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  • - Theory, Exercises and Solutions
    av Jan Uboe
    689 kr.

    This textbook discusses central statistical concepts and their use in business and economics. To endure the hardship of abstract statistical thinking, business and economics students need to see interesting applications at an early stage. Accordingly, the book predominantly focuses on exercises, several of which draw on simple applications of non-linear theory. The main body presents central ideas in a simple, straightforward manner; the exposition is concise, without sacrificing rigor. The book bridges the gap between theory and applications, with most exercises formulated in an economic context. Its simplicity of style makes the book suitable for students at any level, and every chapter starts out with simple problems. Several exercises, however, are more challenging, as they are devoted to the discussion of non-trivial economic problems where statistics plays a central part.

  • - Mastering ISO GPS and ASME GD&T
    av Stefano Tornincasa
    705 kr.

    This book is intended for students, academics, designers, process engineers and CMM operators, and presents the ISO GPS and the ASME GD&T rules and concepts. The Geometric Product Specification (GPS) and Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) languages are in fact the most powerful tools available to link the perfect geometrical world of models and drawings to the imperfect world of manufactured parts and assemblies. The topics include a complete description of all the ISO GPS terminology, datum systems, MMR and LMR requirements, inspection, and gauging principles. Moreover, the differences between ISO GPS and the American ASME Y14.5 standards are shown as a guide and reference to help in the interpretation of drawings of the most common dimensioning and tolerancing specifications.The book may be used for engineering courses and for professional grade programmes, and it has been designed to cover the fundamental geometric tolerancing applications as well as the more advanced ones. Academics and professionals alike will find it to be an excellent teaching and research tool, as well as an easy-to-use guide.

  • - Aligning Life and Work in Business
    av Michelle French-Holloway
    705 kr.

    This book offers a clear process for managers, professionals, and future leaders to help discover their personal meaning in life and apply it to their work. The author uses research outcomes and theories to refute the contemporary philosophy that stresses following an individual's passion alone when choosing a particular job or career. Instead, she recommends employing a personal meaning-oriented approach to life and work, and then becoming passionate about one's work organically.The book also highlights the positive outcomes to organizations and societies when individuals engage with finding meaning in work, focusing on physical and emotional health and satisfaction. The author provides numerous examples of leaders who have aligned their personal meaning and organizational mission, also known as "e;meaning-mission fit,"e; and the relationship of this alignment to their emotional well-being. Together, the research, theory, and evidence in this book equip leaders and managers with an inspiring model to find their own meaning-mission fit, as well as create opportunities for the employees to do the same.

  • - A Textbook
    av Charu C. Aggarwal
    575 kr.

    This textbook introduces linear algebra and optimization in the context of machine learning. Examples and exercises are provided throughout the book. A solution manual for the exercises at the end of each chapter is available to teaching instructors. This textbook targets graduate level students and professors in computer science, mathematics and data science. Advanced undergraduate students can also use this textbook. The chapters for this textbook are organized as follows:1. Linear algebra and its applications: The chapters focus on the basics of linear algebra together with their common applications to singular value decomposition, matrix factorization, similarity matrices (kernel methods), and graph analysis. Numerous machine learning applications have been used as examples, such as spectral clustering, kernel-based classification, and outlier detection. The tight integration of linear algebra methods with examples from machine learning differentiates this book from generic volumes on linear algebra. The focus is clearly on the most relevant aspects of linear algebra for machine learning and to teach readers how to apply these concepts.2. Optimization and its applications: Much of machine learning is posed as an optimization problem in which we try to maximize the accuracy of regression and classification models. The "e;parent problem"e; of optimization-centric machine learning is least-squares regression. Interestingly, this problem arises in both linear algebra and optimization, and is one of the key connecting problems of the two fields.  Least-squares regression is also the starting point for support vector machines, logistic regression, and recommender systems. Furthermore, the methods for dimensionality reduction and matrix factorization also require the development of optimization methods. A general view of optimization in computational graphs is discussed together with its applications to back propagation in neural networks. A frequent challenge faced by beginners in machine learning is the extensive background required in linear algebra and optimization. One problem is that the existing linear algebra and optimization courses are not specific to machine learning; therefore, one would typically have to complete more course material than is necessary to pick up machine learning. Furthermore, certain types of ideas and tricks from optimization and linear algebra recur more frequently in machine learning than other application-centric settings. Therefore, there is significant value in developing a view of linear algebra and optimization that is better suited to the specific perspective of machine learning.         

