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  • av Soren Asmussen
    189 kr.

    Sampling-based computational methods have become a fundamental part of the numerical toolset of practitioners and researchers across an enormous number of different applied domains and academic disciplines. This book provides a broad treatment of such sampling-based methods, as well as accompanying mathematical analysis of the convergence properties of the methods discussed. The reach of the ideas is illustrated by discussing a wide range of applications and the models that have found wide usage. The first half of the book focuses on general methods, whereas the second half discusses model-specific algorithms.Given the wide range of examples, exercises and applications students, practitioners and researchers in probability, statistics, operations research, economics, finance, engineering as well as biology and chemistry and physics will find the book of value.Sren Asmussen is Professor of Applied Probability at Aarhus University, Denmark and Peter Glynn is Thomas Ford Professor of Engineering at Stanford University.

  • av Rodney Coleman
    0 - 189 kr.

  • av Didier Dacunha-Castelle & Marie Duflo
    0 - 829 kr.

  • av Mike Adams
    0 - 425 kr.

  • av Markus Jakobsson
    0 - 639 kr.

  • av Jorg Reichrath
    2 535 kr.

    The goal of this volume is to comprehensively cover a highly readable, updated and extended, overview on our present knowledge of positive and negative effects of UV exposure, with a focus on vitamin D and skin cancer. Topics that are discussed in depth by leading researchers and clinicians range from the newest findings in endocrinology, epidemiology, histology, photobiology, immunology, cytogenetics and molecular pathology to new concepts for prophylaxis and treatment. Experts in the field as well as health care professionals not intimately involved in these specialized areas are provided with the most significant and timely information related to these topics. It is the aim of the second edition of this book to summarize essential up to date information for every clinician or scientist interested in how to balance between positive and negative effects of UV exposure to minimize the risks of developing vitamin D deficiency and skin cancer.

  • av Thomas J. Steinbach
    0 - 2 029 kr.

    This extensive volume began as a short course primarily geared toward toxicologists who want to expand their understanding of toxicologic pathology in order to be better study directors while also proving to be of great interest to other drug development scientists and regulatory reviewers. The overall goal is to help non-pathologists understand, contextualize, and communicate the pathology data and interpretations from the study pathologist in a practical and usable format. Within the book, readers will find an overview of general pathology concepts that include fundamental vocabulary and the basics of pathophysiological processes, along with numerous chapters devoted to pathology in specific organ systems as well as topics such as biomarkers, correlation of clinical pathology endpoints (chemistry and hematology) with microscopic changes, and well-known pathology findings for classes of toxic substances. Authoritative, practical, and comprehensive, Toxicologic Pathology for Non-Pathologists aims to help non-pathologists understand, converse in, and apply a basic understanding of pathology in their day-to-day careers.

  • av A. Blaustein
    919 kr.

    This text is written for the obstetrician, gynecologist, pathologist, and for residents training in these disciplines. It is a multi-authored book and the editor is aware of the problems this can create, but the expansion of information in the field of gynecologic pathology renders single au- thorship obsolete. The format is largely traditional but the contents in- clude topics that have not appeared in past texts. Clear cell adenocarcinoma of the vagina and vaginal and cervical adenoses are discussed in detail in a separate chapter. A chapter on embryology and congenital anomalies is writ- ten by an embryologist and the advantage of its inclusion is self evident. Ovarian neoplasms in childhood and ado- lescence are fortunately rare occurrences, but information concerning them is generally not readily available in exist- ing texts. It is of sufficient importance to deserve a separate chapter. Amniotic fluid analysis for fetal viability is now commonly used and for this reason a detailed discussion of this subject is presented. A chapter is included on gross description and prepara- tion of gynecologic specimens. It contains the input and review of several directors of gynecologic-pathology labo- ratories.

  • av David H. Dail
    919 kr.

    The first edition of Pulmonary Pathology was dedicated to Vascular Diseases. Vasculitis is so complex as to con- two giants in the field, Drs. Averill Liebow and Herbert tinue to warrant a separate chapter. Spencer. The current edition is dedicated to all those Each chapter has been updated and revised. Exten- who have contributed and are contributing to the field, sive expansion has occurred in Bacterial Infections, Rheumatic Connective Tissue Diseases, Asbestos, those whose individual contributions and queries create its rich fabric. It is our pleasure and honor to summarize Vasculitis, Common Neoplasms, Uncommon Lung the work of many of these individuals. Tumors and Pleural Diseases. Despite feeling these Changes since the first edition have been significant. were moderately complete in the first edition, among New entities are discussed, further elaboration offered, them there has been a 56% increase in illustrations, a and adjustments made to those in the first edition. In 91 % increase in text, and a 160% increase in references. response to our readers' requests, we have added some In Uncommon Lung Tumors alone, there are about new chapters. Lung Defenses have been added as 500 new references, 100 new illustrations, and discus- Chapter 3. Some authors have asked, How do we sion of 16 additional entities. Updated critical review of begin? Chapter 4, Common Pathways and Patterns of the vast literature on Common Neoplasms has been Injury, discusses this.

