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  • av Harry Foxwell
    469 kr.

    This Oracle Press guide offers complete coverage of Oracle Solaris 11.2 installation, configuration, management, security, and tuningThis handbook ncludes cutting-edge information on Oracle Solaris 11.2, providing you the essential skills needed to successfully set up, deploy, and maintain a Solaris system. Every aspect of Solaris system administration is explained in full detail, including configuration, networking, performance, security, virtualization, and cloud computing.Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration Handbook features up-to-date details on new technologies such as OpenStack cloud support, Unified Archives provisioning, Kernel Zone virtualization, and software defined networking. You will learn the keys to optimizing Oracle Solaris 11.2 instances with the hands-on technical instruction and shared best practices contained in this authoritative volume from Oracle Press.Real-world case studies provide detailed scenarios and ready-to-deploy solutionsTips and best practices for administration are included throughoutCovers brand-new configuration tools and techniques

  • av Herbert Schildt
    365 kr.

    Develop cross-platform, feature-rich JavaFX GUI applications with expert instruction from Java guru Herb SchildtIntroducing JavaFX 8 Programming provides a fast-paced introduction to JavaFX, Java's next-generation GUI programming toolIn this easy-to-read guide from Oracle Press, Java guru Herb Schildt presents the key topics and concepts that all Java developers will need to begin developing modern, dynamic JavaFX GUI applications. Of course, it's written in the cohesive, yet concise format that has made Schildt an international best-selling programming author. Designed expressly for Java programmers, the book's focus is on the new JavaFX API. As a result, all examples are written entirely in Java. The book begins with the fundamentals, including the general form of a JavaFX program. Readers then advance to event handling, controls, images, fonts, layers, effects, transforms, animation s (including 3D animations), menus, and more. Numerous complete examples are included that put key topics and techniques into action.Presents a cohesive, fast-paced overview of key facets of JavaFX 8 programmingSample code used in the text is available for download from the McGraw-Hill/Oracle Press Web siteWritten in Herb Schildt's clear, crisp, uncompromising style that has made him the choice of millions worldwide

  • av Jim Manico
    365 kr.

    Proven Methods for Building Secure Java-Based Web ApplicationsDevelop, deploy, and maintain secure Java applications using the expert techniques and open source libraries described in this Oracle Press guide. Iron-Clad Java presents the processes required to build robust and secure applications from the start and explains how to eliminate existing security bugs. Best practices for authentication, access control, data protection, attack prevention, error handling, and much more are included. Using the practical advice and real-world examples provided in this authoritative resource, you'll gain valuable secure software engineering skills. Establish secure authentication and session management processesImplement a robust access control design for multi-tenant web applicationsDefend against cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, and clickjackingProtect sensitive data while it is stored or in transitPrevent SQL injection and other injection attacksEnsure safe file I/O and uploadUse effective logging, error handling, and intrusion detection methodsFollow a comprehensive secure software development lifecycle"e;In this book, Jim Manico and August Detlefsen tackle security education from a technical perspective and bring their wealth of industry knowledge and experience to application designers. A significant amount of thought was given to include the most useful and relevant security content for designers to defend their applications. This is not a book about security theories, it's the hard lessons learned from those who have been exploited, turned into actionable items for application designers, and condensed into print."e;-From the Foreword by Milton Smith, Oracle Senior Principal Security Product Manager, Java

  • av Paul R. Allen
    655 kr.

    A Complete Study System for OCM Exams 1Z0-807, 1Z0-865, and 1Z0-866Prepare for the Oracle Certified Master Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect exams with this exclusive Oracle Press guide. The multiple-choice exam, the assignment, and the essay exam are covered. Chapters feature challenging exercises, a certification summary, a two-minute drill, and a self-test to reinforce the topics presented. This authoritative resource helps you pass these exams and also serves as an essential, on-the-job reference. Get complete coverage of all exam objectives, including: Application design concepts and principlesCommon architecturesIntegration and messagingBusiness-tier technologiesWeb-tier technologiesDesign patternsSecurityElectronic content includes: 120 multiple-choice practice exam questionsTest engine that provides practice exams and customized quizzes by chapter

  • av John Brock
    319 kr.

