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Konsten att konstruera och designa hus, byggnader eller rum. Temat design är otroligt brett och handlar om mer än arkitektur på den här sidan. Generellt hittar du här böcker som handlar om hantverk, konkret arkitektur och konsten i rummet. Här finns böcker som har konkreta råd och riktlinjer om hur man når vissa uttryck. Dessutom har vi bilderböcker med skandinaviska moderna hus, svenskt mode, kläddesign och hur man analyserar bilder och annan konst. Kan det vara att du börjar en design- eller arkitektutbildning snart? Då kan du se dig om i vårt urval! Vi har tusentals böcker inom ämnet.
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  • av Kjell Forshed
    349 kr.

    Arkitekten Kjell Forshed har i femtio år mejslat fram ett helt unikt hantverk i den svenska arkitekturen. Ingen har lika envist hållit fast vid idén om att arkitekturen måste befinna sig i ögonhöjd med de människor som ska leva i den, utgå från deras upplevelser, inte sällan på tvärs med de gängse idéerna inom arkitekturen. Här har han samlat sin kunskap i en bok för dig att ta del av och förvalta.

  • av Zeshu Takamura
    289 kr.

  • - Creativity with Watercolors
    av Terry Runyan
    199 kr.

    Painting Happiness offers playful, expressive watercolour painting techniques and projects that will help you find your calm.

  • - The Creative Use of Fabrics in Design
    av Gail Baugh
    305 kr.

    A fabric and textile directory. It is suitable for the designers wanting to communicate their final vision through the appropriate use of fabric.

  • av Richard Calvocoressi
    1 229 kr.

    The most comprehensive monograph to be published on figurative painter Jenny Saville, one of feminism's most celebrated living artists whose monumental portraits continue to question our accepted ideals of beauty and disrupt the boundaries of race, gender, and identity.

  • - Paintings for the Future
    av Tracey Bashkoff & Tessel M. Baudin
    629 kr.

  • - using collage techniques in textile art
    av Mandy Pattullo
    265 kr.

    In Textile Collage Mandy Pattullo shows a fresh way to use scraps and oddments of fabrics to create something unique and personal, while also being economical - perfect for those who have hoarded bits of fabric, trim and memory-filled domestic textiles over the years.

  • av Nigel Strudwick
    215 kr.

    Masterpieces of Ancient Egypt is the first illustrated guide to the highlights of the British Museum's wonderful collection.

  • - A practical guide to tools, materials, and techniques
    av Sam Roberts & Mike Meyer
    335 kr.

  • - He Eats Alone
    av Germano Celant
    625 kr.

    The American artist's sophisticated, darkly humorous works get their first major exhibition in the Middle East, curated by Germano Celant.

  • av Tubal Cain
    125 kr.

    This book is a thorough and practical discourse on how to use the lathe for all types of milling work. Next to turning, the most valuable use of the lathe is for milling operations, either using the lathe itself to drive the cutters or by extending its scope by adding a separate milling attachment.

  • - 1958-1965
    2 085 kr.

  • av Jens Müller & R. Roger Remington
    655 kr.

    Examine the distillation of modernism in graphic design with this vast collection of approximately 6,000 logos from 1940-1980. Ranging from media outfits to retail giants, airlines to art galleries, these clean, clear visual concepts may be seen as the visual birth of corporate identity.

  • - Simplicity
    av Nancy Braithwaite
    335 kr.

    Interior designer Nancy Braithwaite's long-awaited first book is a striking tutorial in the power of simplicity in design.

  • - The Definitive Guide to the Decorative Arts of the 1920s and 1930s
    av Alastair Duncan
    669 kr.

    Offers an account of the decorative arts of the Art Deco period. This book celebrates the styles rich variety of form and its diverse international roots as the very factors that make it a perennial favourite of modern collectors and designers.

  • - Painting Reconfigured
    av Simon Baker
    419 kr.

    The definitive monograph on the iconoclastic painter George Condo.

  • av Michele D. Marincola & Lucretia Kargere
    845 kr.

    The first English-language book to comprehensively discuss the history and methodology of conserving medieval polychromewood sculpture.

  • - How to Create Art on an iPad (R)
    339 kr.

    Delve into the world of digital painting on an iPad with step-by-step tutorials, hints, and tips from professional artists.

  • av Square Enix, Studio Bentstuff & Digital Hearts
    399 kr.

  • - The definitive guide to colour in art and design
    av Laura Perryman
    248,99 kr.

    The definitive guide to the history and use of over 100 colours for designers, artists and creatives

  • av Virgil Abloh
    669 kr.

    Bringing together all the greats-from Air Jordan 1 to Air Presto-Nike and Virgil Abloh reinvented sneaker culture with the collaborative project The Ten and redesigned 10 sneaker icons. Experience engineering ingenuity and Abloh's investigative design process: each shoe is a piece of industrial design, a readymade sculpture, and a wearable all...

  • av Bridget Foley & Tom Ford
    859 kr.

    A complete catalogue of Ford's design work for both Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent from 1994 to 2004.

  • - The Complete Collections
    av Patrick Mauriès & Adelia Sabatini
    629 kr.

    'The definitive overview of Karl Lagerfeld and Virginie Viard's creations for Chanel, now fully updated, featuring over 180 collections presented through original catwalk photography in a beautiful cloth-bound volume'.

  • - The Complete Collections
    av Alexander Fury & Adelia Sabatini
    669 kr.

    The first comprehensive overview of the legendary house of Dior, from its founding in 1947 to today, published in collaboration with Dior to mark its 70th anniversary.

  • av Emma Baxter-Wright
    179 kr.

    A concise and illustrated biography on one of the world's most influential couturiers and founder of a global fashion brand.

  • - 20 Projects & Creative Techniques in Acrylic & Mixed Media
    av Petra Thoelken
    199 kr.

    Create 20 beautiful abstract works of art in acrylic and mixed media using exciting new techniques and materials.

  • - Collections and Creations
    av Daniele Bott
    325 kr.

    Chanel's combination of tradition, originality and style has always made it the most seductive of brands. This title reveal its private archives, a galaxy of brilliant designs created by Coco Chanel from 1920 onwards.

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