  • - Text and Review
    av Gerard J. Criner
    919 - 1 065 kr.

    Critical care medicine is a dynamic and exciting arena where complex pathophysiologic states requiring extensive knowledge and clinical acumen are commonly found. Caring for critically ill patients requires an extensive knowledge of basic pathophysiology, as well as awareness of the appropriate diagnostic tests and therapeutic interventions. Because this knowledge base crosses many different disciplines, introduction to caring for the intensive care patient, while exciting, may also be intimidating. This textbook is designed toward making the dynamic environment of the critical care unit understandable and the approach to the patient both logical and successful. The book contains three components: (1) description of the procedural tasks commonly performed for the critically ill patient, (2) explanation of the most common pathophysiologic states en- countered, and (3) description of specific disease entities with details of their differential di- agnosis, diagnostic strategy, and therapeutic plan. This book also uses several educational approaches that we have found useful in our own teaching sessions and prior textbooks. Clinical cases introduce chapters and highlight chap- ter segments to emphasize clinical relevancy. As an additional study aid, margin notes high- light important teaching points and facilitate easy review of chapter content. To consolidate the principles outlined in each chapter, review questions with full text explanations are pro- vided at the end of each chapter. All these elements help reinforce the most important mes- sages for the reader.

  • av Robert J. Kurman
    919 kr.

    Since the publication of the 1/e in 1977, BLAUSTEIN'S PATHOLOGY OF THE FEMALE GENITAL TRACT has consolidated its position as the leading textbook of GYN pathology. It is an essential reference for all pathologists, and an important review aid for GYN residents preparing for their Boards. Includes all-new chapters on cytology, immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, molecular biology, and epidemiology and biostatistics. Chapters include: Embryology and disorders of abnormal sexual development; nonneoplastic disease of the vulva; neoplastic disease of the vulva; diseases of the vagina; anatomy and histology of the cervix; benign disease of the cervix; HPV infection and precancerous lesions of the cervix; malignant tumors of the cervix; anatomy and histology of the uterine corpus; benign diseases of the endometrium; endometrial hyperplasia and metaplasia; endometrial carcinoma; mesenchymal tumors of the uterus; diseases of the fallopian tube; anatomy and histology of the ovary; nonneoplastic lesions of the ovary; diseases of the peritoneum; common epithelial tumors of the ovary; sex cord-stromal; steroid cell, and other ovarian tumors with endocrine, paraendocrine, and paraneoplastic manifestations; germ cell tumors of the ovary; nonspecific tumors of the ovary, including mesenchylmal tumors and malignant lymphoma; metastatic tumors of the ovary; diseases of the placenta; gestational trophoblastic disease; cytology; immunohistochemistry; flow cytometry; molecular biology; epidemiology and biostatistics; gross description, processing, and reporting of specimens.

  • av Ronnie Ann Rosenthal
    919 - 2 285 kr.

    More than two decades ago, in response to the special healthcare needs of the aging Ameriean population, interest in the field of geriatrie medieine began to grow and blossom in the United States. In 1984 and 1985, under the editorialleadership of Christine K. Cassel and William R. Hazzard, respectively, two major textbooks devoted to the medieal care of aged patients were published. These scholarly, comprehensive texts provided insight into the principles of aging and guidance in the care of the geriatrie patient. Three editions later, the need to understand the special issues involved in the medieal care of the elderly is widely accepted by intemists, primary care providers, and medieal specialists. For the editors of this book, the special issues involved in the surgieal care of the elderly have been apparent for nearly as long. Although there have been a few scholarly texts on the subject, including one in 1990 by Mark R. Katlic, general acceptance of the concept of geriatrie surgery by our surgieal and medieal colleagues has, however, lagged. This is not the result of a proportionately smaller number of older patients with surgieal disease, because cancer, cardiovascular disease, and orthopedie problems are diseases, of the aged. It is rather the result of uncertainty about the value of surgery in the elderly and concems about the risks of operations. In the past, such concems prevented primary care givers from referring patients for surgieal care and prevented surgeons from agreeing to operate.