    Create Next-Generation Enterprise ApplicationsBuild and distribute business web applications that target both desktop and mobile devices. Cowritten by Java EE and NetBeans IDE experts, Java EE and HTML5 Enterprise Application Development fully explains cutting-edge, highly responsive design tools and strategies. Find out how to navigate NetBeans IDE, construct HTML5 programs, employ JavaScript APIs, integrate CSS and WebSockets, and handle security. This Oracle Press guide also offers practical coverage of SaaS, MVVM, and RESTful concepts. Explore HTML5 and Java EE 7 featuresUse NetBeans IDE editors, templates, and code generatorsImplement MVVM functionality with Knockout.jsDynamically map database objects using Java Persistence APIConfigure, manage, and invoke RESTful Web ServicesMaximize messaging efficiency through WebSocketsAccept and process HTML5 Server-Sent Events streamsEmploy Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets, CSS3, and Sassy CSS

  • av Sam R. Alapati
    655 kr.

    A Fully Integrated Study System for OCP Exam 1Z0-060Prepare for the Oracle Certified Professional Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c exam with this exclusive Oracle Press guide. Each chapter features step-by-step examples, a certification summary, a two-minute drill, and a self-test to reinforce the topics presented. This authoritative resource helps you pass the exam and also serves as an essential, on-the-job reference. Get complete coverage of the new features of Oracle Database 12c, including: Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express and additional tools for database monitoringMultitenant container databases and pluggable databasesAuditing, administrative privileges, data redaction, and other Oracle security featuresAdaptive execution plans, adaptive statistics, and automatic SQL plan managementOracle Recovery Manager backup and recovery improvementsOracle Database Resource Manager and other performance enhancementsOracle Data Pump, SQL*Loader, external tables, and online operations enhancementsImprovements to information lifecycle management and storage, including automatic data optimization, in-database archiving, and temporal validityElectronic content includes: 170 practice exam questions with detailed answer explanations

  • av Harshad Oak
    565 kr.

    Master Java EE Application Development on Oracle Java CloudBuild highly available, scalable, secure, distributed applications on Oracle Java Cloud. In this Oracle Press guide, Oracle ACE Director and Java Champion Harshad Oak leads you through the entire Java EE cloud-based application lifecycle-from development to deployment. Filled with real-world examples, ready-to-use code, and best practices, Java EE Applications on Oracle Java Cloud is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to meet the growing demand for cloud-based development skills. Set up an Oracle Java Cloud instance and manage users and rolesBuild an application with NetBeans IDE and deploy it on Oracle Java CloudExtend application functionality using servlets, filters, and listenersStreamline application development with JavaServer Pages, JSP Standard Tag Library, and expression languageCreate and deploy feature-rich JavaServer Faces applications on Oracle Java CloudUse Enterprise JavaBeans to effectively run business logic code in enterprise applicationsDevelop and deploy SOAP and RESTful web services on Oracle Java CloudTake advantage of the persistence capabilities of Oracle Java Cloud via Oracle Database CloudCode examples from the book are available for download.

  • av Michael McLaughlin
    425 kr.

    The only Oracle Press guide to MySQL Workbench explains how to design and model MySQL databases.MySQL Workbench Data Modeling and Development helps developers learn how to effectively use this powerful product for database modeling, reverse engineering, and interaction with the database without writing SQL statements. MySQL Workbench is a graphical user interface that can be used to create and maintain MySQL databases without coding. The book covers the interface and explains how to accomplish each step by illustrating best practices visually.Clear examples, instructions, and explanations reveal, in a single volume, the art of database modeling. This Oracle Press guide shows you how to get the tool to do what you want. Annotated screen shots demonstrate all interactions with the tool, and text explains the how, what, and why of each step.Complete coverageInstallation and Configuration; Creating and Managing Connections; Data Modeling Concepts; Creating an ERD; Defining the Physical Schemata; Creating and Managing Tables; Creating and Managing Relationships; Creating and Managing Views; Creating and Managing Routines; Creating and Managing Routine Groups; Creating and Managing User & Groups; Creating and Managing SQL Scripts; Generating SQL Scripts; Forward Engineering a Data Model; Synchronize a Model with a Database; Reverse Engineering a Database; Managing Differences in the Data Catalog; Creating and Managing Model Notes; Editing Table Data; Editing Generated Scripts; Creating New Instances; Managing Import and Export; Managing Security; Managing Server Instances

  • av Ronald Bradford
    229 kr.