  • av Meinard Kuhlmann, Cord Friebe, Holger Lyre, m.fl.
    0 - 639 kr.

  • - The psychology of optimal collaboration
    av Jef J.J. van den Hout
    639 kr.

    This book presents a series of studies that conceptualize, test, and monitor team flow experiences in professional organizations to perform autonomously and successfully. It analyses the processes by which team flow emerges by exemplifying case studies, and introduces a protocol to spark team flow in professional organizations.

  • - Practical Implications of QI and FATCA
    av Ross McGill
    539 kr.

    The US QI and FATCA regulations came into being in 2001 and 2010 respectively. They remain today the most challenging cross border tax regulations for financial institutions to comply with and operationalise. There is an increasing trend for financial institutions to become QIs while at the same time, the rules of the QI program become more complex and onerous. Equally, most NQIs have little idea that they are subject to these extra-territorial regulations. The US FATCA anti-tax evasion framework has also evolved through the development of intergovernmental agreements. These are complex and bilaterally jurisdiction specific as well as of multiple types. Most firms are struggling to understand the concepts and how FATCA rules overlap and are affected by QI rules. The original book on this subject by the author continues to be the only book able to explain these regulations in ways that allow financial institutions to understand their compliance obligations and take practical steps to meet them, by hearing about best practice.This second edition builds on the basic framework of the QI and FATCA frameworks by updating the text to encompass the changes that have occurred since the book's original publication. This edition will also delete material that has become obsolete or was proposed by the IRS originally but never implemented.

  • av Jens E. Kjeldsen
    285 kr.

    This book provides students, researchers, and practitioners of speechwriting with a unique insight in the theory, history, and practice of speechwriting. The combination of theory and practice with case studies from the United States and Europe makes this volume the first of its kind. The book offers an overview of the existing research and theory, analysing how speeches are written in political and public life, and paying attention to three central subjects of contemporary speechwriting: convincing characterization of the speaker, writing for the ear, and appealing with words to the eye. Chapters address the ethics and the functions of speechwriting in contemporary society and also deliver general instructions for the speechwriting process. This book is recommended reading for professional speechwriters wishing to expand their knowledge of the rhetorical and theoretical underpinnings of speechwriting, and enables students and aspiring speechwriters to gain an understanding of speechwriting as a profession.

  • av Peter Liljedahl
    49 kr.

    This survey book reviews four interrelated areas: (i) the relevance of heuristics in problem-solving approaches - why they are important and what research tells us about their use; (ii) the need to characterize and foster creative problem-solving approaches - what type of heuristics helps learners devise and practice creative solutions; (iii) the importance that learners formulate and pursue their own problems; and iv) the role played by the use of both multiple-purpose and ad hoc mathematical action types of technologies in problem-solving contexts - what ways of reasoning learners construct when they rely on the use of digital technologies, and how technology and technology approaches can be reconciled. 

  • - A Python Approach to Concepts, Techniques and Applications
    av Laura Igual
    465 kr.

    This accessible and classroom-tested textbook/reference presents an introduction to the fundamentals of the emerging and interdisciplinary field of data science. The coverage spans key concepts adopted from statistics and machine learning, useful techniques for graph analysis and parallel programming, and the practical application of data science for such tasks as building recommender systems or performing sentiment analysis. Topics and features: provides numerous practical case studies using real-world data throughout the book; supports understanding through hands-on experience of solving data science problems using Python; describes techniques and tools for statistical analysis, machine learning, graph analysis, and parallel programming; reviews a range of applications of data science, including recommender systems and sentiment analysis of text data; provides supplementary code resources and data at an associated website.

