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  • - Time-Efficient Training Secrets for Ultimate Fitness
    av Don Fink
    145 kr.

    "e;Most how-to books are too technical or too shallow. Don Fink manages to pen a unique combination of information, anecdotes, and readability."e;-Scott Tinley, two-time Ironman World Champion "e;Don's book certainly made me think. A truly complete book for all abilities in the sport of triathlon that leaves no subject untouched."e;-Spencer Smith, three-time Triathlon World Champion Ever dream of being an elite endurance athlete and competing in races like Hawaii's Ironman? Pro athletes are not the only people who can attain such superior accomplishments. Every season tens of thousands of amateur triathletes compete head-to-head, pushing their physical and mental strength to the limits. The Ironman competition is a true test: a 2.4-mile open-water swim followed by a 112-mile bike leg and a 26.2-mile marathon run. In Be Iron Fit, sought-after multisport coach Don Fink draws on his time-efficient training methods to provide a practical program in a step-by-step, enjoyable way-so even everyday athletes can attain ultimate conditioning.

  • av Dale Tafoya
    175 - 219 kr.

  • av Boze Hadleigh
    189 kr.

    Behind the images and facades of stars whose fame and fascination continue to outlive them lies the naked truth. How Hollywood stars lived, worked and died is often more dramatic than their films. When we talk about movie stars we usually dwell not on their movies but their personalities or what happened to them or supposedly happened. Their lives interest us even more than their roles, especially, let's be honest, their mishaps and tragedies, including early deaths. Their scandals define several movie stars, and Hollywood secrets remain a true-gossip staple, particularly sexual secrets. Scandals, Secrets & Swansongs takes a close-up, no-holds-barred look at 101 starsat their surprising, often shocking, sometimes sordid but always entertaining real selves and lives.

  • av Robert W. Cohen
    259 kr.

    Who were the greatest Minnesota Vikings to have the played for the team? There are certainly many excellent players to choose from, from Fran Tarkenton to Randy Moss and Adrian Peterson on offense to defensive stalwarts like Alan Page and John Randle. Even the offensive linemen who quietly get the job done deserve ranking among the top 50think Gary Zimmerman and Ron Yary. The possibilities are endless: players such as Ahmad Rashad, Carl Eller, Chuck Foreman, Daunte Culpepper and many more. In this book Robert Cohen takes on the daunting challenge of ranking the greatest Minnesota Vikings ever from 1-50, with a number of honorable mentions

  • av J. North Conway
    245 kr.

    Soldier Parrot brings a new level of research and personal grit to Civil War history with this riveting account of how Jacob Parrott, an 18-year-old, illiterate orphan from Ohio became the first soldier to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.Parrott, a private in the Union Army, volunteered in 1862 for a secret mission behind Confederate lines to steal a train, tear up railroad tracks, burn bridges, and cut telegraph lines. The mission failed. Parrott and his companions were captured. Several were hung as spies and Parrott spent nearly two years in a Confederate prison. Parrott was only eighteen-years old when he volunteered for the secret mission. He had never been farther than ten miles from his home in Fairfield County. Soldier Parrott is literally the stuff of history--a fast-paced, extremely well-told tale of espionage, capture, trial, and escape. Half the team was executed; the half that escaped received the newly established Medal of Honor.

  • av Buck Brannaman
    165 - 175 kr.

    Ive started horses since I was 12 years old and have been bit, kicked, bucked off and run over. Ive tried every physical means to contain my horse in an effort to keep from getting myself killed. I started to realize that things would come much easier for me once I learned why a horse does what he does. This method works well for me because of the kinship that develops between horse and rider. --Buck BrannamanIn THE FARAWAY HORSES, Brannaman shares his methods for training and provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Robert Redfords movie The Horse Whisperer, for which he was the technical advisor.

  • av Peter Nowak
    0 - 165 kr.

  • av Robert Hauptman & Frederic Hartemann
    499 kr.

  • av Wayne Stewart
    219 kr.

  • av Ken Samelson & Spencer Samelson
    219 kr.

  • av Terry Meany
    175 - 209 kr.