    The Essential Guide to Protecting Your Business InformationWritten by Oracle ACE Director and MySQL expert Ronald Bradford, Effective MySQL: Backup and Recovery covers all the options with detailed descriptions and syntax examples to ensure an appropriate backup and recovery plan can be developed. Featuring a side-by-side evaluation of the various backup strategies and complementary recovery implementations, this Oracle Press book helps you to protect your MySQL data from a wide range of disaster situations. Learn how different backup strategies affect locking and system availabilityIdentify the importance of static backup options and point-in-time requirementsRecognize the important business factors to determine your optimal data protection requirementsUnderstand the benefits of using MySQL replication for leveraging different backup strategiesUnderstand the benefits and risks of implementing solutions with MySQL in the cloudIdentify key configuration variables that affect data durability and performanceFind out about the types of possible disasters and develop a robust plan to address themOptimize your backup approach with compression, streaming, incremental, and parallel options

  • av Paula Dean
    795 kr.

    Master Oracle's PeopleSoft PeopleTools Data Administration and Upgrade ToolsetMaximize data integrity, maintain peak application performance, and keep your PeopleSoft environment up to date. PeopleSoft PeopleTools Data Management and Upgrade Handbook explains the latest techniques and provides best practices, case studies, and programming examples. Find out how to develop and deploy data mover scripts, audit database health, apply patches, and generate project comparison reports. This Oracle Press guide offers thorough coverage of Oracle's PeopleSoft life cycle management tools. Understand PeopleSoft PeopleTools architectureManage metadata using PeopleSoft Application DesignerCreate and execute PeopleSoft Data Mover scriptsLearn how to use PeopleSoft Data Archive Manager Read best practices for applying updates, patches, and fixesImplement PeopleSoft change control featuresBuild automated functional testsPlan and execute application and platform upgrades

  • av Ben Prusinski
    655 kr.

    Implement the Full Spectrum of Oracle E-Business Suite Financial ApplicationsMaintain an integrated, customer-focused financial computing framework that meets global business requirements while lowering total cost of ownership. Oracle E-Business Suite Financials Handbook, Third Edition offers fully updated coverage of the latest applications and modules. Find out how to enforce robust accounting rules, establish workflow, manage invoices and inventory, create budgets and forecasts, and secure your corporate assets. This Oracle Press guide thoroughly explains how to deploy custom Web applications, automate tax reporting, and incorporate Oracle Fusion Applications.Centralize financial data with Oracle General Ledger and Oracle Subledger AccountingTrack invoices and payments through Oracle Receivables and Oracle PayablesForecast cash requirements and manage portfolios with Oracle TreasuryIncrease liquidity and profitability using Oracle Cash ManagementEstablish asset depreciation schedules and handle leases and warranty information with Oracle AssetsUse Oracle Purchasing and Oracle Inventory to optimize supply chain efficiencyHandle procurement and billing information using Oracle Projects and Oracle Order ManagementEmploy the all-new Oracle E-Business Tax and Oracle Landed Cost ManagementLeverage Oracle Fusion Applications in a co-existence strategy with Oracle E-Business Suite FinancialsImplement an end-to-end disaster recovery strategy

  • av Sam R. Alapati
    609 kr.