  • - Empire Plays Back
    av Souvik Mukherjee
    705 kr.

    This book focuses on the almost entirely neglected treatment of empire and colonialism in videogames. From its inception in the nineties, Game Studies has kept away from these issues despite the early popularity of videogame franchises such as Civilization and Age of Empire. This book examines the complex ways in which some videogames construct conceptions of spatiality, political systems, ethics and society that are often deeply imbued with colonialism.  Moving beyond questions pertaining to European and American gaming cultures, this book addresses issues that relate to a global audience - including, especially, the millions who play videogames in the formerly colonised countries, seeking to make a timely intervention by creating a larger awareness of global cultural issues in videogame research. Addressing a major gap in Game Studies research, this book will connect to discourses of post-colonial theory at large and thereby, provide another entry-point for this new medium of digital communication into larger Humanities discourses.

  • av Damtew Teferra
    1 125 kr.

    This book advances an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of flagship universities in Africa - the largest, most selective, and most prestigious universities on the continent. The book draws on a range of country-specific case-studies, including Botswana, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania and Zambia, to explore a range of issues associated with flagship universities and their role in higher education in Africa. . Newly-established institutions in new nation states, and states emerging from conflict, often rely on these flagship universities to train their academics, and build their intelligentsia; flagship universities are thus capacity-builders and trend-setters in their respective countries and sub-regions. This volume brings together a range of scholars to celebrate the impact, influence and contributions of African universities, not only within Africa, but across the globe The book will be of great significance to students and researchers in the field of education, particularly those with an interest in sociology and politics of higher education.

  • - The Battle for Influence
    av Maja Kluger Dionigi
    1 395 kr.

    This book explains when and how interest groups are influential in the European Parliament, which has become one of the most important lobbying venues in the EU. Yet we know little about the many ways in which interest groups and lobbyists influence parliamentary politics. The author offers insights on four key cases of lobbying, based on the analysis of EU documents, lobbying letters, and 150 interviews. She argues that lobbying success depends on a number of factors, most notably the degree of counter-lobbying, issue salience, and committee receptiveness. These factors are brought together in the framework of "e;Triple-I"e; - interests, issues, and institutions - to determine the success or failure of lobbying. This book will be of use to students and scholars interested in EU politics and governance, EU decision-making, and interest group politics, along with policy-makers and practitioners. 

  • - A Potential-Theoretic Approach
    av Anton Bovier
    465 kr.

    This monograph provides a concise presentation of a mathematical approach to metastability, a wide-spread phenomenon in the dynamics of non-linear systems - physical, chemical, biological or economic - subject to the action of temporal random forces typically referred to as noise, based on potential theory of reversible Markov processes. The authors shed new light on the metastability phenomenon as a sequence of visits of the path of the process to different metastable sets, and focuses on the precise analysis of the respective hitting probabilities and hitting times of these sets.The theory is illustrated with many examples, ranging from finite-state Markov chains, finite-dimensional diffusions and stochastic partial differential equations, via mean-field dynamics with and without disorder, to stochastic spin-flip and particle-hop dynamics and probabilistic cellular automata, unveiling the common universal features of these systems with respect to their metastable behaviour. The monograph will serve both as comprehensive introduction and as reference for graduate students and researchers interested in metastability.

  • av James E. Monogan III
    639 kr.