    Don't panic at the prospect of home repair and maintenance! With this informative and well-organized guide you'll have the knowledge and instruction you need to deal with or prevent scores of the most common problems in your home. Its 460 full-color photographs and step-by-step instructions show you how things work, what can go wrong, and whether there is a quick fix. You'll know when to call repair service and when you can do the work yourself. From painting to electrical work, plumbing, and maintenance, this book makes home repair and maintenance projects easy, providing clear, commonsense ways to save time and money. Topics covered include:Guidance on assessing the problem Essential information on tools, supplies and techniques every homeowner should have How to Paint Fixing scratches, squeaks, scrapes and chips Repairing leaks and clogs Electrical repairs you can do Dealing with mold, mildew, moss and dry rot Yard work Running an energy efficient homeAn extensive resource guide to products and Web sources is provided as well.

  • av Jane Dismore
    175 - 209 kr.

    In November 2017 the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. As a 13-year-old Princess, she fell in love with Prince Philip of Greece, an ambitious naval cadet, and they married when she was 21; when she suddenly became Queen at 25, their lives changed forever. Philip has been her great support, but fortunately she also had a solid foundation that helped prepare her for a life dedicated to duty. With previously unpublished material and unique memories from friends and relatives who have known her since childhood, this book looks afresh and in richer depth at her life as Princess, glittering yet isolating. Vivid detail and anecdotes reveal more about her, the era in which she grew up and the people who shaped her life. The archives of royal confidante Lady Desborough and Private Secretary Sir Alec Hardinge reveal unseen letters from the Princess and the royal family, giving intimate insights into their lives and minds. Here is her sadness at the death of her nanny, Alah; her joy in her children; her melancholy as a young wife when Philip returns to his ship; the sensitivities of her father. Here too is the Princess with the aristocratic Bowes Lyons, her mother's family, who featured significantly in her life, yet rarely appear in books. The author sheds new light on anomalies surrounding the birth of her mother who, it has been asserted, was the daughter of the family's cook. The strain of wartime on the royal family is highlighted in new material contrasting the stance of the Princess's uncles, the Duke of Windsor and David Bowes Lyon. In contrast with her upbringing, Philip's early life was turbulent, although their lives shared some interesting parallels. Lady Butter, a relation of Philip and friend of the Princess, recalls time spent with each of them; and unpublished documents show how intelligence agencies considered the socialist influence of the Mountbattens on Philip and thus on the royal court.More importantly, Princess traces how an ';ordinary country girl' suddenly found herself in the line of succession to the crown at age ten when her Uncle, the Duke of Windsor, abdicated the throne to his brother Albert (';Bertie' to family and friends), the once and future King George VI. Breaking new ground for a future English monarch, she became the first female member of the royal family to serve on active duty during World War II, and broke tradition by sending her children away to school rather having them privately tutored. Indeed, by the time of her coronation in 1953, she had already achieved a ';broad and solid background from which she could draw during the rapidly changing times of her long reign. Out of a little princess they made a Queen.'

  • av Frank Krake
    259 kr.

    THE LAST SURVIVOR is the incredible story of a man who survived three concentration camps and a major maritime disaster at the end of WW II.Stowed away on top of a train, twenty-year-old Wim Aloserij escapes the obligatory ';Arbeitseinsatz' (forced or ';slave' labor) in Germany in 1943. The young man from Amsterdam then goes into hiding on a farm and sleeps for months in a wooden chest hidden underground. Despite his efforts to stay there, he is captured during a raid and taken to the infamous Gestapo prison in Amsterdam, after which he is imprisoned in Camp Amersfoort. A few weeks later he is sent on a transport to northern Germany. There, he is forced to work in Camp Husum and Camp Neuengamme, an experience many men will not survive but Wim nevertheless does, in part thanks to the harsh lessons he learned from his alcoholic and physically abusive stepfather.With the end of the war in sight, Wim ends up on the German luxury cruise liner the Cap Arcona, anchored in the Bay of Lubeck. While the Allies force Nazi Germany into submission on the docks, the RAF make a terrible mistake at sea. Fighter planes bomb several of the anchored ships, including the Cap Arcona, and in what soon becomes a veritable inferno 7,000 prisoners die. Together with just a few hundred other passengers, Wim survives one of the worst maritime disasters of all time.