    Master the Configuration and Administration of Oracle WebLogic Server 11gOversee a robust, highly available environment for your mission-critical applications using the expert information in this Oracle Press guide. Oracle WebLogic Server 11g Administration Handbook explains the latest management techniques for the de facto application server for Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g> and provides detailed examples and best practices. Find out how to use the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console feature, employ command-line and scripting tools, implement failover and migration capabilities, and generate reliable backups. Troubleshooting, tuning, and security procedures are also covered in this comprehensive resource. Install Oracle WebLogic Server 11g or upgrade from a previous version Configure domains, servers, clusters, custom networks, and virtual hosts Work with the Administration Console and Monitoring Dashboard features of Oracle WebLogic ServerUse the WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST) feature of Oracle WebLogic Server to manage and monitor domainsUse the Oracle WebLogic Server Work Managers feature to optimize scheduled workDeploy Web applications, Enterprise JavaBeans, and Java EE modulesImprove scalability and reliability using Oracle WebLogic Server clustersMonitor servers, tune the Java Virtual Machine, maximize throughput, and optimize performanceAuthenticate, authorize, and map users within defined security realms

  • av Peter Fugere
    699 kr.

    Master Oracle Hyperion Financial ManagementConsolidate financial data and maintain a scalable compliance framework with expert instruction from an Oracle ACE. Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Tips & Techniques provides advanced, time-saving procedures not documented in user manuals or help files. Find out how to configure Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, import and reconcile data, deliver dynamic business reports, and automate administrative tasks. Stragegies for supporting, testing, and tuning your application are also covered in this comprehensive Oracle Press guide. Establish objectives and develop an effective rollout plan Set up and customize Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Create rules using VBScript and the Calculation Manager feature of Oracle Hyperion Foundation ServicesLoad, test, and reconcile your data with Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality ManagementDesign, update, and distribute Web-based business reportsIntegrate content from Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint using SmartViewWork with the Lifecycle Management feature of Oracle Hyperion Foundation ServicesIdentify and resolve performance, design, and capacity problems

  • av Madhup Gulati
    489 kr.

    Master Cloud Computing with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12cGain organizational agility, foster innovation, and lower TCO by adopting a service-oriented, cloud-based IT solution. Building and Managing a Cloud Using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c thoroughly explains how to architect, configure, and manage components of a public or private cloud lifecycle. Discover how to choose the right architecture, deploy applications, govern self-service provisioning, monitor users, and implement security. This Oracle Press guide features best practices and case studies from the authors' experiences as Oracle product managers. Plan and deploy a flexible cloud infrastructureConfigure Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Self Service PortalBundle applications using Oracle Virtual Assembly BuilderSet up, manage, and monitor IaaS, PaaS, and DBaaSMeter usage and establish chargeback policiesWork with large-scale clouds and enforce complianceManage cloud service levelsDiagnose and repair bottlenecks and faults

  • av Kirtikumar Deshpande
    565 kr.

    Master Oracle Streams 11g ReplicationEnable real-time information access and data sharing across your distributed framework using the expert information in this Oracle Press guide. Oracle Streams 11g Data Replication explains how to set up and administer a unified enterprise data sharing infrastructure. Learn how to capture, propagate, and apply database changes, transform data, and handle data conflicts. Monitoring, optimizing, and troubleshooting techniques are also covered in this comprehensive volume. Understand Oracle Streams components and architectureGain in-depth knowledge about capturing, propagating, and applying data manipulation language (DML) and data definition language (DDL) changesLearn how to access and modify the contents of Logical Change RecordsBuild custom procedures for data transformationsConfigure Oracle Streams replication for the database, schemas, and tablesTune Oracle Streams performance for improved throughputManage and monitor Oracle Streams using Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid ControlLearn from several practical examples and scripts

  • av Manoj Das
    565 kr.

    Master Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11gWritten by Oracle business process management experts, Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g Handbook is a balanced combination of essential BPM concepts, best practices, and a detailed treatment of all the powerful features and functionalities of Oracle BPM Suite 11g. The book explains how to plan, develop, and deploy process-based business applications and enable enterprise-wide continuous process improvement. Implement successful BPM projects with help from this Oracle Press guide. Understand the architecture and functionalities of Oracle BPM Suite 11gMaster BPMN 2.0 for business process modeling and implementationAddress agility, business control, and transparency requirements with Oracle Business Rules 11gDevelop rich interfaces with Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF)Work with the human task component of Oracle BPM 11gPlan a BPM initiative using the Oracle roadmap approachApply the Oracle process engineering method to identify, select, define, and refine appropriate processesImplement a business process application using proven technical design and project delivery strategies

  • av K. Gopalakrishnan
    629 kr.

