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  • av SCHWAB V E
    150 - 260,-

  • av Thibaud Villanova

  • av M. L. Rio

    As a young actor studying at an elite conservatory, Oliver felt doomed to always be in his friends' shadows. But when a surprise casting turns a good-natured rivalry between two of them into something dangerous, their stage roles spill over into real life.

  • av Brandon Sanderson

  • av Sylvia Feketekuty

    Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights brings you fifteen brand-new tales of adventure, featuring faces new and old from Bioware's award-winning dark fantasy series.

  • av Liane Merciel

    Valya, a young elven mage recently recruited into the Wardens, discovers an encoded map to the hidden diary of Issenya, one of the last of the fabled griffon riders. As the dark secrets of Isseyna's story unfold, Valya begins to question everything she thought she knew about the heroic Grey Wardens...

  • av Jim Zub

    This book is perfect for fans of Robert E. Howard and his immortal creation, Conan the Barbarian. Filled with high adventure, savage combat and rollicking two fisted action! In Conan, Howard forged not only a whole new genre - sword and sorcery, but also created a truly legendary character and a thousand pale imitators. After 90 years Conan still going strong! CROM! After adventures on the high seas, CONAN returns to shore to find himself haunted by his memories of BELIT, captain of the Tigress and Queen of the Black Coast. Can a high-stakes heist draw him out of his tortured past, or will it plunge him deeper into the chaos that has always been waiting for him? In this the second volume of the new Conan The Barbarian adventures writer Jim Zub teams up with the legendary artist Doug Braithwaite for a truly extraordinary and savage new tale.

  • av Chelsea Monroe-Cassel

    Prepare a feast fit for a warchief with this delicious compendium of recipes inspired by the hit online game from Blizzard Entertainment. The Official Cookbook teaches you how to conjure up a fantastical menu of foods inspired by the beloved massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

  • - The Art of the Movie
    av Ramin Zahed

    Discover the world of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in this stunning collection of art. Packed with concept art, final designs, and artist commentary plus previously unseen storyboards.

  • av Chelsea Monroe-Cassel

    Feast your way through the world of Skyrim with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: The Official Cookbook.

  • - Flavors of Azeroth - The Official Cookbook
    av Chelsea Monroe-Cassel

    Noted Pandaren chef Nomi is your guide through the culinary world of Azeroth in this follow-up to World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook.

  • av Chelsea Monroe-Cassel

    The Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Cookbook is the ultimate source for creating out-of-this-world meals and treats all the way from Black Spire Outpost.


    Whether you're a seasoned chef like Monica, just starting a catering business like Phoebe, or a regular old food enthusiast like Joey, Friends: The Official Cookbook offers a variety of recipes for chefs of all levels.

  • av Titan Books

    The official art book for Hideo Kojima's DEATH STRANDING.

  • av Chelsea Monroe-Cassel

    Cook up more than hundred recipes inspired by the heroes of Blizzard Entertainment's hit game with Overwatch: The Official Cookbook.

  • av Stan Lee

    Stan Lee, the founding father of Marvel Comics, and John Buscema, artist of the classic Silver Surfer series, give professional advice and instruction for budding comics artists. Learn how to draw the Marvel way, courtesy of this lavishly illustrated, step-by-step guide to all facets of the process.

  • av Andrew Loomis

    The illustrator Andrew Loomis (1892-1959) is revered amongst artists - including comics superstar Alex Ross - for his mastery of figure drawing and his clean, realist style.

  • av Julia Tremaine

    Filled with delicious recipes inspired by the hit television series, this cookbook allows fans to experience the world of Supernatural like never before.

  • av Victoria Rosenthal

    Travel through the exciting culinary world of Final Fantasy XIV. Journey through the rich culinary landscape of Hydaelyn

  • av Ramin Zahed

    A stunning book exploring the art of Sergio Pablos' animated Christmas original, Klaus.

  • av Paul Davies

    A lavishly illustrated introduction to the world of Rare's highly anticipated game Sea of Thieves, home to krakens, mermaids and buried treasure.

  • av Elena Craig

    Oy with the poodles already! The first official collection of recipes inspired by the world of the fast-talking Gilmore Girls.

  • av Stephen King

    #1 bestselling author Stephen King returns with a brand-new novel about the secrets we keep buried and the cost of unearthing them.

  • av V. E. Schwab
    139 - 266,-

    Victor and Eli, due to a research project gone wrong, become ExtraOrdinaries with supernatural powers. Ten years later Victor escapes from prison, determined to get his revenge on the man who put him there, while Eli has spent the years hunting down and killing other EOs.

  • av Andrew Loomis

    The human head and hands are the most difficult elements in figure drawing. This title offers a solution for such drawing.

  • av Daniel Wallace

    The ultimate in-universe guides to the Star Wars universe, perfect for aspiring Jedi, Rebels, Bounty Hunters, or even Sith!

  • av Christie Golden

    Monsters, mystery, and magic abound in this stunning, illustrated collection of original fairy tales from the World of Warcraft universe, as told by an all-star cast of bestselling, award-winning storytellers.

  • av Jordan Grosser

    Grab your friends and get cooking in the land of Ooo with Adventure Time: The Official Cookbook, featuring recipes from all your favourite characters and kingdoms.

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