  • av James P. Busha
    259 kr.

    By the time the war clouds of Europe and Asia spilled onto the shores of the United States, the allied military found itself outmanned, outgunned and out flown. The United States, still reeling from the Great Depression, was in a technological disadvantage in all branches of the military. This included, of course, a viable air force. There have been volumes of books written about the development of US airpower and the technological specifications of each American or Allied aircraft. This is not one of them. This book focuses on the young men who answered the call to duty and were literally transformed from ';farm boys to fighter pilots.' It offers a rare glimpse of what it was like to fly a variety of frontline fighters in World War II. From Army Air Force P-39 Aircobras, P-40 Warhawk's, P-38 Lightning's, P-47 Thunderbolts and P-51 Mustang's to US Navy F4F Wildcats, F4U Corsairs and F6F Hellcats. Each story is told in descriptive detail, with the inclusion of actual combat reports contained in many of the stories. Many of the pilots depicted also achieved the status of ace with five or more aerial victories.

  • av Jeff Henry
    339 kr.

    This book will anticipate the 150th anniversary of the establishment of Yellowstone in 2022, with historic photographs, classic art, and an accompanying narrative that traces the history of the area from its Native American inhabitants to the present. Sidebars will include profiles of the artists such as Thomas Moran who made the park famous, how the ';subculture' of park employees has evolved over the years, the role of wildlife biologists in range management, as well as the ebb and flow of its large mammal populations as an increased human presence has put pressure on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Notwithstanding these challenges, the book will be a celebration of the resilience of the place earlier visitors aptly called ';Wonderland.'

  • av Tom Rosenbauer
    339 kr.

    One of the most studied yet intimidating aspects of fly fishing for trout is an understanding of insect hatches. This unique book teaches fly fishers enough entomology to be successful, and instead of focusing on insect identification, it stresses learning how to approach trout, how to find where they feed, and how to present the fly so it is accepted as natural food without hesitation. It helps fly fishers catch more fish on dry flies, streamers, and nymphs, and teaches the angler more about trout than the life history of insects. Published in association with The Orvis Company.

  • av Beverly Weintraub
    279 kr.

    On Feb. 2, 2019, the skies over Maynardville, Tennessee, filled with the roar of four F/A-18F Super Hornets streaking overhead in close formation. In each aircraft were two young female flyers, executing the first all-woman Missing Man Formation flyover in Navy history in memory of Captain Rosemary Mariner groundbreaking Navy jet pilot, inspiring commander, determined and dedicated leader whose drive to ensure the United States military had its choice of the best America had to offer, both men and women, broke down barriers and opened doors for female aviators wanting to serve their country.Selected for Navy flight training as an experiment in 1972, Mariner and her five fellow graduates from the inaugural group of female Naval Aviators racked up an impressive roster of achievements, and firsts: first woman to fly a tactical jet aircraft; first woman to command an aviation squadron; first female Hurricane Hunter; first pregnant Navy pilot; plaintiff in a federal lawsuit that overturned limits on womens ability to fulfill their military duty.Leading by example, and by confrontation when necessary, they challenged deep skepticism within the fleet and blazed a trail for female aviators wanting to serve their country equally with their male counterparts.This is the story of their struggles and triumphs as they earned their Wings of Gold, learned to fly increasingly sophisticated jet fighters and helicopters, mastered aircraft carrier landings, served at sea and reached heights of command that would have been unthinkable less than a generation before. And it is the story of the legacy they left behind, one for which the women performing the Navy's first Missing Woman Flyover in Mariner's memory owe a debt of gratitude.

  • av Jan Bridgeford-Smith
    175 kr.

    Begged, Borrowed, & Stolen is a collection of true stories detailing the different icons, historical documents, art, patents, ideas, and more that have been stolen throughout US history. Drawing upon years of research and an extensive collection of photographs, the author sheds light on how land, art and treasures, ideas, and even bodies and elections were stolen from right under our noses!

  • av Steve Ramirez
    179 kr.