    Master Oracle Real Application ClustersMaintain a dynamic enterprise computing infrastructure with expert instruction from an Oracle ACE. Oracle Database 11g Oracle Real Application Clusters Handbook, Second Edition has been fully revised and updated to cover the latest tools and features. Find out how to prepare your hardware, deploy Oracle Real Application Clusters, optimize data integrity, and integrate seamless failover protection. Troubleshooting, performance tuning, and application development are also discussed in this comprehensive Oracle Press guide. Install and configure Oracle Real Application ClustersConfigure and manage diskgroups using Oracle Automatic Storage ManagementWork with services, voting disks, and Oracle Clusterware RepositoryLook under the hood of the Cache Fusion and Global Resource Directory operations in Oracle Real Applications ClustersExplore the internal workings of backup and recovery in Oracle Real Application ClustersEmploy workload balancing and the Transparent Application Failover feature of an Oracle databaseGet complete coverage of Stretch Clusters, also known as Metro ClustersTroubleshoot Oracle Clusterware using the most advanced diagnostics availableDevelop custom Oracle Real Application Clusters applications

  • av Rick Greenwald
    589 kr.

    Maximize Oracle Exadata CapabilitiesLeverage all of the powerful features available in the Oracle Exadata Database Machine using the proven techniques inside this Oracle Press guide. Written by Oracle experts, Achieving Extreme Performance with Oracle Exadata shows you how to take full advantage of this complete, optimized package of software, servers, and storage. Best practices for enterprise deployments, high availability, administration, backup and recovery, data warehousing, online transaction processing, consolidation, and migration are included in this authoritative resource. Take advantage of the tightly integrated hardware and software in the Oracle Exadata Database MachineWork with Oracle Exadata software features, including Smart Scans, Oracle Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression, storage indexes, Oracle Exadata Smart Flash Cache, and I/O Resource ManagerUnderstand Oracle Exadata Database Machine balanced hardware architectureArchitect, administer, and monitor Oracle Exadata Storage ServersDeploy data warehouses on the Oracle Exadata Database MachineRun online transaction processing (OLTP) workloads on the Oracle Exadata Database MachineConsolidate databases with and migrate databases to the Oracle Exadata Database Machine

  • av Michael D. Lairson
    275 kr.

    Master the Combined Analysis Tools in Oracle CRM on DemandDrive better decision-making across your enterprise using the reporting and analysis techniques in this Oracle Press guide. Through clear explanations and detailed case studies, Oracle CRM on Demand Combined Analyses shows you how to deliver real-time insightful business intelligence to end users. Learn how to perform multiple queries, join tables, format result columns, and add interactivity to your reports. Methods for filtering the results of a combined analysis are also covered in this practical resource. Create, edit, and join reports with set operators in Oracle Answers On DemandConfigure roles and privileges to allow access to development toolsUse negative reporting methods to compensate for null dataAnalyze records from the transactional databases and data warehouse in federated reportsAdd advanced views such as gauges, view selectors, funnel charts, and narrative views to your combined reportsIntegrate ad hoc analysis using Oracle Answers on DemandConsolidate information from disparate sources with pivot tablesPerform calculations across multiple reports using result columns

  • av Michael D. Lairson
    275 kr.

    Link and Embed Oracle CRM On Demand ReportsIntegrate business intelligence directly into day-to-day business processes by presenting analytic reports to end users in applications. Oracle CRM On Demand Embedded Analytics shows you how to link and embed reports throughout Oracle CRM On Demand. This Oracle Press guide explains how to plan, design, and develop reports; make them available through hyperlinks; and embed reports in a variety of locations easily accessible to end users. Real-world examples and time-saving tips are included throughout this practical resource. Navigate the report development environment within Oracle CRM On DemandConfigure administrative settings to access report development and embedding toolsDesign reports for linking and embedding in applicationsFormat columns, filter data, and add and edit views, including pivot tables and pivot chartsAdd link functionality to Oracle CRM On Demand and your reportsEmbed reports using HTML and URL encodingDisplay reports inside dashboards and on home page screensEmbed reports inside other reportsAdd reports and dashboards to custom Web tabs and desktop applicationsInclude external sites in reports

  • av Vladimir Ajvaz
    565 kr.