  • av Matthias Ruth
    0 - 829 kr.

    The oceans are shrinking. They're not literally shrinking; warming in the last century has actually expanded the sea enough to threaten low-lying coastal lands that are vul- nerable to storm surge. During the same interval, however, events on land have increasingly affected the sea. Since in most ways the Earth is a closed system-a zero-sum planet in today's parlance-as terrestrial influence on the sea expands, the sea's influence on its own processes shrinks. Control of many crucial marine processes no longer resides within the sea. The evidence for this is abundant and, to anyone who is looking, unmis- takable. In recent decades scientists have witnessed unprecedented pertur- bations and increases in previously uncommon events that demonstrate growing terrestrial influences on the sea. Numerous marine species, from sea urchins to monk seals, have experienced devastating epidemics. The number of harmful algal blooms and jellyfishpopulation explosions is rising An hypoxic "e;dead zone"e; in the Gulf of Mexico off the mouth of the Mississippi Rivernow appears each year and grows to encompass an area as large as NewJersey. Live coral cover in shallow reefs in Florida,Jamaica, the Maldives and many other locations has severely declined. Deepwater reef- building corals, once widely distributed, have disappeared throughout much of their ranges. Researchers have discovered high concentrations of persis- tent organic pollutants in declining populations of beluga whales and polar bears, both high trophic level predators in marine food webs.

  • - A Collection of Articles by Members of IFIP WG2.3
    av David Gries
    0 - 919 kr.

    This volume is being published for two reasons. The first is to present a collection of previously published articles on the subject of programming methodology that have helped define the field and give it direction. It is hoped that the scientist in the field will find the volume useful as a reference, while the scientist in neighboring fields will find it useful in seriously acquainting himself with important ideas in programming methodology. The advanced student can also study it-either in a course or by himself -in order to learn significant material that may not appear in texts for some time. The second reason for this volume is to make public the nature and work on programming methodology of IFIP Working Group 2.3, hereafter called WG2.3. (IFIP stands for International Federation for Information Processing.) WG2.3 is one of many IFIP Working Groups that have been established to provide international forums for discussion of ideas in various areas. Generally, these groups publish proceedings of some of their meetings and occasionally they sponsor a larger conference that persons outside a group can attend. WG2.3 has been something of a maverick in this respect. From the beginning the group has shunned paperwork, reports, meetings, and the like. This has meant less pUblicity for IFIP and WG2.3, but on the other hand it has meant that meetings could be devoted almost wholly to scientific discussions.

  • av R.A. Jr. Davis
    919 - 1 269 kr.

    The zone where land and sea meet is composed of a variety of complex environments. The coastal areas of the world contain a large percentage of its population and are therefore of extreme economic importance. Industrial, residential, and recreational developments, as well as large urban complexes, occupy much of the coastal margin of most highly developed countries. Undoubtedly future expansion in many undeveloped maritime countries will also be concentrated on coastal areas. Accompanying our occupation of coasts in this age of technology is a dependence on coastal environments for transportation, food, water, defense, and recreation. In order to utilize the coastal zone to its capacity, and yet not plunder its resources, we must have extensive knowledge of the complex environments contained along the coasts. The many environments within the coastal zone include bays, estuaries, deltas, marshes, dunes, and beaches. A tremendously broad range of conditions is represented by these environments. Salinity may range from essentially fresh water in estuaries, such as along the east coast of the United States, to extreme hypersaline lagoons, such as Laguna Madre in Texas. Coastal environments may be in excess of a hundred meters deep (fjords) or may extend several meters above sea level in the form of dunes. Some coastal environments are well protected and are not subjected to high physical energy except for occasional storms, whereas beaches and tidal inlets are continuously modified by waves and currents.

  • av Abner Louis Notkins
    0 - 895 kr.

  • av Jeffrey W. Lynn
    0 - 769 kr.