    This book provides a narrative of how R can be useful in the analysis of public administration, public policy, and political science data specifically, in addition to the social sciences more broadly. It can serve as a textbook and reference manual for students and independent researchers who wish to use R for the first time or broaden their skill set with the program. While the book uses data drawn from political science, public administration, and policy analyses, it is written so that students and researchers in other fields should find it accessible and useful as well. By the end of the first seven chapters, an entry-level user should be well acquainted with how to use R as a traditional econometric software program. The remaining four chapters will begin to introduce the user to advanced techniques that R offers but many other programs do not make available such as how to use contributed libraries or write programs in R. The book details how to perform nearly every task routinely associated with statistical modeling: descriptive statistics, basic inferences, estimating common models, and conducting regression diagnostics. For the intermediate or advanced reader, the book aims to open up the wide array of sophisticated methods options that R makes freely available. It illustrates how user-created libraries can be installed and used in real data analysis, focusing on a handful of libraries that have been particularly prominent in political science. The last two chapters illustrate how the user can conduct linear algebra in R and create simple programs. A key point in these chapters will be that such actions are substantially easier in R than in many other programs, so advanced techniques are more accessible in R, which will appeal to scholars and policy researchers who already conduct extensive data analysis. Additionally, the book should draw the attention of students and teachers of quantitative methods in the political disciplines.

  • - From Molecule to Man
    av Messoud Ashina
    895 kr.

    This book provides a detailed overview of the current state of knowledge regarding the pathophysiology of both primary headaches - migraine, tension-type headache (TTH), and cluster headache - and the very important and frequent type of secondary headache, medication overuse headache (MOH). After an introductory chapter describing relevant neuroanatomy and vascular anatomy, the evidence gained from animal models regarding the pathophysiology of migraine and the other primary headaches is reviewed. Knowledge of the genetic component in the different types of headache is then examined with reference to recent evidence, for example regarding the implication of the trigeminovascular system and cortical spreading depression in migraine. Detailed information is provided on insights into primary headaches from imaging studies, including functional magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography and on their neurophysiology and biochemistry. A further series of important chapters describe present knowledge of the pathophysiology of each specific type of headache and consider future directions. Written by acknowledged experts in their fields from Europe and the United States, clinicians and students will find Pathophysiology of Headaches to be an excellent source of up-to-date information on why patients experience headaches. In addition, it will be of value for pain researchers investigating the underlying mechanisms of headache.

  • - An Introduction to Object-Oriented Modeling
    av Martina Seidl
    639 kr.

    This textbook mainly addresses beginners and readers with a basic knowledge of object-oriented programming languages like Java or C#, but with little or no modeling or software engineering experience - thus reflecting the majority of students in introductory courses at universities. Using UML, it introduces basic modeling concepts in a highly precise manner, while refraining from the interpretation of rare special cases. After a brief explanation of why modeling is an indispensable part of software development, the authors introduce the individual diagram types of UML (the class and object diagram, the sequence diagram, the state machine diagram, the activity diagram, and the use case diagram), as well as their interrelationships, in a step-by-step manner. The topics covered include not only the syntax and the semantics of the individual language elements, but also pragmatic aspects, i.e., how to use them wisely at various stages in the software development process. To this end, the work is complemented with examples that were carefully selected for their educational and illustrative value.Overall, the book provides a solid foundation and deeper understanding of the most important object-oriented modeling concepts and their application in software development. An additional website offers a complete set of slides to aid in teaching the contents of the book, exercises and further e-learning material.

  • av Karen Holtzblatt
    565 - 645 kr.

    For over 40 years, the tech industry has been working to attract more women. Yet, women continue to be underrepresented in technology jobs compared to other professions. Worse, once hired, women leave the field mid-career twice as often as men. In 2013, Karen Holtzblatt launched The Women in Tech Retention Project at, dedicated to understanding what helps women in tech thrive. In 2014, Nicola Marsden joined the effort, bringing her extensive knowledge and research on gender and bias for women in tech. Together with worldwide volunteers, this research identified what helps women thrive and practical interventions to improve women's experience at work. In this book, we share women's stories, our research, relevant literature, and our perspective on making change to help retain women. All the research and solutions we share are based on deep research and user-centered ideation techniques. Part I describes the @Work Experience Framework and the six key factors that help women thrive: a dynamic valuing team; stimulating projects; the push into challenges with support; local role models; nonjudgmental flexibility to manage home/work balance; and developing personal power. Employees thinking of leaving their job have significantly lower scores on these factors showing their importance for retention. Part II describes tested interventions that redesign work practices to better support women, diverse teams, and all team members. We chose these interventions guided by data from over 1,000 people from multiple genders, ethnicities, family situations, and countries. Interventions target key processes in tech: onboarding new hires; group critique meetings; and Scrum. Interventions also address managing interpersonal dynamics to increase valuing and decrease devaluing behaviors and techniques for teams to define, monitor, and continuously improve their culture. We conclude by describing our principles for redesigning processes with an eye toward issues important to women and diverse teams.

