inoculates him from the creature's power, Xie Lian doesn't hesitate to throw himself into harm's way--to Hua Cheng's horror and panic. But another one of the Four Calamities may be closer than anyone knows, and even a ghost as powerful as Hua Cheng can lose control under the right circumstances. With his inhibitions gone, will desire overtake him?"--Back cover.

  • av Kai Bird

    ***SOON TO BE A MAJOR HOLLYWOOD FILM DIRECTED BY CHRISTOPHER NOLAN***WINNER OF THE PULITZER PRIZE FOR NONFICTION 'Reads like a thriller, gripping and terrifying' Sunday TimesPhysicist and polymath, as familiar with Hindu scriptures as he was with quantum mechanics, J. Robert Oppenheimer - director of the Manhattan Project that developed the atomic bomb - was the most famous scientist of his generation. In their meticulous and riveting biography, Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin reveal a brilliant, ambitious, complex and flawed man, profoundly involved with some of the momentous events of the twentieth century.

  • av Alan Rickman

    Through his never-before-seen diaries - a twenty-five-year passion project - Alan Rickman invites readers backstage and into his life. He takes us behind the scenes on films and plays ranging from Sense & Sensibility, the Harry Potter series, Private Lives and many more. Detailing the extraordinary and the ordinary, he writes in a way that is anecdotal, indiscreet, witty, gossipy and utterly candid.

  • av Jennette McCurdy

    Jennette McCurdy details how she overcame harrowing struggles as a child TV star—including anorexia and bulimia, addiction, severe obsessive-compulsive disorder and a traumatic relationship with her mother.

  • av K. L. Walther

    To help pull off an epic end-of-year-prank before boarding school graduation, model student Lily Hopper must work closely with her ex-boyfriend, for whom she still has feelings, especially when they are caught red-handed and must face the consequences together.

  • av Ed Yong
    160 - 190,-

  • - The Ultimate Guide to the Mental Side of Peak Performance
    av W Timothy Gallwey

    Improve your game and discover your true potential by increasing your concentration, willpower and confidence. Described by Billie Jean King as her 'tennis bible', Timothy Gallwey's multi-million bestseller, including an introduction from acclaimed sports psychologist Geoff Beattie, has been a phenomenon for players of all abilities since it was first published in 1972. Instead of concentrating on how to improve your technique, it starts from the understanding that 'every game is composed of two parts, an outer game and an inner game'. The former is played against opponents on the court, but the latter is a battle within ourselves as we try and overcome self-doubt and anxiety. It is often won or lost before a ball has been hit. Gallwey's revolutionary approach, built on a foundation of Zen thinking and humanistic psychology, will teach you how to develop your concentration, work on your gamesmanship and help you break bad habits. You will also learn how to trust yourself on the court and how to maintain clarity of mind throughout the match, giving you a clear psychological advantage over your opponent. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, The Inner Game of Tennis is essential reading for overcoming the self-doubt, nervousness, and lapses of concentration that can keep a player from winning. It is guaranteed to change the way you play tennis forever.

  • av Mo Xiang Tong Xiu

    "The novel series that inspired the live-action drama, The untamed!"--Back cover.

  • av Andrew Roberts & David Petraeus
    166 - 340,-

  • av Mo Xiang

    Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji are headed for a showdown at Guanyin Temple, where their path converges with Jin Guangyao and Nie Mingjue's reassembled fierce corpse. With decades-long schemes finally unveiled, and terrible secrets unearthed, the events of this rain-battered night will decide not just the future of the entire cultivation world...but also that of a love story two lifetimes in the making.

  • av Guenther Steiner
    130 - 270,-

  • av Charles Watts
    136 - 256,-

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