    One of the most exciting developments in modern physics has been the discovery of the new class of oxide materials with high superconducting transition temperature. Systems with Tc well above liquid nitrogen temperature are already a reality and higher Tc's are anticipated. Indeed, the idea of a room-temperature superconductor, which just a short time ago was considered science fiction, appears to be a distinctly possible outcome of materials research. To address the need to train students and scientists for research in this exciting field, Jeffrey W. Lynn and colleagues at the University of Maryland, College Park, as well as other superconductivity experts from around the U.S., taught a graduate-level course in the fall of 1987, from which the chapters in this book were drawn. Subjects included are: Survey of superconductivity (J. Lynn).- The theory of type-II superconductivity (D. Belitz).- The Josephson effect (P. Ferrell).- Crystallography (A. Santoro).- Electronic structure (C.P. Wang).- Magnetic properties and interactions (J. Lynn).- Synthesis and diamagnetic properties (R. Shelton).- Electron pairing (P. Allen).- Superconducting devices (F. Bedard).- Superconducting properties (J. Crow, N.-P. Ong).

  • - Part I
    av David Brillinger
    705 - 1 775 kr.

    Part of a two volume set based on a recent IMA program of the same name. The goal of the program and these books is to develop a community of statistical and other scientists kept up-to-date on developments in this quickly evolving and interdisciplinary field. Consequently, these books present recent material by distinguished researchers. Topics discussed in Part I include nonlinear and non- Gaussian models and processes (higher order moments and spectra, nonlinear systems, applications in astronomy, geophysics, engineering, and simulation) and the interaction of time series analysis and statistics (information model identification, categorical valued time series, nonparametric and semiparametric methods). Self-similar processes and long-range dependence (time series with long memory, fractals, 1/f noise, stable noise) and time series research common to engineers and economists (modeling of multivariate and possibly non-stationary time series, state space and adaptive methods) are discussed in Part II.

  • av Ichiro Masaki
    0 - 895 kr.

    There is a growing social interest in developing vision-based vehicle guidance systems for improving traffic safety and efficiency and the environment. Ex- amples of vision-based vehicle guidance systems include collision warning systems, steering control systems for tracking painted lane marks, and speed control systems for preventing rear-end collisions. Like other guidance systems for aircraft and trains, these systems are ex- pected to increase traffic safety significantly. For example, safety improve- ments of aircraft landing processes after the introduction of automatic guidance systems have been reported to be 100 times better than prior to installment. Although the safety of human lives is beyond price, the cost for automatic guidance could be compensated by decreased insurance costs. It is becoming more important to increase traffic safety by decreasing the human driver's load in our society, especially with an increasing population of senior people who continue to drive. The second potential social benefit is the improvement of traffic efficiency by decreasing the spacing between vehicles without sacrificing safety. It is reported, for example, that four times the efficiency is expected if the spacing between cars is controlled automatically at 90 cm with a speed of 100 kmjh compared to today's typical manual driving. Although there are a lot of tech- nical, psychological, and social issues to be solved before realizing the high- density jhigh-speed traffic systems described here, highly efficient highways are becoming more important because of increasing traffic congestion.

  • av Constantine Gatsonis
    1 345 - 1 625 kr.

    The past few years have witnessed dramatic advances in computational methods for Bayesian inference. As a result, Bayesian approaches to solving a wide variety of problems in data analysis and decision-making have become feasible, and there is currently a growth spurt in the application of Bayesian methods. The purpose of this volume is to present several detailed examples of applications of Bayesian thinking, with an emphasis on the scientific or technological context of the problem being solved. The papers collected here were presented and discussed at a Workshop held at Carnegie-Mellon University, September 29 through October 1, 1991. There are five ma- jor articles, each with two discussion pieces and a reply. These articles were invited by us following a public solicitation of abstracts. The problems they address are diverse, but all bear on policy decision-making. Though not part of our original design for the Workshop, that commonality of theme does emphasize the usefulness of Bayesian meth- ods in this arena. Along with the invited papers were several additional commentaries of a general nature; the first comment was invited and the remainder grew out of the discussion at the Workshop. In addition there are nine contributed papers, selected from the thirty-four presented at the Workshop, on a variety of applications. This collection of case studies illustrates the ways in which Bayesian methods are being incorporated into statistical practice. The strengths (and limitations) of the approach become apparent through the examples.

  • av Ehud Razin
    2 029 kr.

    Mast cells and basophils are responsible for inflammatory and allergic reactions. As such, the signals that generate these responses and how their pathways of action work are the focus of much present day research into allergy and inflammation. This book focuses primarily on the molecular mechanisms that govern mast cell and basophil cell biology and function, as well as providing a comprehensive summary of the field of signal transduction and also giving insights into areas that have therapeutic potential. The book provides detailed insights into mast cell and basophil growth and development, their activation by allergens, including details of receptor activation and downstream events, and the regulators of morphology and degranulation. The metabolic pathways involved in prostaglandin and leukotriene production are discussed as is the role of transcription factors in mast cell growth and cytokine production. Written by leaders in the field, this volume will provide the reader with an up-to-date account of a topic where the rapid progress makes conventional information gathering difficult.

