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Arkitektur & design

Konsten att konstruera och designa hus, byggnader eller rum. Temat design är otroligt brett och handlar om mer än arkitektur på den här sidan. Generellt hittar du här böcker som handlar om hantverk, konkret arkitektur och konsten i rummet. Här finns böcker som har konkreta råd och riktlinjer om hur man når vissa uttryck. Dessutom har vi bilderböcker med skandinaviska moderna hus, svenskt mode, kläddesign och hur man analyserar bilder och annan konst. Kan det vara att du börjar en design- eller arkitektutbildning snart? Då kan du se dig om i vårt urval! Vi har tusentals böcker inom ämnet.
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    109 kr.

    Featuring 12 touching illustrations of the much-loved characters of Moominvalley, this art calendar depicts all your favourite characters. Informative text accompanies each work and the datepad features previous and next month's views.

  • - The Objects that Influence How and What We Eat
    av Corinne Mynatt
    209 kr.

    A giftable design tome of more than 250 cooking tools.

  • - The Golden Age of Sneaker Advertising
    av Sneaker Freaker
    519 kr.

    A riotous, 720-page celebration of sneakers and sporting legends, as told through the medium of vintage print advertising

  • - urban design for mental health and wellbeing
    av USA) Roe, Jenny (University of Virginia, UK) McCay & m.fl.
    299 - 879 kr.

  • av Simon Wood
    399 kr.

    The first and only publication of its kind, Sneaker Freaker has been at the forefront of the global sneaker scene for nearly two decades. With over 650 redesigned pages, fresh photography, insane historical detail, and otaku-level minutiae, this monster anthology combines the magazine's finest and content created exclusively for TASCHEN into...

  • av Karin Erlandsson & Kristina Erlandsson
    299 kr.

    Dag Hammarskjöld är kanske en av de svenskar som lämnat störst avtryck i världen. År 1957 köpte han gården Backåkra, med tanken att bosätta sig där efter sin period på FN. Idag finns Dag Hammarskjölds möbler, konstverk och personliga tillhörigheter från lägenheten i New York på Backåkra och boken ger oss en inblick i Dag Hammarskjölds liv som inte tidigare har dokumenterats. 

    149 kr.

    Part of a series of practical, inspirational and luxurious Flame Tree Sketch Books Combining high-quality production with magnificent fine art, the covers are printed on foil in five colours, embossed, then foil stamped. The thick paper stock makes them perfect for sketching and drawing. These are perfect for personal use and make a dazzling gift.

  • - More than 50 tips and techniques for learning the art of manga and anime
    av Jeannie Lee & Samantha Whitten
    119 kr.

    245 kr.

    Sensitive paints between philosophy, fairy tale, and allusions to art history

  • av Jason Fry, Ryder Windham, David West Reynolds, m.fl.
    333 kr.

  • av Respawn Entertainment & EA Studios
    339 kr.

  • - a journal of creative direction and graphic design - volume 2
    av Radim Malinic
    229 kr.

  • av Bjarke Ingels
    269 kr.

    This inventive experience from the socially, economically, and environmentally savvy Bjarke Ingels Group is a radical architectural manifesto inside a comic book. The pioneering firm uses the cartoon format to declare its distinct building philosophy in simple yet succinct terms: a quest to find an equilibrium between utopian design and...

  • av Chris van Uffelen
    379 kr.

    After the success of Architectural Visions, with its focus on the German speaking countries, this volume is devoted to the individual handwriting of architects and designers from around the world. It shows more clearly which aesthetic impression the planned building finally leaves behind than any number of computer aided visualisation techniques.

  • av Matthew Jeffrey Abrams
    489 kr.

    Abrams's thoughtful book, the first full monograph on the artist, highlights Whitney's commitment to abstract painting over four decades of consistent practice.

  • av Clarrie Wallis
    489 kr.

    The expressive paintings of Rose Wylie (b.1934), mix styles and subject matter, high art with low and kitsch to create bold depictions of modern life. This monograph, the first of its kind, follows the artist's fascinating artistic journey celebrating her achievements to date while also examining her current practice.

  • av Hajo Düchting, Claudia Hellman & Nina Kozel
    169 kr.

    This book offers a stunning visual history of one hundred years of design.

  • av Patrick Thomas
    209 kr.

    This book enables non-designers to create graphics for protests.

    149 kr.

    A new series of blank sketch books, with luxurious bindings. Combining high-quality production with on the best and most popular art, the covers are printed on foil and embossed, foil stamped with gilded edges. Perfect for personal use, they also make a brilliant gift. This version features Morris' powerful Acanthus pattern printed on silver foil.

  • - The Hidden History of the Material World
    av Victoria Finlay
    115 - 259 kr.

  • - Landscapes and Buildings
    av USA) Woollen & Malcolm (Pennsylvania State University
    489 kr.

  • av Ellen Lupton
    169 kr.

  • - Techniques and Tutorials for the Complete Beginner
    av Paul Clark
    119 kr.

    Watercolour painting is an absorbing, meditative art-from that many people would like to enjoy but don't attempt to because they believe they can't paint or simply don't know where to begin. An encouraging voice and a clear, easy-to-follow approach is often all that's needed to give people the confidence to get started and keep going.

  • - Visionary Japanese Textiles
    av Reiko Sudo
    499 kr.

    The first comprehensive, career-spanning monograph of NUNO, one of Japan's most innovative and respected textile design studios.

  • - and other Princely Accoutrements
    av Salam Kaoukji
    305 - 455 kr.

    An informative and beautifully produced guide to one of the world's most spectacular collections of Indian jewelled weapons.

  • - A Journal of Creative Direction and Graphic Design - Volume 1
    av Radim Malinic
    229 kr.

  • - The Complete Fashion Collections
    av Jo Ellison & Louise Rytter
    545 kr.

    299 kr.

    Det behöver byggas fler och bättre bostäder. Vad tar vi med oss från tiotalet, vad byggdes, för vem och hur? I boken presenteras 25 bostadsprojekt från 2010-talet. En del av dem typiska för decenniet, andra mer innovativa undantag eller inspirerande alternativ. Här finns också konkreta och byggda argument för arkitekter, planerare och politiker som visar hur en bra bostad kan ritas på 2020-talet.

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