    Master Oracle Fusion Applications Design and PersonalizationDeliver highly adaptable business applications that bolster productivity and drive informed decision-making. Oracle Fusion Applications Development and Extensibility Handbook contains best practices, real-world case studies, and technical deep dives. Discover how to manage design- and run-time customizations, extend existing UIs and build new ones, secure your applications, and integrate with other systems. This Oracle Press guide offers complete coverage of the latest cloud and SOA-based features. Explore Oracle Fusion Applications components and architecturePlan, develop, debug, and deploy customizationsExtend out-of-the-box functionality with Oracle JDeveloperModify web applications using Oracle ComposerIncorporate Oracle SOA Suite 11g compositesValidate code through sandboxes and test environmentsSecure data using authorization, authentication, and encryptionDesign and distribute personalized BI reportsAutomate jobs with Oracle Enterprise SchedulerChange appearance and branding of your applications with the Oracle ADF Skin EditorExtend and customize CRM with Application Composer

  • av Jeff Saenger
    379 kr.

    Master Oracle CRM On DemandFoster long-term customer relationships and accelerate productivity using the proven strategies and best practices in this Oracle Press guide. Oracle CRM On Demand Deployment Guide shows how to set up, customize, and manage a dynamic software-as-a-service solution across your enterprise. Develop implementation plans, maximize user adoption, build applets and portals, integrate Web 2.0 features, and use analytics dashboards. The latest design, tuning, and data security techniques are also covered in this practical resource. Establish business objectives, project requirements, and key success metricsStaff an implementation team and develop effective rollout plansConfigure, deploy, and administer Oracle CRM On DemandManage users and restrict access using roles and privilegesCustomize sales, marketing, and service processes with the object modelEmbed external content and URLs using the web services APIDistribute real-time BI using dashboards and advanced reporting toolsIncorporate web tabs, mashups, Google services, and RSS feedsUse workflow to automate business process management

  • av Melanie Anjele Cameron
    379 kr.

    Maximize the Capabilities of Oracle Self-Service ApplicationsGet complete coverage of Oracle E-Business Suite's self-service modules, including Oracle iProcurement, Oracle Internet Expenses, Oracle iSupplier Portal, and Oracle iReceivables, inside this Oracle Press guide. Oracle Self-Service Applications discusses the features of each module and how they benefit organizational workflow, and reviews common implementation considerations that apply to all the applications. The book also provides detailed configuration instructions explaining each screen and field. Learn how to set up and use: Oracle iProcurement for automating both the requesting and approval of requisitionsOracle Internet Expenses for streamlining the entry, approval, and auditing of expense reports, including credit card processingOracle iSupplier Portal to allow secure supplier collaborationOracle iReceivables to enable customers and employees to review account information onlineThe order management portal for granting inquiry-only viewing and tracking of orders and delivery statusOracle Bill Presentment Architecture for customizing invoicesOracle Approvals Management to accommodate complex rules for approving transactionsOracle Application Framework to customize both the options and usability of the self-service applications

  • av Bastin Gerald
    775 kr.

    Implement Oracle's Internet-based Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management products using this Oracle authorized resource. This comprehensive guide explains how to implement the planning, engineering, pricing, order fulfillment, and inventory management components of Oracle Manufacturing and Supply Chain--and develop and deliver goods and services faster, cheaper, and more efficiently than your competitors.

  • av Michael Schrader
    589 kr.

    The only book to cover and compare Oracle's online analytic processing productsWith the acquisition of Hyperion Systems in 2007, Oracle finds itself owning the two most capable OLAP products on the market--Essbase and the OLAP Option to the Oracle Database. Written by the most knowledgeable experts on both Essbase and Oracle OLAP, this Oracle Press guide explains how these products are similar and how they differ. Oracle Essbase & Oracle OLAP will help you architect the Oracle OLAP product that is most appropriate for your application, and build, tune, and maintain OLAP solutions.