  • av Michael Genesereth
    369 - 455 kr.

    General game players are computer systems able to play strategy games based solely on formal game descriptions supplied at "e;runtime"e; (n other words, they don't know the rules until the game starts). Unlike specialized game players, such as Deep Blue, general game players cannot rely on algorithms designed in advance for specific games; they must discover such algorithms themselves. General game playing expertise depends on intelligence on the part of the game player and not just intelligence of the programmer of the game player. GGP is an interesting application in its own right. It is intellectually engaging and more than a little fun. But it is much more than that. It provides a theoretical framework for modeling discrete dynamic systems and defining rationality in a way that takes into account problem representation and complexities like incompleteness of information and resource bounds. It has practical applications in areas where these features are important, e.g., in business and law. More fundamentally, it raises questions about the nature of intelligence and serves as a laboratory in which to evaluate competing approaches to artificial intelligence. This book is an elementary introduction to General Game Playing (GGP). (1) It presents the theory of General Game Playing and leading GGP technologies. (2) It shows how to create GGP programs capable of competing against other programs and humans. (3) It offers a glimpse of some of the real-world applications of General Game Playing.

  • av Edith Law
    309 - 369 kr.

    Human computation is a new and evolving research area that centers around harnessing human intelligence to solve computational problems that are beyond the scope of existing Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. With the growth of the Web, human computation systems can now leverage the abilities of an unprecedented number of people via the Web to perform complex computation. There are various genres of human computation applications that exist today. Games with a purpose (e.g., the ESP Game) specifically target online gamers who generate useful data (e.g., image tags) while playing an enjoyable game. Crowdsourcing marketplaces (e.g., Amazon Mechanical Turk) are human computation systems that coordinate workers to perform tasks in exchange for monetary rewards. In identity verification tasks, users perform computation in order to gain access to some online content; an example is reCAPTCHA, which leverages millions of users who solve CAPTCHAs every day to correct words in books that optical character recognition (OCR) programs fail to recognize with certainty. This book is aimed at achieving four goals: (1) defining human computation as a research area; (2) providing a comprehensive review of existing work; (3) drawing connections to a wide variety of disciplines, including AI, Machine Learning, HCI, Mechanism/Market Design and Psychology, and capturing their unique perspectives on the core research questions in human computation; and (4) suggesting promising research directions for the future. Table of Contents: Introduction / Human Computation Algorithms / Aggregating Outputs / Task Routing / Understanding Workers and Requesters / The Art of Asking Questions / The Future of Human Computation

  • av Mahesh K. Shetty
    2 285 kr.

  • av Amanda D. Henderson & Andrew R. Carey
    1 525 kr.

  • av Ariadna Estévez
    1 269 kr.

  • av Åke Persson & Alastair Henry
    1 525 kr.

  • av Christiana Markou, Tatiana-Eleni Synodinou, Thalia Prastitou-Merdi & m.fl.
    2 535 kr.

  • av John Astin
    1 395 kr.

  • av V. Kumar Murty, V. I. Lakshmanan, S. Kalyanasundaram & m.fl.
    1 525 kr.

  • av Alfonso Pierantonio, Antonio Bucchiarone, Federico Ciccozzi & m.fl.
    1 649 kr.

  • av Marco Rizzo & Graham J. W. King
    1 139 kr.

  • av Stephen P. Radzevich
    1 905 kr.

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