    In Casting Forward, naturalist, educator, and writer Steve Ramirez takes the reader on a year-long journey fly-fishing all of the major rivers of the Texas Hill Country. This is a story of the resilience of nature and the best of human nature. It is the story of a living, breathing place where the footprints of dinosaurs, conquistadors, and Comanches have mingled just beneath the clear spring-fed waters. This book is an impassioned plea for the survival of this landscape and its biodiversity, and for a new ethic in how we treat fish, nature, and each other.

  • av Michael Connelly
    179 kr.

    Boston writer Michael Connolly captures the magic of American's return to normalcy after World War II in this intimate portrait of a city and the baseball team it loves.Fenway 1946 celebrates the city and the team and the spirit of that wonderful 1946 season in Bostona season, as usual the broke fans' heartsas America returned to return to peacetime pastimes. And none was more American than baseball.Along the way he brings out the stories and personalities that made that year so special in the Hub. From returning veterans like Ted Williams and young Congressman John F. Kennedy and thousands of others and their families who worried while they were in Europe or the Pacific, the 1946 Red Sox season was a celebration. It was catharsis. It was what made American great. Husbands and sons were coming home to the open arms of a grateful nation. This included five hundred major leaguers who fought in World War II. The homecoming of America's best sparked a spirit of collective pride from coast to coastand New England was not exempt. For the previous five years, America sat around its radio listening to war reports. Now they would gather in the parlors to enjoy baseball once again. Baseball had always been a thread that connected the country--a sport that linked generations. Opening Day 1946 was a tangible reminder that the country was at peace back to the way things were.Nowhere was this more relevant than in Boston. From Scollay Square to South Boston to the North End, veterans in their uniforms, kids with bats over their shoulder and housewives were talking about the return of Ted Williams and a roster that was considered the best in the league. Expectations were high as always, at Fenway Park. Fans somehow knew this would be their year. The 1946 Boston Red Sox finished first in the American League with a record of 104 wins and 50 losses. And they wouldn't disappoint (until October).****** In January of 1946, Ted Williams, Dom DiMaggio, John Pesky and Bobby Doerr are released from the military and vow to come back as good as ever. * American and especially Boston are desperate for real baseball. In 1945, the Red Sox averaged only 7,814 fans a game at Fenway. In 1946, with Williams and the team back home, they played in front of over 33,000 in their last scrimmage game at Fenway Park before the season started.* Opening Day for the league was in Washington D.C. between the Senators and the Red Sox. President Harry Truman threw out the first pitch. Ted Williams went 6-12 in the series and was mobbed by Senator fans who rip his shirt off while he leaves the field. As he approached the dugout, Williams tossed his hat to a GI sitting in the lower box* The home Opening Day for the Red Sox at Fenway Park was an event for the ages. Before the game Marines re-enacted the flag-raising at Iowa Jima in center field. The first pitch was thrown out by Governor Tobin. Standing by his side was a local war hero, John Murdoch, who got a bigger ovation than Ted Williams. Murdoch was part of the team that saved boxing world champion Barney Ross, whose bravery at Guadalcanal was unparalleled.* Red Sox won an amazing 41 of their first 50 games. Ted Williams hits eleven home runs in just June. A spirit of euphoria overtakes Boston as the always hopeful fans pray for the Red Sox to break their 28-year curse. * All Star game is played at Fenway where Ted Williams and voted MVP after going 4 for 4 with 2 home runs including a grand slam. * In September, the Red Sox win a matinee game 1-0 in Cleveland on a Ted Williams inside the park home run. Later that day the Tigers lose giving Boston the pennant. Red Sox owner, Tom Yawkey throws a party in his hotel room. No one can find Ted Williams. Not telling anyone, Williams went to the local veterans' hospital in Cleveland and spent the night with a dying veteran. * Red Sox clinch the pennant. In one year their win total improved by 33 games (71-83 in 1945 to 104-50 in 1946). America is returning to the ballpark. At Fenway alone attendance went from 603,794 in 1945 to 1,416,944 in 1946. * In the National League, the Brooklyn Dodgers and the St. Louis Cardinals tie for the pennant. While Boston awaits the National League playoff to conclude, Tom Yawkey invites American League All Stars to come to Fenway Park and scrimmage his Red Sox to keep them sharp. Hall of Famers, DiMaggio, Greenberg and Appling all sacrifice the first week of their offseason in loyalty to the American League. DiMaggio forgets his uniform and has to wear a Red Sox uniform for the game. A game in which Williams is hit on the elbow with a pitch and never fully recovers in the World Series.* In anticipation of Game Seven of the World Series in St. Louis, newspapers across the country split the front page with previews of the big game and the expected execution that day of Herman Goering (he would avoid that by killing himself) and ten other high-ranking Nazi's in Nuremberg, providing Americans further validation that the war was behind them. * President Harry Truman's team beats the Red Sox in the penultimate game when Johnny Pesky holds the relay throw from the outfield allowing Enos Slaughter to score from first on a single.