  • av Jeffrey Rauch
    0 - 1 185 kr.

    This IMA Volume in Mathematics and its Applications SINGULARITIES AND OSCILLATIONS is based on the proceedings of a very successful one-week workshop with the same title, which was an integral part of the 1994-1995 IMA program on "e;Waves and Scattering. "e; We would like to thank Joseph Keller, Jeffrey Rauch, and Michael Taylor for their excellent work as organizers of the meeting. We would like to express our further gratitude to Rauch and Taylor, who served as editors of the proceedings. We also take this opportunity to thank the National Science Foun- dation (NSF), the Army Research Office (ARO) and the Office of Naval Research (ONR), whose financial support made the workshop possible. Avner Friedman Robert Gulliver v PREFACE Thestudyofsingularitiesand oscillationsofwaves has progressed along several fronts. A key common feature is the presence of a small scale in the solutions. Recent emphasis has been on nonlinear waves. Nonlinear problems are generally less amenable than linear problems to broad unified approaches. As a result there is a justifiable tendency to concentrate on problems of particular geometric or physical interest. This volume con- tains a multiplicity of approaches brought to bear on problems varying from the formation ofcaustics and the propagation ofwaves at a boundary to the examination ofviscous boundary layers. There is an examination of the foundations of the theory of high-frequency electromagnetic waves in a dielectric or semiconducting medium. Unifying themes are not entirely absent from nonlinear analysis.

  • av Richard M. Cowett
    919 - 1 015 kr.

    PRINCIPLES OF PERINATAL-NEONATAL METABOLISM, SECOND EDITION assembles a stellar international group of contributors to examine the various aspects of metabolism in the human adult during pregnancy, in the fetus, and in the newborn. Completely updated and revised with more than 17 new chapters, the book is divided into five sections: 1) Methodology and General Principles; 2) Maternal Metabolism During Pregnancy; 3) Fetal-Placental Metabolism; 4) Organ Specific Metabolism During the Perinatal Period; 5) Neonatal Metabolism. New to the second edition are discussions of methodologies using molecular biology technqiues, expanded coverage of central nervous system metabolism, and an entirely new section on organ-specific metabolism that is organized by organ-system. A must for every physician who cares for the pregnant patient and her child. From reviews of the critically acclaimed first edition: "e;an incredible amount of information...of utmost value not only to the basic investigator but also to the clinician."e; - JAMA "e;a first-rate reference textbook that should be on the shelves of every institution that provides care for the pregnant women or her children"e; - NEJM "e;I know of no other volume in which these important topics are integrated into a single text...I enthusiastically recommend it as a valuable reference to researchers, clinicians, fellows, and students."e; - TEM

  • - Clinical and Physical Principles
    av Robert A. Zimmerman
    0 - 2 789 kr.

    Neuroimaging: Clinical and Physical Principles is destined to be the new benchmark among text/reference books for neuroradiology. Unique among all similar titles is this book's complete coverage of ALL imaging modalities and techniques used in modern neuroimaging, from MR (including up-to-the minute developments in fast MR, MRA, and FLAIR), to CT, ultrasonography, angiography, plain film, and myelography. Many topics that are covered little if at all in standard neuroimaging texts are given complete, state-of-the-art descriptions in this book, including: imaging of the head, neck, temporal bone, orbit, and sinuses; normal variants; imaging of pediatric neurologic diseases and developmental anomalies; imaging of trauma to the head, brain, and spine; interventional techniques, both intracranial and spinal; and sedation of both adult and pediatric patients. The book is rounded out with complete coverage of the Physical Principles that underlie modern Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The ten chapters in this section provide everything the radiologist must know such as; the physical basics of MR and CT; MR and CT contrast agents and their applications; hardware and safety issues; image acquisition and artifacts; and more! Each chapter is organized to provide fast answers to everyday clinical problems. Numerous tables and lists summarize imaging protocols and differential diagnoses for rapid reference, while the text of each chapter provides a thorough review of the state of the art neuroimaging procedures. Chapters reveal potential imaging findings for numerous conditions and direct the reader towards the imaging technique that will reveal the most informative results under each circumstance.

  • - The Process
    av Nancy J. Alexander
    1 525 kr.