  • av Steve O'Hearn
    609 kr.

    A fully updated, integrated self-study system for the Oracle Database SQL ExamThis thoroughly revised Oracle Press guide offers 100% coverage of all objectives on the latest version of the Oracle Database SQL Exam. Ideal both as a study guide and on-the-job reference, OCA Oracle Database SQL Exam Guide (Exam 1Z0-071) features detailed explanations, examples, practice questions, and chapter summaries. "e;Certification Objectives,"e; "e;Exam Watch,"e; and "e;On the Job"e; sections reinforce salient points throughout. You will gain access to two complete practice exams that match the tone, tenor, and format of the live test.Get complete coverage every topic on Exam 1Z0-071, including: DDL and SQL SELECT statements Manipulating, restricting, and sorting data Single-row and group functions Displaying data from multiple tables Subqueries Schema objects Set operators Grouping related data Report creation Data dictionary views Large data sets Hierarchical retrieval Regular expression support User access controlThe electronic includes: Two full practice exams Detailed answers and explanations

  • av Arie Geller
    565 kr.

    Develop Robust Modern Web Applications with Oracle Application Express. Covers APEX 5.1.Easily create data-reliant web applications that are reliable, scalable, dynamic, responsive, and secure using the detailed information contained in this Oracle Press guide. Oracle Application Express (APEX): Build Powerful Data-Centric Web Apps with APEX features step-by-step application development techniques, real-world coding examples, and best practices. You will find out how to work with the App Builder and Page Designer, use APEX themes (responsive and mobile included), templates and wizards, and design and deploy custom web apps. New and updated features in APEX 5.0/5.1 are thoroughly covered and explained. Understand APEX concepts and programming fundamentals Plan and control the development cycle, using HLD techniques Use APEX themes and templates, including Universal Theme Use APEX wizards to rapidly build forms and reports on database tables Build modern, dynamic, and interactive user interface using the Page Designer Increase user experience using Dynamic Actions (Ajax included) Build and utilize the new APEX 5.1 Interactive Grid Implement App Logic with APEX computations, validations, and processes Use (automatic) built-in and manual DML to manipulate your data Handle security at browser, application, and database levels Successfully deploy the developed APEX apps

  • av G. Venkat
    565 kr.

    Implement a High-Performance Enterprise Java Application Modernization StrategyLearn cutting-edge techniques and processes to systematically and strategically modernize legacy Java applications with predictability, consistency, and confidence. This Oracle Press guide offers an innovative blueprint that empowers corporate management teams to better understand necessary technical requirements and enables Java architects and developers to better align with agile business needs. Rapid Modernization of Java Applications: Practical Business and Technical Solutions for Upgrading Your Enterprise Portfolio contains modernization approaches that offer end-to-end Java application portfolio visibility so that application modernization projects can stay on-schedule and within budget.

  • av K. Gopalakrishnan
    609 kr.

    This comprehensive guide has been fully updated to cover the latest features and tools of Oracle Real Application Clusters 12cThrough clear instruction and detailed examples, Oracle Database 12c Real Application Clusters Handbook: Concepts, Administration, Tuning and Troubleshooting teaches how to build, configure, and maintain a dynamic enterprise computing infrastructure. This thoroughly revised edition covers best uses for the latest tools and features-all from the practical standpoint of a working DBA.You will discover how to prepare hardware, configure the software, optimize data integrity, and integrate seamless failover protection. Brand-new flex and large cluster technologies are explained in full detail, and readers will get complete solutions for securing data and continuing business operations in the event of hardware failure.Presents all the new information needed to effectively use Oracle Real Application Clusters 12c -considered the most radical overhaul everOffers detailed coverage of troubleshooting, performance tuning, and application development

  • av K. Gopalakrishnan

    Covers information you need to know about Real Application Clusters - low-cost hardware platforms that can rival and exceed the quality of service, availability, and scalability of expensive mainframe systems. This title includes: coverage of advanced RAC concepts and working code for various examples available online.

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