  • av Robert Florczak
    339 kr.

    Though there have been myriad books on Errol Flynn - scores of biographies, film studies, analyses, etc. - there has never been one that unfurls his dashing life day-by-day, predominantly through photos, letters, news clippings, and documents. This book does so: from Flynn's birth in Hobart, Australia in 1909 through to his death in Vancouver, Canada in 1959, with over 1,000 images (many rarely or never before published) culled from Florczaks personal collection of over 11,000. The book is the result of the author's travels around the world to photograph locations key to Flynn's life, and with text gathered from years of research in the Warner Bros. Archives, the USC Cinematic Arts Library, and the Margaret Herrick Library. Among other popular day-by-day pictorial biographies are those of Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Ernest Hemingway, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and Eric Clapton. Flynn's colorful life was lived out on the world stage and a better candidate for a book of this style would be hard to find.

  • av Jerome M. O'Connor
    189 kr.

    In The Hidden Places of WWII, the author takes readers to overlooked places where WWII history was made. These are sites that were thought to be closed or locked away forever or, in some cases, thought never to exist at all, or were ignored by military historians for decades. With historical photos, contemporary photos, and written in a conversational style, the book opens the eyes of a new generation of readers, as well as an older generation, and takes them to the actual locations that changed history. Many military history readers don't know that you can still visit Nazi U-boat pens in Lorient and La Rochelle on the French Atlantic coast (they were used in the filming of Raiders of the Lost Ark) and even pieces of the Atlantic Wall Hitler had built along the French coast in '43 and '44 to thwart the invasion he knew was coming. These are only two of the many hidden places the author introduces the reader to.

  • av Steve Stinson
    145 kr.

    You can't separate football from the man. The game gave him everything and ';Bullet Bill' Dudley said as much. But you can separate the man from football. As a husband, father, businessman and citizen, he put far more into this world than he took out. Three years before Bill died, he asked his son-in-law Steve Stinson to write his story. William McGarvey Bullet Bill Dudley (December 24, 1921 February 4, 2010) led a thrilling career as a professional American football player in the National Football League for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Detroit Lions, and Washington Redskins. With humble beginnings in Bluefield, Virginia he made the football team his junior year, and in 1938 he kicked a 35-yard field goal in the seasons finale. Dudley was drafted in the 1942 NFL Draft with the first overall pick by the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1966 and the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame in 1972. During the 1942 season, he led the league in rushing with 696 yards on 162 carries and was then named to the All-Pro team. Steve Stinson revisits his father-in-law's journey from Bluefield, Virginia through his retirement from the NFL and shares everything he brought to communities in between each pivotal moment in Dudley's life.

  • - A Horseman's Journey
    av William Reynolds & Buck Brannaman
    145 - 175 kr.

    Master horseman Buck Brannaman, the real-life Horse Whisperer, continues the chronicle of his life as trainer and mentor, as we meet thirteen remarkable people whose lives he has affected. Through their own accounts of help and healing and through Brannaman's own introductions, the reader is inspired by the hope and confidence that he instilled in these individuals.

  • - The First Conquest of an 8,000-Meter Peak
    av Maurice Herzog
    219 kr.