    The young investigator with an idea has to negotiate many institutional, federal, and industrial challenges in order to get a product to market. Nowhere is described the steps in the development of new drugs, diagnos- tics, or devices; the person with an idea has nowhere to turn for information and details. The young investigator may understand the elements of basic and clinical research, but ordinarily has no insight into novel ways of finding research funding or how to explore to find the funding opportunities that are available. The young investigator has little knowledge of the mecha- nisms to bring an idea through the developmental phases to the market. There are other players in this complex endeavor with whom he or she has no contact, including those from industry, the Food and Drug Administration, and the legal community. Exposure to the philosophy of product develop- ment and to procedural information would be useful to the scientific com- munity, as would contact with those who have successfully taken an idea to a finished product. A first attempt to do this was the symposium on Idea to Product: The Process, sponsored by Serono Symposia USA and held No- vember 17 to 20, 1994, in Washington, D.C. This book comprises the pro- ceedings of that meeting. The editors are indebted to the many contributors to this volume, and we are especially grateful to Serono Symposia USA and to Leslie Nies and her staff for their expertise in organizing the symposium.

  • av John Harnad
    0 - 1 395 kr.

    This book explores the remarkable connections between two domains that, a priori, seem unrelated: Random matrices (together with associated random processes) and integrable systems. The relations between random matrix models and the theory of classical integrable systems have long been studied. These appear mainly in the deformation theory, when parameters characterizing the measures or the domain of localization of the eigenvalues are varied. The resulting differential equations determining the partition function and correlation functions are, remarkably, of the same type as certain equations appearing in the theory of integrable systems. They may be analyzed effectively through methods based upon the Riemann-Hilbert problem of analytic function theory and by related approaches to the study of nonlinear asymptotics in the large N limit. Associated with studies of matrix models are certain stochastic processes, the "e;Dyson processes"e;, and their continuum diffusion limits, which govern the spectrum in random matrix ensembles, and may also be studied by related methods. Random Matrices, Random Processes and Integrable Systems provides an in-depth examination of random matrices with applications over a vast variety of domains, including multivariate statistics, random growth models, and many others. Leaders in the field apply the theory of integrable systems to the solution of fundamental problems in random systems and processes using an interdisciplinary approach that sheds new light on a dynamic topic of current research.

  • av Fatos Xhafa
    0 - 1 395 kr.

    "e;Complex Intelligent Systems and Applications"e; presents the most up-to-date advances in complex, software intensive and intelligent systems. Each self-contained chapter is the contribution of distinguished experts in areas of research relevant to the study of complex, intelligent, and software intensive systems. These contributions focus on the resolution of complex problems from areas of networking, optimization and artificial intelligence. The book is divided into three parts focusing on complex intelligent network systems, efficient resource management in complex systems, and artificial data mining systems. Through the presentation of these diverse areas of application, the volume provides insights into the multidisciplinary nature of complex problems. Throughout the entire book, special emphasis is placed on optimization and efficiency in resource management, network interaction, and intelligent system design. This book presents the most recent interdisciplinary results in this area of research and can serve as a valuable tool for researchers interested in defining and resolving the types of complex problems that arise in networking, optimization, and artificial intelligence.

  • av John D. Lambris
    0 - 2 535 kr.

    Numerous studies have pointed to the key role of complement in the pathogenesis of retinal disease, particularly age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Reports about new gene associations and links to other physiological pathways are emerging almost on a weekly base. Several promising clinical candidates covering a wide area of potential treatment applications are in the pipelines of both industrial and academic groups. This indicates an increasing interest in complement as a therapeutic target. In view of these exciting discoveries, scientists from around the world convened at the First Aegean Conferences Conference on Inflammation and Retinal Disease: Complement Biology and Pathology (June 10-17, 2007) in Crete, Greece, to discuss recent advances in this rapidly-evolving field. This volume represents a collection of topics on the functions of complement in eye diseases, pathophysiology, protein structures, and complement therapeutics discussed during the conference. Our sincere thanks to the contributing authors for the time and effort they have devoted to writing what I consider exceptionally informative chapters in a book that will have a significant impact on the complement field. We would also like to express my thanks to Rodanthi Lambris for her assistance in collating the chapters and preparing the documents for publication and I gratefully acknowledge the generous help provided by Dimitrios Lambris in managing the organization of this meeting. Finally, I also thank Andrea Macaluso of Springer Publishers for her supervision in this book's production. John D. Lambris Anthony P.

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