    Top 100 Sports Books of All Time, Sports Illustrated "e;Those who have never seen the Himalayas, those who never care to risk an assault, will know when they finish this book that they have been a companion of greatness."e;-New York Times Book Review In 1950, when no mountain taller than 8,000 meters had ever been climbed, Maurice Herzog led an expedition of French climbers to the summit of an 8,075-meter (26,493-foot) Himalayan peak called Annapurna. But unlike other climbs, the routes up Annapurna had never been charted. Herzog and his team had to locate the mountain using crude maps, pick out a single untried route, and go for the summit. Annapurna is the unforgettable account of this heroic climb and of its harrowing aftermath, including a nightmare descent of frostbite, snow blindness, and near death. Herzog's masterful narrative is one of the great mountain-adventure stories of all time. This new edition-due for publication shortly before the sixtieth anniversary of the Annapurna ascent on June 3, 2010-will feature a new foreword by Conrad Anker.

  • av Randi Minetor
    209 kr.

    Hidden in the tall grasses and shallow waters of the Florida Everglades are true tales of mysterious deaths, clandestine crime, and disasters, both natural and manmade. Desperados fled here after escaping from prison, rum runners gunned down their enemies, and killers slipped their prey into canals as food for reptilian wildlife. Commercial airlines crashed and burned in the sawgrass, while smaller planes vanished from view. Hurricanes tore through the region, forcing Lake Okeechobee to overrun its banks and wipe out entire towns. And every once in a while, an alligator made someone its lunch. Collected here are some of the most gripping accounts in Everglades history, caused by natural forces, crime, operator error, or human folly.

  • av Ph. D. Fancher
    145 kr.

    A psychotherapist and pool columnist breaks new ground by applying good science to the mental game of billiards and gives invaluable insight on competitive play.

  • av Steven Bingen
    385 kr.

    Movies don't exist in a vacuum. Each MGM movie is a tiny piece of a large, colorful (although often black & white) quilt, with threads tying it into all of the rest of that studio's product, going forward, yes, but also backwards, and horizontally and three dimensionally across its entire landscape. Not necessarily a ';best of' compilation, this book discusses the films that for one reason or another (and not all of them good ones) changed the trajectory of MGM and the film industry in general, from the revolutionary use of ';Cinerama' in 1962's How the West Was Won to Director Alfred Hitchcock's near extortion of the profits from the 1959 hit thriller North by Northwest. And there aere the studio's on-screen self-shoutouts to its own past, or stars, in films like Party Girl (1958), the That's Entertainment series, Garbo Talks (1984) Rain Man (1955) and De-Lovely (2004), or the studio's acquisition of other successful franchises such as James Bond. But fear not, what we consider MGM's classic films all get their due here, often with a touch of irony or fascinating anecdote. Singin in the Rain (1952), for example, was in its day neither a financial blockbuster nor crtitically acclaimed but rather an excuse the studio to reuse some old songs which the studio already owned. TheWizard of Oz (1939) cost almost as much to make as Gone With the Wind (also 1939) took ten years to recoup its costs. But still, the MGM mystique endures. Like the popular Netflix series ';The Movies that Made Us,' this is a fascinating look behind the scenes of the greatestand at times notoriousfilms ever made.

  • av Suzanne Elshult
    245 kr.

  • av William J. Miller Jr.
    259 kr.

    Steel City is the story of the 1890's golden age of Pittsburgh when its technological innovations and wealth creation made it the Silicon Valley of its day. Pittsburgh was first in steel, food processing and electricity, and the leaders of those industries - Carnegie, Frick, Heinz and Westinghouse are names we still know today.Amid this fevered atmosphere Jamie Dalton, a recent Yale graduate and son of a corporate lawyer, must decide whether to accede to his father's wishes and pursue a career in law or the steel business, or follow his own instincts and become a newspaperman. The greatest natural disaster of the 19th century, the Johnstown Flood, confirms his choice to be a journalist, and Jamie goes on to cover Pittsburgh's business titans, labor strikes and assassination attempts. While reporting on the unions of the era, he is exposed to a very different world, symbolized by his infatuation with a mysterious woman under the sway of an Eastern European anarchist. Jamie struggles with balancing the access he has to Pittsburgh's business elite while maintaining the objectivity to tell the hard truths about those same people. Ultimately, he must thwart a terrorist plot that could disrupt the massive corporate merger that would restructure the nation's largest industry: steel.

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